New Naledge Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Naledge ft. Saint The Good Boy - 10 Toes Down [Stream]

On his last promo single, No FuFu, Chi-town mainstay Naledge commiserated with listeners sick of the fake sh*t on the radio, promising to always to deliver a product of unparalleled quality and authenticity. If you were... Read More


Naledge - No FuFu [Stream]

Sick of all that fake sh*t on the radio? Then you’ll find Naledge‘s latest feature a refreshing change of pace; there’s absolutely No FuFu to be found on this freshly-minted promo single. And what does it... Read More


Naledge - Brain Power 2 [Album]

Chicago emcee Naledge has returned with a freebie project, the Brain Power 2 mixtape. Featured on the 17-track project, hosted by DJ Sean Mac, is previously-released lead single "63rd and Hayes." Guests on BP2 include BJ... Read More


Naledge ft. Bun B & DJ Moondawg - 63rd and Hayes [Stream]

Update: We have added the Manny Reel-directed visuals for Naledge’s 63rd and Hayes. Recently, Chi-town mainstay Naledge has had a spate of people stop him on the street to ask when new music was coming, so he’s... Read More


Naledge ft. Add-2 & Fooch - Forever’s Too Long [Stream & Download]

In a famous Greek myth, King Sisyphus of Ephyra was condemned by the gods to roll a massive boulder to the top of a hill, watch it roll to the bottom and then start all over again… for all eternity. While... Read More


Agacee ft. Naledge - Revival [Stream]

Sound the trumpets and prepare a feast—after many months of battle, Agacee has returned, victorious, to our pages. On the latest single off his forthcoming street album, the Windy City rhymesayer invites us to join him as... Read More


Naledge ft. Mikkey Halsted - Life In A Corona [Stream & Download]

After some rather extensive…uh…”research,” I can safely say that life is better with a Corona in-hand. For information on Life In A Corona, I will defer all questions to Naledge, who is “tryin’ to find life in... Read More


A.J. Crew ft. Naledge - Nah Mean? [Stream]

There’s nothing better than hearing a couple of talented regionmates showcase the full scope of their swagger in a fresh video single… Nah Mean?. If you’re feeling me on that one, then you’re... Read More


Naledge ft. Buckshot - Project Blowed [Stream & Download]

When not busy preparing for the release of Chicago Picasso 2, Naledge is hard at work on a secret initiative code-named Project Blowed. Details are hazy, but it appears to involve the rapper purchasing and smoking copious... Read More


Naledge ft. Highlife - Cruisin’ [Stream & Download]

If I had a dime for every rap record about rolling through the city streets in a gleaming whip, surrounded by good friends and beautiful women, smoking blunts and bumping your music at noise ordinance-violating levels,... Read More


Naledge - D.O.P.E. (Danger Over Paper out East) [Stream & Download]

After dropping off D.U.I. at the top of summer, Windy City rapper and Kidz In The Hall member Naledge graces the DJBooth homepage yet again with his latest song D.O.P.E. (Danger Over Paper out East). The Chi-Town emcee boldly... Read More


Naledge - D.U.I. [Stream & Download]

It’s hard to maintain your cool, let alone your swag, while being slapped with a D.U.I., but I’ll be damned if Naledge doesn’t do just that on his latest promo single. Here, This… Is an EP... Read More


Jameisha Trice ft. Naledge - Can’t Do You [Stream & Download]

Ever thought you’d found the one, only to discover that your supposed soulmate wasn’t quite what he or she seemed? Join the club. Fresh off just such an experience, Booth newcomer Jameisha Trice shares her... Read More


MC ADaD ft. Naledge & Fashawn - Space Invaders [Stream & Download]

Not featured on the solo tip since dropping off Slowly back in August of 2011, MC ADaD makes his long-awaited return to our pages with freshly-minted mixtape single Space Invaders. Here, ADaD’s own videogamey synth... Read More


Paypa ft. Naledge - Where’s the Love [Stream & Download]

Since first hitting our radar last fall, Paypa‘s been receiving an ever-increasing level of acclaim from listeners in the Booth and beyond. Be that as it may, the L.A.-by-way-of-Chicago emcee is far from satisfied; on... Read More


Kris Bills ft. Sir Michael Rocks & Naledge - City of Win [Stream & Download]

Forget “The Windy City”—with spitters as talented as Kris Bills and his homies representing it, Chicago should be referred to as the “City of Win.” On his first Booth feature and latest single,... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. Naledge - Champion Sh!t [Stream & Download]

Just in case you didn’t jump on the Houston repper’s latest street album when it hit the Booth back in September, Hollywood FLOSS is back with another fresh single off the project. On Champion Sh!t, a triumphant... Read More


Naledge - Nah Ni**a [Stream & Download]

Something about that slow heavy bass…*shivers*. A good rhyme dripping over the right cadence will have you floating like spaceships. That’s what Naledge did, riding so smoothly over an impromptu recording of Nah... Read More


The Electric ft. Naledge & VoKab Kompany - Toot Toot (Remix) [Stream]

Not spotted in the Booth since they brought us their debut EP, Hey You Guys, The Electric make their return to our pages with the world premiere of TooT TooT (Remix), a tweaked version of the title track off their latest EP.... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Naledge & Phil Adé - Living [Stream & Download]

What’s the Hurry, the inaugural leak off Rockie Fresh‘s forthcoming street album, found the Chi-town native expressing some mild frustration regarding the grind, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he... Read More


Nina Sky ft. Naledge (of Kidz in the Hall) - Only You (Take Me Away) [Stream]

While many in the Booth gave Nina Sky‘s most recent solo feature, ‘80s remake You Ain’t Got It (Funk That), a thumbs-up, there were others who found the retro retread a little ho-hum. If you’re still... Read More


Outasight ft. Naledge - Turn It Up [Stream]

If you enjoy the predictable, you hate Outasight. You never know what you’re going to get from the eclectic NY singer/rapper/DJBooth freestyler. One minute he’s knocking back shots on Dizzy, the next he’s recruiting... Read More


Co$$ ft. REKS & Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall) - Now Til Infinity [Stream]

The life of a hip-hop hopeful isn’t easy, especially when you take your craft as seriously as Show Sum emcee Co$$. Regardless of how tough the going gets, however, the Los Angeles native is determined to stay on his... Read More


Kidz In The Hall Jump “In the Mix” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Back in 2006, Kidz In The Hall introduced themselves to the world with their debut album School Was My Hustle, proving to everyone just how far-reaching their talents are. Consisting of Naledge, a formidable... Read More


David Banner ft. Rhymefest, Naledge, Twista - Something Is Wrong (Remix) [Stream]

Two weeks ago the sometimes schizophrenic David Banner decided to delve back into his socially conscious side with his stop-the-violence anthem Something Is Wrong. Well obviously Banner isn’t the only rapper that feels the... Read More


Naledge, Mikkey Halsted & More Collide in “Closed Session - Fresh Academy” [Download/Video] [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. -- In the latest installment of RubyHornet's Closed Session series, Naledge, Mikkey Halsted, Chip Tha Ripper and DJ Double O assemble at a "secret location that everybody knows about" (SoundScape Studios) to... Read More


KRS-One & Buckshot ft. Melanie Fiona & Naledge - Past Present Future [Stream]

As two emcees who played integral roles in hip-hop’s Past, are still going strong in the Present, and seem destined to remain in the game for the foreseeable Future, KRS-One & Buckshot know just about all there is... Read More


Peter Hadar ft. Naledge - Party All Night [Stream]

Fresh off the release of Want U 4 Myself, a promo cut he coheadlined with Theophilus London, neo-soul up-and-comer Peter Hadar is back to showcase his left-of-center R&B style on a new solo single.  On Party All... Read More


Naledge - Chicago Picasso [Album]

Hip-hop is art. Now you may think of art as something that only belongs in museums, but nothing could be further from the truth. Art is a living thing, and it can be delicate or brutal, complex or simple. Ghostface Killa... Read Full Review


SoulStice ft. Naledge & GLC - Chi Worldwide (Remix) [Stream]

Chicago-born and bred emcee SoulStice‘s musical career has taken him a long way from home (he’s currently based in Washington, D.C.), but don’t think for a second that he’s forgotten his roots—no... Read More


Naledge Drops “J Dilla” Tribute Tracks; Preps DJBooth Interview [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- To celebrate the release of J Dilla's Booth-approved Jay Stay Paid LP, Kidz in the Hall emcee Naledge is offering up two new freestyles recorded over the late icon's boardwork. "Flow from the Go" and "Eye of... Read More


Naledge - U Oughta Know [Stream]

First things first: who read the title U Oughta Know and expected an Alanis Morrisette sample?  Fortunately (for me, anyways—husky-voiced angry girl music isn’t my favorite genre), Naledge’s latest feature... Read More


Jet Audio ft. Naledge - I’ll Let You Know [Stream]

Though Jet Audio‘s Booth debut, A Million and One Ways, boasted a unique, overdriven-sounding instrumental that I maintain was pretty damned cool, the record earned lukewarm reviews from our regulars, many of whom felt... Read More


Naledge ft. Rus Soul - Star Struck [Stream]

One of the hallmarks of Cubism is the use of multiple, overlapping perspectives, intended to give viewers a greater sense of the object as a whole (yep, I took an art history course once upon a time);with his forthcoming... Read More

Naledge of Kidz In The Hall Spits “Turn Off” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Naledge, an emcee who's been featured both solo ("Rock Top Fashions") and as one-half of 'hipster-hop' duo Kidz In The Hall ("Drivin' Down the Block"), has stepped into the Booth to deliver the 18th entry in... Read More


Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall) - Turn Off [Stream & Download]

The 18th entry in our exclusive freestyle series comes courtesy of Naledge, one-half of ‘hipster-hop’ duo Kidz In The Hall.  The Chi-town emcee, who spits over an industry instrumental by Polow Da Don and No... Read More


Naledge Jumps on Jeremih’s Best of the Booth-Nominated “Birthday Sex” [Free Download] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Naledge of Kidz in the Hall fame has jumped on fellow Chi-town native Jeremih's 2008 Best of the Booth-nominated R&B hit "Birthday Sex" for an unofficial remix. The Brainiac Society emcee's version of the... Read More


Naledge - Rock Top Fashions [Stream]

Naledge has long been known for the unique hipster style he brings to the hip-hop table, and a newly-released record off the Brainiac Society Vol. 3: Attack Of The Brainiacs Mixtape (hosted by the Kidz in the Hall emcee... Read More


Starrs & Murph ft. Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall) - Marry You [Stream]

Rhode Island indie duo Starrs & Murph‘s new mixtape single may be titled Marry You, but the record is less a romantic cut for the ladies than a pointed, semi-humorous look at the average man’s conflicted... Read More