New Moe Green Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Moe Green - Keep on Movin’ [Stream & Download]

Though Moe Green boasts a calm, collected and even slightly lazy flow befitting a West Coast G, listeners shouldn’t mistake his economy of effort for a lack of investment in his hustle. Like the lions of the savannah,... Read More


Moe Green ft. Erk Tha Jerk - Window Seat [Stream & Download]

Contrary to popular belief, Dallas songstress Erykah Badu isn’t the only one who can get a Window Seat. Vallejo, California emcee Moe Green has also released a record titled Window Seat, but rather than look for solace... Read More


Moe Green - Welcome to the Trap House [Stream & Download]

The School of Audio Engineering’s new San Francisco campus has partnered with Quality Control Marketing to present a new EP showcasing the work of SAE students. The inaugural leak off the set finds Tracy, California... Read More


Moe Green ft. Netta B. - Glory [Stream & Download]

Recently heard giving listeners a little insight into his grind on promo cut Dreamin’, Moe Green continues in a similarly introspective vein on his latest effort. On newly-leaked EP cut Glory, the Vallejo representative... Read More


Moe Green ft. Amy Serrata - Dreamin [Stream & Download]

Judging solely on the Vallejo repper’s stage name, you might assume Moe Green‘s grind was motivated entirely by a desire to amass paper (and possibly spend it on vast quantities of kush). But, you know what they... Read More


Moe Green - Extra Extra [Stream & Download]

When you’ve introduced yourself with a masterpiece like, uh, Masterpiece, it’s bound to be hard to come up with a suitable follow-up. Nonetheless, Vallejo repper Moe Green seems to have it locked down. Extra Extra... Read More


Moe Green - Masterpiece [Stream & Download]

Readers who have been paying close attention in recent weeks may already recognize Moe Green from guest spots on recent releases by C-Plus (Game-Changer) and Starski (Hollywood). As it turns out, it’s all been part of... Read More


C-Plus ft. Moe Green & Uptown Swuite - Game Changer [Stream & Download]

Cali repper C-Plus has stepped into the Booth with his first feature, the third leak off his forthcoming full-length. Game Changer is a determination-drenched banger backed by the piano-driven boardwork of Hippie Sabotage and... Read More


Starski ft. Moe Green - Hollywood [Stream]

Petty grudges get an unfairly bad rap. Think about it: forgiving and forgetting may be good for your health, but nothing spurs one to achieve great things more than the simple desire to say “Nyah-nyah, told you so!” to... Read More