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Rap Quiz: How Well Do You Know JAY-Z & Nas Lyrics? [Feature ]

Below you'll find 10 lines. Some are from the King of New York (JAY-Z) and some are from the other King of New York (no, not Kendrick). Your job is to know which MC said which; it's harder than you think. Of course,... Read More


From Nas to Kendrick: How to Appreciate the Greatest Emcees Through Their Biggest Flaws [Feature ]

There are two things that have always been true: Nas is a great emcee—and one of the greatest writers in any form or medium—and he has a terrible ear for beats. Before... Read More


From JAY-Z to Nas: A Brief History of the Grown-Ass-Rap Album [Feature ]

No genre has a specific, single point of origin. The party DJ Kool Herc threw on August 11, 1973, at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in New York, is often described as the birth of hip-hop, but that’s a label people have placed... Read More


This Might Be Why Nas Sounds Offbeat on DJ Khaled’s “It’s Secured” [Feature ]

Among the 23 tracks on DJ Khaled's newly-released album, Grateful, is a Nas and Travis Scott collaboration entitled "It's Secured." Given Khaled and Nas' track record—"Nas Album Done" was, by far, the... Read More


Nas Explains Why Tupac Was a One-of-a-Kind Artist [Feature ]

Rap icons Nas and Tupac weren't always the best of friends—Nas' "The Message," a single from his sophomore album It Was Written, included a subliminal diss aimed at Biggie, but Tupac believed the line was about... Read More


Nas Calls President Trump a Racist in Powerful Open Letter [Feature ]

From calling for George Bush's head (prematurely) to celebrating Obama’s 2008 Presidential victory on Young Jeezy’s “My President,” Nas has never held his tongue when it comes to... Read More


Nas’ Brother Jungle Updates Fans on “Nas Album Done” Status [Feature ]

If Nas wants to make good on his recent promise to release his new album—you know, the album that DJ Khaled said was finished last year—before the end of 2017, he's going to have to finish the project soon,... Read More


Harvard Poetry Professor Uncovers Hidden Meaning in Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” [Feature ]

In addition to being one of the greatest emcees of all-time, Nas is also one of the greatest poets in hip-hop history. Recently, the now 43-year-old rap veteran was invited by Harvard Poetry Professor Elisa New to break down... Read More


Classic Hate: The Internet Hates on Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ [Feature ]

Hip-hop heads don't agree on much... at all... ever. I could tell a hip-hop nerd the sky is blue and they would come up with a 10-page essay about how it is red. There is one thing, however, which all hip-hop heads regard... Read More


Nas’ New Album Is Still Not Done, But He’s Planning 2017 Release [Feature ]

During an appearance on the Rap Radar Podcast last October, veteran A&R Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua confirmed that Nas' next full-length album—despite what DJ Khaled says—was indeed not yet... Read More


10 Times a Rapper’s Guest Feature Hijacked Their Entire Song [Feature ]

Despite the hip-hop landscape seemingly morphing into a much friendlier space in recent years, with rappers much more likely to collaborate than go to war, the spirit of competition is still deeply ingrained into the... Read More


Nas Lists His 5 Favorite “New Generation” MCs, But They Aren’t All New [Feature ]

10 years ago, Nas released an album that doubled as a statement about his feelings on the state of hip-hop at the time.   Hip Hop Is Dead was both a requiem and a challenge to the industry during a period of time much... Read More


Holy Sh*t Lil Yachty Could Win a GRAMMY Award Before Nas [Feature ]

Nas has never won a GRAMMY award. While this travesty has been well-documented, every December, when the GRAMMY nominations are released, we are reminded that the legendary Queens emcee has been nominated 12 times and 12... Read More


Logic Details Hearing Nas as His First Experience with Hip-Hop [Feature ]

A quick listen through Logic’s catalog will immediately point to a heavy Nas influence. The story-telling, the lyrical complexity, the swagger—all characteristics that Nas has displayed throughout his... Read More


Nas’ Album Isn’t Done Yet, But You Should Be Excited About It [Feature ]

“Nas Album Done” is one of the best rap songs of 2016. It’s Nas, one of the best rappers of all time, rapping over a sample of Fugees’ “Fu-Gee-La,” one of the best rap songs of all... Read More


Diddy Says Nas “Has Always Been the One to Save Hip-Hop,” But is That True? [Feature ]

Over the weekend, Miami played host to the third annual REVOLT Music Conference, a four-day event featuring panels and pool parties for people in the music business. But there was a special moment for hip-hop during the... Read More


Nas is Amazing on Robin Thicke’s New Single “Deep” [Feature ]

The ink of a scribe is more like well-aged wine than spoiled milk; with age, their words become rich and more flavorful, as opposed to sour dairy. The first time I heard “Nas Album Done,” the experience... Read More


Nas Confirms Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead, Credits Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole & Drake [Feature ]

This December will mark 10 years since Nas proclaimed "Hip Hop Is Dead" with the release of his eighth studio album. In an interview with MTV several months before the album's release, the veteran emcee explained... Read More


Danny Brown on Current Hip-Hop Climate: “No One Wants To Be The Smart Guy” [Feature ]

Danny Brown is an artist that bridges the gap between introspective, lyrical content and the street-bred turn-up music that dominates today’s mainstream—a microcosm of the balance necessary to keep hip-hop the... Read More


DJ Khaled’s “Nas Album Done” Video is a 9 Minute Waste of Time [Feature ]

After an inordinate amount of promotion over the last few weeks, DJ Khaled has finally released the visuals for Major Key song-of-the-year contender “Nas Album Done” featuring Nas himself. Considering the... Read More


Nas-Produced “The Land” is an Unflinching Portrayal of Youth, Drugs & Choices [Feature ]

The Land - the new full-length feature debut, written and directed by Steven Caple, Jr., boasts an incredible soundtrack in addition to its unflinching look into modern-day youth and the unending choices they face... Read More


The Best Nas Lyrics, Every Year Since 1991 [Feature ]

On July 29, 2016, DJ Khaled dropped Major Key, the first album of his career to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200, as well as one of the most notable albums of summer 2016. One of the most celebrated of the fourteen tracks was... Read More


The 7 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums Before The End of 2016 [Feature ]

Anticipation is such a peculiar feeling when it comes to music in 2016. All this music makes me feel as if I’m in a grand buffet with endless platters of food, and even with a full plate, my eyes can’t help but... Read More


Nas Says “Lost Tapes 2” Is On The Way, Has Plans For Series [Feature ]

One of Nas’ best albums is barely an album at all - and in a recent interview, he revealed plans to try the formula out a second, third and fourth time. In a conversation with HipHopDX about the completion of his... Read More


Nas’ New Album Is Done, According to DJ Khaled [Feature ]

According to DJ Khaled, Nas has finally finished his next album. Don't believe him? Khaled has released a snippet of a new song called “Nas Album Done,” which will be found on his upcoming Major Key... Read More


Nas is a Big Fan of Future: “He’s Pushing Flows Forward” [Feature ]

The way Twitter talks about hip-hop, it's a house divided. The lyricists are expected to mingle with fellow lyricists, the trappers are expected to hang out in Bandos with Migos. It’s like high school, the... Read More


Kanye, Pusha T & More Making Music for Nas’ Film ‘The Land,’ Get Excited [Feature ]

Kanye West promised President Obama he was going to produce on Nas' next album, and I can't believe that even Kanye would let Nas (and Obama) down. While the two legends somehow have seldom linked up as... Read More


Nas Lists His Favorite Hip-Hop Albums of All-Time [Feature ]

Nas' new major cloth interview with DJ Khaled has some real gems in it - people are rightfully focused on his story about being too high to record with Biggie in the studio - but I was also fascinated by Nas listing... Read More


We Listened to the Rap Songs on Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” Album So You Don’t Have To [Feature ]

At midnight last night Justin Bieber’s fourth studio album, Purpose, hit the airwaves. For some it was a historic moment, for others a regular Wednesday. While we don’t usually pay too close attention to... Read More


Nas, The GRAMMYs & When Losing is Really Winning [Feature ]

Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Academy Award, despite all the other ways his work has been recognized he has yet to achieve the highest honor an actor can be awarded from the film industry. It’s a surprising... Read More


Scarface - Do What I Do ft. Nas, Rick Ross & Z-Ro [Stream]

Veteran Houston emcee and Geto Boy alum Scarface has released Do What I Do, a new collaboration with Nas, Rick Ross and Z-Ro. The record, like past efforts Steer and Read More


“Illmatic’s a Let Down”: Lessons Learned from the ‘90s Rap Internet [Feature ]

Some people research cures for diseases. Others research battles, presidents and wars. NASA researchers just sent a satellite 5 billion miles through the cold, empty reaches of space to take detailed pictures... Read More


De La Soul - God It ft. Nas [Stream]

Da La Soul recently made headlines with their massively successful crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for their new album and the long-awaited follow-up to 2004’s The Grind Date. The trio decided to give fans a little... Read More


Fashawn - Something to Believe In ft. Nas & Aloe Blacc [Stream]

Feeling a little disillusioned with the state of contemporary hip-hop? Leave it to Fashawn and his spectacularly talented homies to give you Something to Believe In. Over DJ Khalil’s brass fanfare, the Fresno phenom trades... Read More


Madonna ft. Nas - Veni Vidi Vici [Stream]

We’re not saying we called it but….yeah, we totally called it. Over a month ago we said that Madonna’s upcoming album would be heavily hip-hop influenced and sure enough, just a day after we got a new track... Read More


Beastie Boys ft. Nas - Too Many Rappers (Unreleased Video) [Stream]

I spend all day listening to fresh tunes, and even I often get frustrated at my inability to keep up with everything going on in the world of hip-hop. There are just Too Many f**king Rappers. Even so, I’m never too busy... Read More


Nas - The Season [Stream & Download]

Unless you count the music he didn’t drop when some people thought he was Your Old Droog (which he wasn’t), it’s actually been a minute since we’ve gotten new music from Nas. A handful of loosies... Read More


ScHoolboy Q ft. Nas & BJ The Chicago Kid - Studio (Remix) [Stream]

Featured on our front page when it dropped as a single back in April, ScHoolboy Q‘s Studio won a phenomenal four out of five stars, on average, from our readership. Well, I have a feeling quite a few readers are gonna... Read More


Nas - Represent [Stream]

On an album that, like Nas‘s seminal debut set, is entirely made up of standout tracks, it’s inevitable that some joints won’t get the shine they deserve. For example, Represent, which never received... Read More


Wiz Khalifa ft. Rick Ross, Nas & Schoolboy Q - We Dem Boyz (Remix II) [Stream]

As Lil Wayne so often said, “It’s the remix to the remix, baby.” Ok, so maybe he didn’t exactly say that, but how many times do you get a remix to a remix? After the original and the original-remix... Read More


Rocko ft. Nas - Hustle [Stream]

If someone were to ask me which rappers I considered Poets, Rocko‘s name wouldn’t come up. No offense to the man; sophisticated lyricism just never seemed to be his focus. If the U.O.E.N.O. hitmaker is looking to... Read More


I’m Ron Burgundy? How Do You Feel About Nas’ Teleprompter? [Feature ]

Saturday was a big concert day for me, and I only went to one actual show. After seeing Brother Ali and Rapsody kill it, I went home, flipped open the laptop and voilà, live Coachella stream. I caught the end of the... Read More


Nas - It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Remix) [Stream]

Next month, Nas will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of his epochal Illmatic LP with a digital re-release of the album. In addition to the 10 tracks that every hip-hop head knows and loves, this version of the... Read More


Rudimental ft. Emeli Sandé & Nas - Free [Stream]

Last we heard from Rudimental, the British EDM crew had enlisted the guest services of Maybach Music Group heavyweight Wale in an effort to make their breakthrough hit, Feel the Love, more palatable to audiences Stateside.... Read More


Nas x J. Cole - Made Nas Proud [Stream & Download]

On Let Nas Down, a standout cut off his freshly-minted sophomore set, J. Cole harked back to 2011, describing his reaction when his musical idol criticized Cole World lead single Work Out. As it turns out, though, Cole had it... Read More


Nas x Aerosmith x Sinatra - Street Dreams (CHEATCODE Remix) [Stream]

Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith and Nas: three acts from very different genres, embodying three distinct musical eras. In other words, the perfect ingredients for an epic mash-up. Though CHEATCODE‘s remix of It Was Written... Read More


Nas Does Revealing NYC Interview & Show for Hennessy [Feature ]

Back in 2002 on an episode of MTV Diaries, Nas passed on a Coors Lite commercial because he was against promoting beer to youngsters but now in 2013, the 39-year-old Queensbridge mainstay has partnered with the world’s... Read More


M1 ft. Nas - Genocide Highway [Stream]

On November 9, 1799, an African-Caribbean slave named Denmark Vesey purchased his freedom after winning $1550 in a city lottery. Once unchained, however, he didn’t simply start a new life for himself; he began plotting... Read More


Meek Mill ft. John Legend, Nas & Rick Ross - Maybach Curtains [Stream]

Just a few short years ago, Meek Mill was just another urban denizen, pursuing his dreams of hip-hop superstardom against the struggle-filled backdrop of the Philly streets. Now, he looks out at those same city blocks from... Read More


Nas ft. Amy Winehouse - Cherry Wine [Stream]

Nas may not have found his soulmate just yet, but the rap icon isn’t giving up just yet. On freshly-released album standout Cherry Wine, the Queensbridge veteran spits an exhaustive description of his ideal woman,... Read More


Nas - Bye Baby [Stream]

Since Nas is on record saying that his Life is Good album, and certainly the cover, is directly inspired by his acrimonious divorce with Kelis, we can just go ahead and assume that Bye Baby and its music video is pretty damn... Read More


DJ Khaled ft. Scarface, Nas & DJ Premier - Hip Hop [Stream]

I won’t front, I’ve haven’t exactly been easy on DJ Khaled over the years, but the man might have just bought himself a lifetime pass from hip-hop heads for this new Hip-Hop joint. Featuring more... Read More


Nas - Life is Good [Album]

In a way, it’s a compliment to say that a rapper’s fallen off. To have fallen, you must have once been at the top, and very few people can legitimately claim to have been the best in their profession, even if only for a... Read Full Review


K’LA ft. Nas - Blame [Stream]

Artists only get to make their debut on The DJBooth once, and it looks like K’LA has taken the time to make sure her debut makes the biggest splash possible. How big? I don’t know, how big is a Nas verse? Yeah, that’s... Read More


Nas ft. Large Professor - Loco-Motive [Stream]

In the hands of nearly anyone else, a track titled Loco-Motive featuring some very locomotive-ish production would have come off corny, but in the hands of God’s Son, it’s nothing short of pure dopeness. As he continues... Read More


Nas ft. Rick Ross - Accident Murderers [Stream]

Nearly two decades ago Nas broke onto the hip-hop scene with New York State of Mind, one of the best storytelling raps the game had ever heard. Fast forward to 2012 and Nasir is returning to his roots with new single Accident... Read More


Nelly Furtado ft. Nas - Something [Stream]

Way back in ‘94, on Illmatic inclusion Street Dreams, Nas (quoting the Eurythmics) cannily observed, “Everybody’s looking for something.” At the very moment the Queensbridge hopeful penned those lines, a... Read More


K’NAAN ft. Nas - Nothing to Lose (Elev8tor Remix) [Stream]

Originally featured back in January, Nothing to Lose received positive reader reviews for K’NAAN and guest spitter Nas’ on-point lyrical content, but some felt that the poppy chorus detracted from its impact.... Read More


Nas - The Don [Stream]

Life Is Good when you’re The Don, but don’t get it twisted: while Nas is most definitely enjoying the view from the top, high-rollerdom hasn’t dulled his edge in the slightest. More than nine months after... Read More


Nas - Daughters [Stream]

There are literally thousands of rap songs about dealing drugs, strippers and drug dealing strippers. But you’d be hard pressed to find more than a handful of songs dedicated to a rapper’s children, and even fewer... Read More


Nas - Another Black Girl Lost [Stream]

Black Girl Lost, a joint off Nas’ classic sophomore set, found the rap icon calling upon African-American women to raise their consciousness and respect themselves, rather than falling into superficial and... Read More