New muGz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


muGz - Pray For Me [Stream]

Update: We have added the KŌKU-directed visuals for muGz’ Pray For Me. It’s been many years since I stopped saying prayers before bedtime, but if you’re still in the habit, do muGz a favor and put in a... Read More


muGz - White Lie [Stream]

As Jim Carrey taught us in Liar Liar, too much truth-telling can land you in deep sh*t. Montreal emcee MuGz, however, is determined to keep it one-hundred, even on the occasions when a White Lie would make his life easier. On... Read More


muGz ft. Uness - Living Through Your Eyes [Stream & Download]

On a recent song release off his It’s Always Sunny in Marietta 2 street album, Kyle Lucas spit about his battle to succeed despite the sinister machinations of his Worst Enemy—whose name also happens to be Kyle Lucas.... Read More


muGz - The Dream [Stream & Download]

On muGz’ first (and to date only) Booth feature, he offered an uncompromising, but positive-minded take on the topic of mortality: well aware that he’ll be Gone One Day, the Montreal rhymesayer is determined to... Read More


muGz - Gone One Day [Stream]

To quote my favorite Nas record, “You never know when you’re gonna go.” Well aware that he’ll be Gone One Day, Montreal rhymesayer muGz has decided that there’s no time like the present to make... Read More