New Muggsy Malone Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Muggsy Malone - Maintaining [Stream & Download]

2014 was a tough year for Muggsy Malone, as he ended up in a variety of legal trouble resulting from a couple separate incidents. Thankfully for him, the charges have been dropped and the DC representative can continue... Read More


Muggsy Malone ft. Dion Primo - Cause I’m a Hustler [Stream]

If you experience a little déjà vu during the opening bars of Muggsy Malone‘s latest feature, chances are you actually have heard it before. Due to mismanagement by The Parkway Kid’s former label, Warpath... Read More


Muggsy Malone ft. Kelsie Grammar - Rise to Power [Stream]

Muggsy Malone‘s last feature, October’s One Time 4 Your Mind, found the D.C. representative lost in thought, contemplating the trials and tribulations of life ‘round his way in characteristically... Read More


Muggsy Malone - One Time 4 Your Mind [Stream & Download]

The latest feature from D.C.’s own Muggsy Malone is titled One Time 4 Your Mind, but truthfully it sounds more like he is rapping one time for his mind. It is clear that the emcee has a lot to get off his chest, so he takes... Read More


Muggsy Malone - Black America [Stream]

Equality of opportunity is a nice ideal, but it’s still just that: an ideal. In practice, it often feels like U.S. citizens of different skin colors are living in different countries that just so happen to occupy the... Read More


Tef Wesley ft. Bear Witnez & Muggsy Malone - Rock-N-Rolla [Stream & Download]

Fresh off making his solo debut with February’s highly-acclaimed Incarcerated Skarfaces, Tef Wesley returns to rock the Booth once again with album inclusion Rock-N-Rolla. Backed by Grussle‘s guitar-laced sample... Read More


Muggsy Malone - Maintaining (Hey Muggs) [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Though Muggsy Malone has yet to come up with a solid drop date for his long-awaited, Booth-sponsored street album, he isn’t letting fans go hungry in the meantime; today, The Parkway Kid returns to our pages with... Read More


Muggsy Malone - Before I Lay in a Box [Stream & Download]

If you were to keel over and die right now… well, it’d be a damn shame, because you’d just miss listening to a dope song by Muggsy Malone. But the point is: would you be satisfied with the life you’d... Read More


Muggsy Malone - One Thousand Percent [Stream & Download]

A lot of rappers claim to give the game 100 percent of their effort, and a select few might even up that ante to 110 percent, but Muggsy Malone blows them all out of the water on One Thousand Percent (shades of Kanye’s... Read More


Muggsy Malone - Nonsense [Freestyle] [Stream]

Knowing that the endless delays suffered by his Booth-sponsored TPK mixtape have left fans fiending for new music, Muggsy Malone is back with a little something to tide us over. Making its world premiere right here on our... Read More


Muggsy Malone - And I’m Out [Stream]

While Muggsy Malone’s The TPK Album has joined the ranks of Detox in the delayed albums echelon, hopefully like Dre’s lone-awaited opus the wait will prove to be more than worth it. Coming fresh off the heels of his... Read More


Muggsy Malone ft. Novel - Live Life [Stream]

As the DMV representative and DJBooth regular Muggsy Malone says in the intro to his new song Live Life, “you only get one shot.” Too true. Maybe it’s that need for perfection that’s pushed back his The TPK Album for... Read More


Muggsy Malone ft. Lyriciss & K. Sparks - Keep It G With Me [Stream & Download]

It never fails: just when Muggsy Malone‘s name has all but faded from my memory, the DMV native pops up again to remind me that he’s one of the most talented up-and-comers in the game. The latest entry in the... Read More


Muggsy Malone - There’s a Chance [Premiere] [Stream]

Seeing that it’s been more than half a year since the Parkway Kid’s last solo feature, There’s a Chance that some of our regulars may have forgotten just how brilliant Muggsy Malone‘s mic skills are... Read More


Lyriciss ft. K-Beta & Muggsy Malone - Hard Times [Stream]

Hailed by many reviewers as a potential classic, It Ain’t Hard to Tell ‘09 emcee Lyriciss’ The Practice mixtape was packed from top to bottom with pure, uncut hip-hop goodness. Nowhere was this freshness... Read More


Muggsy Malone - M-U-Double-G-S-Y (Yeah That’s Me) [Stream]

Hey, Booth readers, have you heard the latest track from Mug-Z Malone? Oh, what’s that? It’s “M-U-Double-G-S-Y?” Damn, I always get that one wrong. My sub-par spelling skills aside, the latest exclusive world... Read More


Muggsy Malone - Make You a Believer [Stream]

If Muggsy Malone‘s first four Booth features didn’t convince you to jump on the Parkway Kid’s increasingly crowded bandwagon, you may be beyond help. Nonetheless, the DMV up-and-comer’s giving late... Read More


Muggsy Malone ft. Mary Brown - Guardian Angel [Stream]

Fame, fortune, and critical acclaim are all well and good, but a parent’s approval often means more than a stadium filled with screaming fans. Making its world premiere on this very site, the latest leak off Muggsy... Read More


Muggsy Malone - Can’t Let Y’all Catch Me [Stream]

If you dug the dense, unpredictable rhymes DMV up-and-comer Muggsy Malone brought to previous features Be Alright  and Look What You Made Me, get ready for an even wilder ride—on aptly-titled mixtape leak Can’t... Read More


Muggsy Malone ft. Shannon Jones - Look What You Made Me [Stream]

With mixtape cut Be Alright, Muggsy Malone made one of the most successful Booth debuts in recent memory, earning reader plaudits for the track’s timeless sound and his knack for hip-hop storytelling.  Recognizing... Read More


Muggsy Malone - Be Alright [Stream]

Having traveled the world as a military serviceman and endured a period of homelessness, DMV up-and-comer Muggsy Malone has seen more hardship than some could imagine, and, understandably, he’s emerged from these life... Read More