New Myke Bogan Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The Rap Map: Meet 5 Talented Rap Artists From Portland [Feature ]

Is there any city whose reputation precedes itself more than Portland, Oregon? Due to its incredible indie and punk rock legacies, as well as the perpetuation of cultural norms and stereotypes by pieces of media like... Read More


Myke Bogan - Summertime Vinyl [Stream & Download]

Portland emcee Myke Bogan has released visuals for Summertime Vinyl, a single and standout selection from Casino Carpet, a 10-track EP released on August 21. The Lefty-produced project is currently available for free stream... Read More


Myke Bogan ft. Tre Redeau, Manny Monday & Soar Losers - The Anthem [Stream]

Last we heard from Myke Bogan, the Portland spitter was enjoying a relaxing game of billiards on May’s reader-acclaimed Pool Balls. Follow-up The Anthem deals with a game of a different kind, and one of much greater... Read More


Myke Bogan ft. Blossom - Pool Balls [Stream]

Hip-hop and billiards: two great tastes that taste great together. On the lead single off his next street album, Portland rhymesayer Myke Bogan turns the clattering of Pool Balls into an unconventional backdrop for his... Read More


Myke Bogan - Here We Go [Stream]

Last we heard from Myke Bogan, the Portland rhymesayer was kicking back with some Skunk Nugs and a few beautiful women on the first song release off his latest mixtape. While new single Here We Go retains its... Read More


Myke Bogan - Skunk Nugs [Stream]

Four months and change after hooking up with The DJBooth to drop acclaimed digital album Monkeys on the Beach, Myke Bogan is getting ready to unleash the follow-up. Those who dug the blunted, summery vibe of Beach and a... Read More


Myke Bogan - Monkeys On The Beach [Album]

Buzzmaking emcee Myke Bogan wants lyricism to once again be championed in hip-hop and his new album, Monkeys On The Beach, strives to do just that. Following '12 mixtape So Long, South Dakota, the brand new 14-track LP... Read More


Myke Bogan - Beach and a Blanket [Stream]

Myke Bogan doesn’t need much in order to be happy; according to the Midwestern emcee’s latest single selection, all he needs is a Beach and a Blanket and he’s golden. If he can get a can of PBR, some good... Read More


Myke Bogan - The Way I Feel [Stream & Download]

Last week, Myke Bogan made a Rick Ross cannonball-sized splash with his Booth debut, Legend, coming in at #2 on our Independent Chart. Living by the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” he returns with another Big... Read More


Myke Bogan - Legend [Stream]

This may be the first time you encounter the name Myke Bogan, but it won’t be the last. In fact, if he has anything to say about it, people will be discussing him in reverent tones thousands of years after his death. On... Read More