New Nappy Roots Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Nappy Roots - The Scene From Collateral [Stream]

Skinny DeVille and Fish Scales of Nappy Roots are carrying on the group’s name between the two of them, and their upcoming The 40 Akerz Project, entirely produced by production team SMKA, is set to drop next week on May... Read More


Nappy Roots - Doesn’t Matter ft. Micah Freeman [Stream]

As we get closer to the May 5 release date of Nappy Roots’ The 40 Akerz Project, the longtime Booth regulars follow-up their Party for the Ages with their latest single, Doesn’t Matter. SMKA mans the boards, per... Read More


Nappy Roots - Party for the Ages [Stream]

If you’re looking for something to throw on the playlist at your next rager, the latest single from Nappy Roots is… not it. Contrary to what the title might suggest, Party for the Ages is the kind of song whose... Read More


Nappy Roots - Facts [Stream]

Many, if not most emcees feel comfortable stretching the truth in pursuit of a dope rhyme. Nappy Roots, on the other hand, share the philosophy of Dragnet‘s Detective Joe Friday: “All we want are the Facts.” On the... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Scotty ATL - DeepEnd [Stream]

Thus far in their Something’s Gotta Give campaign, Nappy Roots is two for two; both Hazy and 40 Intro received rave reviews from our readers. Now, they’re poised to turn that winning streak into a hat trick with... Read More


Nappy Roots - 40 Intro [Stream]

Last week, Nappy Roots kicked off promotion for their next full-length with Hazy, the first in a series of SMKA-produced loosies planned for release leading up to the set’s arrival. They set a high standard with that... Read More


Nappy Roots - Hazy [Stream]

When it comes to authentic, down-south hip-hop, Nappy Roots always deliver that perfect dose of southern twang. The years have been gracious to the hip-hop ensemble that started in Bowling Green, Kentucky, allowing them to... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Jarren Benton - No Idea [Stream]

How did Funk Volume signee Jarren Benton end up on a record with Kentucky underground mainstays Nappy Roots? To be quite honest, I have No Idea. Regardless, we can all be glad that it did happen, because this new single is... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Johnny Spanish - Bigga Thomas [Stream & Download]

The group may be a little smaller, but the music is still as dope as before. Always introspective, but never corny, Nappy Roots continue to offer quality product. The Kentucky collective maintain their down south underground... Read More


Skinny & Scales (of Nappy Roots) - Black Friday [Stream & Download]

It’s amazing how clueless guys can be when it comes to selecting the right mood music for different occasions. (No, Nelly’s Tip Drill is not appropriate for a candelight dinner.) Now if we were getting ready to get turnt... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Khujo Goodie - Pete Rose [Stream]

At first blush, Pete Rose doesn’t seem like an obvious role model for a hip-hopper. But think about it: the man came up through hard work and dedication, made hits like a motherf*cker and he was willing to “bet it... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Samuel Christian - Hey Love [Stream]

Nappy Roots just don’t know how to be anything but completely honest. Fresh off their openly candid, Booth-approved last single Congratulations, the Southern soaked quintet wear their hearts on their sleeves…I mean mics... Read More


Tom P ft. Nappy Roots & Aleon Craft - Drunk Girls [Stream & Download]

Once a regular visitor, Tom P hasn’t been glimpsed in the Booth since October 2010, when he dropped entry #206 in our exclusive freestyle series (Though he did find time to rock the Stage at July’s... Read More


Nappy Roots - Congratulations [Stream & Download]

While many hip-hoppers have to guard themselves at all times against the corrupting effects of fame and fortune, the Nappy Roots seem to have humility and gratitude flowing through their veins; whether it’s due to the... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Rachael Washington - Nappy Holidays [Stream & Download]

I’ve got a confession to make, Booth readers: this year, for what I’m pretty sure is the first time, Christmas carols don’t make me want to deafen myself with knitting needles. Whether it’s the musical... Read More


Aleon Craft to Join Forces With Sean Falyon, Vonnegutt and More at ATL’s Star Bar [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- "A Different World" emcee Aleon Craft has enlisted a bevy of Booth-approved artists for the latest stop in his Atlanta Stargazing Tour, a six-concert series held at various venues in his home city. Going down... Read More


Aleon Craft ft. Nappy Roots - A Different World [Stream]

Even if you’re from Alaska, I’m sure you’ve got a good taste of the South’s sounds in your music repertoire. However, there’s a major distinction between listening to the music and truly experiencing the region they... Read More


Johnny Spanish ft. Nappy Roots - Shining (Remix) [Stream]

Fresh off the June 15, release of their hotly-anticipated fourth full-length, The Pursuit of Nappyness, Kentucky’s own Nappy Roots are back in the Booth to introduce us to an up-and-coming emcee and fellow Bluegrass... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. STS - Dippin & Dodgin [Stream]

The Nappy Roots have been on something of a a Booth hot streak lately – judging by the reader response to mixtape cut P.O.N. (off SMKA‘s The 808 Experiment (Vol. 2)) and recently-released lead single Ride, the... Read More


Nappy Roots - Ride [Stream]

Featured back in mid-January, Booth-premiered mixtape inclusion P.O.N. (Pursuit of Nappiness) found the Nappy Roots in a motivational mode, waxing philosophical about the value of hard work and persistence. Now, the Southern... Read More


Nappy Roots - P.O.N. (Pursuit of Nappiness) [Stream]

As if previously-leaked cuts The Make Believer (w/ Tanya Morgan) and Deer Mama (w/ Yelawolf) weren’t enough to get listeners buzzing about SMKA and their forthcoming street album, the up-and-coming production duo has... Read More


Nappy Roots - Imma Be Alright [Stream]

Those who follow the Nappy Roots’ know that the Kentucky natives started as an independent group during the late ‘90s, rising to fame on the strength of their storytelling abilities and their funky sound.  Fresh... Read More


Nappy Roots - 123 [Stream]

As I type these words, it’s 1:22 in the afternoon, but according to my computer clock, which is set on EST to correspond to’s official schedule, it’s 2:22.  If you’re reading this,... Read More


Creeze ft. Nappy Roots - All Good [Stream]

In an exclusive interview with our own DJ Z, The Runners’ Dru Brett stated that his and Mayne Zayne‘s desire is to someday step out from behind the boards and into the spotlight as artists.  Since that route has... Read More


Nappy Roots - That’s Right [Stream & Download]

The 30th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Nappy Roots, the Southern rap heavyweights whose last album, The Humdinger, was awarded four out of five spins by our resident reviewer, Nathan S..  On... Read More

Nappy Roots Spit “That’s Right” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Nappy Roots, the Louisville quintet who won widespread acclaim (including a four-star review from our own Nathan S.) for their latest LP, The Humdinger, have stepped into the Booth to bring us the 30th entry... Read More


Nappy Roots - The Humdinger [Album]

These days, the phrase “nappy roots” is more likely to conjure up images of Don Imus’ radio fiasco than of the Kentucky hip-hop group. Everybody’s favorite Southern comfort quintet seemingly vanished into thin air... Read Full Review


Nappy Roots ft. Greg Nice - No Static [Stream]

Wait a second… Nappy Roots still exists? Yes, folks, you read that right; everyone’s favorite Louisville quintet is still alive and kicking after dropping off the face of the earth for half a decade or so. While the... Read More


The Nappy Roots Are Back, Prepping “The Humdinger” for August 5th [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- After selling more than two million albums on their first two major-label releases, (Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz and Wooden Leather), Nappy Roots are back with their independent debut album, The Humdinger,... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Sabrina - Election Day [Stream]

With the upcoming presidential election in November, more and more hip-hop artists are starting to get political with their music.  Adding their two cents (or would it be ten?) is Kentucky’s premier rap group, the... Read More


DJ Greg Street ft. Nappy Roots - Good Day [Stream]

On their first two albums, Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz and Wooden Leather, Nappy Roots recorded music as a major-label sextet.  On the group’s forthcoming third studio album, The Humdinger, however, the Kentucky... Read More


Nappy Roots - Who Got It Where’s It At [Stream]

Kentucky’s finest rap group Nappy Roots are back on the scene as independent artists after two successful releases on Atlantic Records.  Before their new album The Humdinger drops in 2008, the sextet offered up the... Read More