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Notion ft. Grynch & Luck-One - Champagne & Caviar [Stream & Download]

Notion may not be swimming in the bucks just yet, but fans can rest assured that he’s been living well. On his latest promo single, the Seattle representative takes time out from ihs grind to enjoy some Champagne &... Read More


Notion ft. DJ Rise - Zeused UP [Stream & Download]

Since spitting about his dealings with the Man Downstairs on June’s Bargain With the Devil, Notion‘s been eerily quiet. Could it be… could Old Scratch already have come to collect the Seattle repper’s... Read More


Notion ft. DJ Rise - Bargain With the Devil [Stream & Download]

After centuries upon centuries of cautionary tales, you think people would have learned by now: you just don’t Bargain With the Devil. Seriously—this is the f*ckin’ devil we’re talking about. You’re... Read More