New NEFEW Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Nefew - Rise of the Antihero [Album]

In anticipation of the project's retail release this Friday, November 28, Nefew is offering up its latest full-length, Rise of the Antihero, for full, free streaming exclusively in The DJBooth. The American-Swiss rap group's... Read More


Nefew ft. STS - Fresh [Stream]

Thinking of making a trip to your local farmer’s market this afternoon? Don’t bother; you ain’t gonna find anything nearly as Fresh as the latest single from Nefew. Coming on the heels of Monday’s... Read More


Nefew ft. Jared Evan & John Turrell - Paper Planes [Stream]

Have you ever felt like there’s just too much gold and shmoney in hip-hop? Have you ever felt like you wanted an album that covered themes like: conquering fear, doubt and the limitations put on us by others? If you... Read More


Nefew ft. AWAR - Vintage [Stream]

UPDATE: “Vintage” is no longer available to stream. If someone tells you they don’t make hip-hop like they used to, introduce them to Nefew. The Swiss-American duo’s Vintage beats and rhymes will... Read More


Nefew ft. Souleez - Stand Back [Stream]

Although Hip-Hop duo Nefew (Polemikk and PA-Double) and producer 7inch dropped their Transitions album this past October, the production/emcee trio are continuing to hit fans with singles and videos from the album. Joining... Read More


Nefew and Shakes - For Hip Hop [Album]

Swiss-American hip-hop duo Nefew (Polemikk and PA-Double) and Virginia rhymesayer Shakes have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest street release, For Hip Hop. The project finds the collaborators... Read More


Nefew ft. Shakes & Rapper Big Pooh - Change the World [Stream & Download]

Everybody wants to Change the World—the big question is where to start. On their latest single, Swiss-American emcee-producer duo Nefew wonder what they can do to right the numerous injustices they see surrounding them,... Read More


Nefew ft. Jonas - Your Own [Stream]

Previously introduced to our pages way back in December of 2009, when they dropped off entry #123 in our exclusive freestyle series, Swiss-American emcee-producer duo Nefew make their long-awaited return to our pages with new... Read More


Nefew Spit “Less Music” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Nefew, the Swiss-American emcee/producer duo who recently earned reader approval for EP single "Biko," have stepped into the Booth to bring us the 123rd entry in our Freestyle Series. On the... Read More


Nefew - Less Music [Stream & Download]

The 123rd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Nefew, the Swiss-American emcee/producer duo who recently earned reader approval for EP single Biko. On the brand new, previously-unreleased Less Music... Read More


Nefew ft. Consequence & Chanj - Biko [Stream]

It’s a tragic fact of recent history that many of the most outspoken and influential proponents of civil rights were cut down before seeing their efforts bear fruit. On their first feature, the lead single... Read More