New Mod Sun Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Karizma - Me You & The Moon ft. Mod Sun [Stream & Download]

Later this month, Minnesota artist Karizma is set to unleash his EP. The first single off the project is Me You & The Moon, a collaboration with fellow Minnesotan and Rostrum Records signee Mod Sun. Produced by... Read More


Mod Sun - DJBooth RapBox Freestyle [Stream]

Next up in our Rap Box series, the impossible to duplicate Mod Sun grabs the mic for a true off the dome freestyle that also comes complete with a delicious sushi meal and Shockwave beatboxing because when you’re... Read More


Mod Sun - Look Up [Album]

Look Up in the sky right now, and there's a good chance you'll see clouds and perhaps even snow. Unless you're lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather stays summery all year 'round, it's safe to say you could use a... Read More


Mod Sun - Goddess ft. G-Eazy [Stream]

If you currently possess a Goddess, it’d be wise to lock her down because at the moment Mod Sun is in the midst of a cross-country tour and he might just scoop and run away with her. Joined by Bay Area native and... Read More


Mod Sun - Howlin’ at the Moon [Stream]

I primarily associate Mod Sun’s music with bright, breezy days—I mean, dude does have the word “sun” in his name—but it also can make a perfect soundtrack to mischief of the nocturnal variety. For proof, just hit... Read More


Mod Sun ft. Travis Barker - Never Quit [Stream]

Fresh off announcing a drop date for his Rostrum Records debut album, Mod Sun uses the first song release off the set as an opportunity to speak out on a topic very near and dear to his heart—namely, cannabis sativa. On... Read More


Mod Sun - 1970 [Stream]

Rostrum Records introduced the world to Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, two hip-hop giants, so we value their taste when it comes to housing an artist under their umbrella. Now Rostrum sees something in lifestyle artist and... Read More


Zero Calories ft. MOD SUN, B-Rolla & That Guy Soda - Roll Some More [Stream]

Watching your waistline? Well, you can enjoy this record guilt-free: like Diet Coke, it packs great taste and Zero Calories. (And unlike Diet Coke, it doesn’t contain potentially harmful artificial sweeteners.) Made up... Read More


Mod Sun - MushrooMS [Stream]

There’s a thin line separating brilliance and insanity. Mod Sun‘s friends seem to think he’s crossed over from the former to the latter, and after a listen to new single MushrooMS I can see why. Over his and... Read More


DJ Sidereal ft. The Gooneez & Mod Sun - All I Need Is Sunshine (Remix) [Stream]

For natives of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, this winter has been one of the most brutal in a hot minute—and believe me, that’s saying something. So it’s hard not to empathize with local beatsmith DJ Sidereal... Read More


KMAC ft. Mod Sun - Bucket Hat [Stream]

Unless I am going to a baseball game, I rarely wear a hat, and if I do you’d better believe it’s not a Bucket Hat. I just don’t have the swag to rock one. Newcomer KMAC does own a Bucket Hat but, instead of wearing... Read More


The Cranberry Show ft. Mod Sun - Leather Seats [Stream & Download]

Back in April, The Cranberry Show kicked off promotion for their next street album with Gravity. Despite scoring points for creativity, the Gorillaz-inspired video single failed to elicit much excitement among readers in the... Read More


Mod Sun - My Hippy [Stream]

You may see the title of Mod Sun’s latest feature, My Hippy, and think you are in for a flower-powered, anti-war anthem. If so, you would be wrong because the Minnesota emcee’s latest is not even in the same musical... Read More


Mod Sun ft. Pat Brown - Stoner Girl [Stream]

If you think about it, Mod Sun is a little bit of a mystery. Despite being born and bred in chilly Minneapolis, the singer/emcee boasts the kind of sun-drenched sound and laid-back disposition that you’d expect from an... Read More


Meech ft. Mod Sun - No Chaser [Stream]

Last Meech appeared on our pages with a solo record, the Minneapolis representative was five years younger, George W. Bush was President of the United States, and I hadn’t even begun penning track reviews for DJBooth.... Read More


Sam Scott ft. Mod Sun & Mike Dreams - We Get Around [Stream & Download]

Contrary to the stereotypes, Minnesota isn’t a frozen wasteland peppered with igloos, where blistering winds will flay any inch of exposed skin from your bones if you dare to step outside. That’s only six months... Read More


Mod Sun ft. Cisco Adler - Stop Everything You’re Doin Right Now & Smile [Stream & Download]

As we learned on his recently-featured EP title track, Mod Sun is Happy as F*ck. On the follow-up, the Bloomington, Minnesota resident reveals how we can become just like him: Stop Everything You’re Doin Right Now &... Read More


Mod Sun ft. Pat Brown - Happy As F*ck [Stream & Download]

There’s rich, and then there’s rich as f**k.  Some music is dope, but some music is dope as f**k. Adding everyone’s favorite four letter word to any sentence elevates things to the next level, so when Mod Sun says... Read More


Mod Sun ft. The Ready Set - All Night, Every Night [Stream]

Mod Sun likes to refer to himself as a hip-hop hippie, and while the man may share an affinity for THC-related paraphernalia and an aversion to cutting his hair, Sun’s obviously not so much of a hippie that he would refuse... Read More


Cisco Adler ft. Mod Sun, B Rolla & Pat Brown - Silent Night 2011 [Stream & Download]

A Yuletide staple since before any of us were born, Silent Night was penned in the early 1800s by Austrian priest Joseph Mohr and headmaster Franz Xavier Gruber. Which is to say, it’s long overdue for an update. With... Read More


Mod Sun ft. ScHoolBoy Q -  Tye Dye Everything [Stream & Download]

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m new to an artist, but September has been a month of discovery for me when it comes to Dylan Smith aka Mod Sun. I can officially say that after the third leak from his upcoming tape,... Read More


Mod Sun ft. Nipsey Hu$$le - What’s Ya Life Like [Stream & Download]

Introduced to the Booth earlier this week with the hardworking Chain Gang, Mod Sun returns with something a little more carefree. On What’s Ya Life Like, Statik Selektah cooks up a sampled beat to back the Bloomington,... Read More


Mod Sun - Chain Gang [Stream & Download]

First things first, Mod Sun’s DJBooth debut feature Chain Gang is one of those songs that will send you scrambling to locate the sample (at least if you’re a rap nerd like me) so let’s get a little production breakdown... Read More