New Mr. J. Medeiros Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Mr. J. Medeiros - Milk and Eggs [Album]

After putting nearly 20 years into hip-hop, veteran emcee Mr. J. Medeiros has handed DJBooth the world premiere, independent release of his fourth and final solo album, Milk and Eggs. Having recorded for years as part of The... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros - Forenoon [Stream]

Plenty of cuts are tailor-made for late nights or lazy afternoons, but it’s rarer that you find a record suited for the hours between sunrise and 12:00 PM. On a new promo single, Cali-repping Booth regular Mr. J... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros - Two Light Beams [Stream & Download]

Recently, Mr. J Medeiros and Stro Elliott, the twin masterminds behind underground crew The Procussions, set up a Kickstarter account to raise funds for a new studio album, making clear that the possibility of their comeback... Read More


Mr. J Medeiros - The Marquee [Stream & Download]

Everyone wants to see their name on The Marquee, but few stop to consider the real cost of fame. On Mr. J. Medeiros’ latest promo single, the Colorado Springs underground mainstay criticizes the lust for recognition... Read More


The Procussions - Up ‘Till Now [Album]

The Procussions newest release, Up 'Till Now, is a best-of compilation spanning fourteen years of music from '99-'12. Recently regrouping after a seven-year hiatus, The Procussions members Mr. J. Medeiros and Stro Elliot are... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros ft. Stro Elliot - I Hate My Job [Stream]

After taking a trip to The Rockies back in June, Mr. J Medeiros is back at work and has issued one of the world’s most common refrains, I Hate My Job. For I Hate My Job, Medeiros teams up with perpetual collaborator and... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros - The Rockies [Stream]

While Colorado Springs, Colorado is rarely mentioned in the same breath as L.A. or NYC, Mr. J. Medeiros’ upbringing in the Centennial State left him more than ready for anything the big city could throw at him. On new... Read More


Mr. J Medeiros ft. Giannina Ashe - Pale Blue Dot [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Medeiros’ “Pale Blue Dot” video. A photograph taken from the Voyager 1 spacecraft back in 1990 shows the vast, empty reaches of space, with the Earth as... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros - Swallow (Ghost Remix) [Stream & Download]

Released to considerable Booth acclaim back in summer 2011, Mr. J Medeiros’ Swallow is back in remixed form courtesy of buzzmaking producer Ghost. For this rendition of the reflective, relationship-themed single, The... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros - Old Man Perez [Stream & Download]

With a smooth vibe and message, Mr. J. Medeiros delivers yet again with Old Man Perez. The bonus cut, not featured on his new album, Saudade, is set against an almost acoustic and angelic choir backdrop, where the... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros ft. Stro - Serious [Stream & Download]

I hate to draw comparisons between artists, but I’m going to do it anyway. When I listened to Mr. J. Medeiros’ new album, Saudade, I couldn’t help but remember Rawkus’ classic days. Not so much because of the... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros - Neon Signs [Video]

Mr. J. Medeiros follows his Booth approved single Neon Sings with an equally creative and visually compelling video. For more be sure to check out his new album Saudade, available now. Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros ft. Logan - Swallow [Stream & Download]

Last heard recounting a dysfunctional love affair on Neon Signs, Mr. J. Madeiros takes another crack at male-female relations on follow-up selection Swallow (Innuendo not intended… I think?). The Stare (composed of... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros ft. Stro - Neon Signs [Stream & Download]

On his first Booth feature, Nothing Without Providence, Mr. J Madeiros resolved to march to the beat of his own drummer, never bending to the will of any man. Women? Well, that’s another story – as the Los Angeles... Read More


Mr. J. Medeiros - Nothing Without Providence [Stream]

DJBooth newcomer Mr. J. Mederios would be Nothing Without Providence. Without the city’s delicious seafood and burgeoning art scene the rapper/producer would be at a complete loss. Wait, the L.A. based... Read More