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Nick Cannon Says He Wrote for Kanye West, Needs More People [Feature ]

Right off the bat, let's take a deep breath, relax, drink some chamomile tea, maybe do some yoga.I know we all have PTDGDSD (Post Traumatic Drake Ghostwriting Debate Stress Disorder), so don't worry, this isn't... Read More


Nick Cannon ft. Akon - Famous [Stream]

I don’t know what could have driven Nick Cannon to question his celebrity status (Concussion? Existential crisis?), but I don’t think the man has anything to worry about. To paraphrase an oft-quoted dictum on the... Read More


Nick Cannon & King Magazine Host Star Studded Event [Feature ]

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- King Magazine host the premiere party for MTV's Wild N Out Season 4 set to take place on Wednesday May 30, 2007 at the illustrious Social in Hollywood. This event will be attended by the shows cast and will... Read More