New Miles Marquee Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Miles Marquee ft. Drey Skonie - The Last Ride [Stream]

As we approach summer’s halfway point (I know, time is flying for me, too.), listeners may be starting to crave something a bit more grounded and contemplative than your typical warm-weather jam. If that’s the... Read More


Miles Marquee ft. Scolla - Red Leather [Stream]

Way back in elementary school, we were required to take chorus as a class. Considering I am the worst singer ever, I hated it. The only good part was the goofy warm-up exercises, like saying, “Red Leather, yellow... Read More


Miles Marquee - Virgen Mary [Stream & Download]

First things first: yes, the spelling error in the title of Miles Marquee‘s latest feature is intentional. Orthographical quirks aside, though, album lead single Virgen Mary is an appropriately dope entrée into the... Read More


Miles Marquee ft. Charlie Mac & Plus - Tonight [Stream]

Recently heard reflecting upon his conflicted relationship with the game on inaugural mixtape leak Major, Miles Marquee keeps it a little lighter on the follow-up release, ladies’ jam Tonight. Over a smooth beat by... Read More


Miles Marquee x Jerry Parker - Major [Stream & Download]

Making it to the music game’s Major leagues ain’t easy. Just ask Marquee Miles, who illuminates the inner conflicts haunting his personal and professional life on the latest leak off his forthcoming mixtape. The... Read More


Miles Marquee ft. Jay Beretta - Can You Dig It [Stream & Download]

Fresh off expressing his faith in God’s Plan on the final pre-release leak off his collaborative mixtape with Jerry Parker, Marquee Miles is back with a brand new single off the project. On Can You Dig It,... Read More


Miles Marquee x Jerry Parker ft. Young Scolla - Gods Plan [Stream & Download]

Though the uncertainty that comes with life as an up-and-coming artist can be disheartening, Miles Marquee pushes ever onward in the knowledge that, whatever happens, it’s all part of Gods Plan. On the final leak off... Read More


Miles Marquee - Make Believe [Stream & Download]

It may sound nice to while away one’s days wallowing in massive piles of riches, enjoying the company of beautiful men and/or women as you sip liquors that cost more than the average person’s yearly salary,... Read More


Miles Marquee? - Rock Witchu [Stream & Download]

The second single off Michael Jackson‘s seminal Off the Wall LP, Rock With You gets a hip-hop makeover on Rock Witchu, the first Booth feature from Motown rhymesayer Miles Marquee. Beatsmith Jerry Parker does the... Read More