New Novel Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Novel - Die a Little [Stream]

Update: The visuals for Novel’s Die a Little single have been added. I don’t know about y’all but, every time a day goes by without some new music from Novel, I Die a Little on the inside. OK, maybe... Read More


Novel - Tonight F*ck Being Sober [Stream]

Novel has always worn his heart on his sleeve and new release, Tonight F*ck Being Sober, is no different. This self-produced, emotional music binge is the first song release off the GRAMMY-award winning... Read More


Novel - Southern Love [Stream]

Currently residing in Atlanta, GRAMMY-award winning singer, songwriter, producer and emcee Novel gives us the first official single from his upcoming album, an all-out ode to how things are done down south with Southern Love.... Read More


Novel - mood indigo [Album]

Here at The DJBooth we take great pride in championing young talent who are in the infancy stage of their career. As the artist grows, becoming more mature and complete, we grow with them. A perfect example of this harmonious... Read More


Novel - Letter to the Badge [Stream & Download]

The failure to indict both Officer Darren Wilson and the anonymous killer of Eric Garner has illuminated a number of unpleasant truths about American society: that equality before the law is a myth; that racism is still... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Crooked I & Novel - Devil In My Room [Stream]

If you know Joe Budden‘s music, you know his best songs are lengthy and personal. Which leads us to Devil In My Room, the latest song release in his now weekly #SomeLove series, which is slightly over 7 minutes long and... Read More


Novel - Red Wine & Ambien II [Album]

Back in 2012, ATL jack-of-all-trades Novel came together with The DJBooth to release Red Wine & Ambien, a street album which won rave reviews from our readership. Now, the talented singer, songwriter and producer is back... Read More


Novel - Pride & Joi [Stream]

Of the six songs that make up Novel‘s most recent project, five have been featured in The DJBooth to date. Clearly, number six must be a colossal dud, a lackluster track marring an otherwise flawless set… right?... Read More


Novel - Molly [Stream]

That girl Molly; she really seems to get around. While Novel‘s latest feature (the inaugural song release off a forthcoming full-length) is part of the post-All Gold Everything deluge of ecstasy-themed jams, the record... Read More


Novel - To The Limit [Stream]

Novel‘s taste for dark and unconventional subject matter (see: his last feature, early May’s Pretty Scars) may set him apart from his peers in the R&B game but, lest we forget, the man can also craft a damn... Read More


Novel - Pretty Scars [Stream]

If there’s one thing Novel‘s music has taught us, it’s that a beautiful exterior can hide tremendous pain; many of the ATL Renaissance artist’s most acclaimed features have seen him dressing ugly... Read More


Termanology ft. Novel - Champagne Money [Stream & Download]

With his next street album just a day away, Boston-repping underground mainstay Termanology has liberated one last song release for our listening pleasure. On Champagne Money, Shortyfutz’ glossy, bass-heavy production... Read More


Novel - B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Soul Mix) [Stream]

Last night, ATL phenom and longtime friend of the Booth Novel took home his first Grammy for his songwriting contributions to Lecrae‘s Gravity LP, this year’s winner for Best Gospel Album. Fittingly, his latest... Read More


Novel - Self Medicating [Stream]

Novel‘s not addicted to drugs; he’s just Self Medicating for a broken heart. Last featured with early August’s unreleased Should You Stay, the multitalented reader fave strikes a more melancholy chord on the... Read More


Novel - A Song For River [Stream]

Somebody needs to grab a life preserver and floaties for Novel, because from the sound of things he appears to be drowning and doesn’t want to be saved.  On A Song For River, which comes with a high quality set of... Read More


Novel - Under Water, Overwhelmed EP [Album]

ATL singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Novel has released his latest collection of original material, the Under Water, Overwhelmed EP. Penned entirely by the artist himself, the six-track project comes heralded by... Read More


Novel ft. Amir Taron - Hotels & Heartbreak [Stream]

Never one to shy away from the darker corners of human experience, Novel has dug even deeper than usual in the lead-up to his next project release. Having lamented the tendency of true love to go sour on I Know Now and used... Read More


Novel - Should You Stay [Stream & Download]

To be quite frank, sometimes songs just don’t make the cut and such is the case for L.A.-based producer/rapper/singer Novel‘s new record Should You Stay. The song was recorded by the artist during a past recording... Read More


Novel - I Know Now [Stream & Download]

The last time we heard from the enigmatically talented Novel he was consuming a steady diet of Red Wine & Ambien. Well, apparently the man’s chased all that pinot noir with a few strong coffees because Novel is wide... Read More


Novel ft. Muzi - Heat The Night [Stream & Download]

Whether or not Novel was thinking about John Ball’s classic novel In the Heat of the Night when he wrote standout selection Heat the Night or not, the two do share some qualities, namely an exploration of the pressures and... Read More


Novel - Red Wine & Ambien [Album]

Über talented artist/songwriter/producer Novel has released a brand new, free double album/mixtape, entitled Red Wine & Ambien. The project features 19 records, which include original material and several of... Read More


Novel - Nightcall (To My Ex) [Stream]

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I find it oddly reassuring that even someone as smooth, confident and emotionally mature as Novel can be just as much of a basket case as the rest of us when it comes to... Read More


Novel - Video Games [Stream & Download]

Hipster rock/pop phenom Lana Del Rey’s popular hit Video Games has inspired Freestyle Series alum Novel to release his own masculine rendition of the waltzy track, premiering right here right now at The DJBooth. Off his... Read More


Novel ft. Muzi - No More [Stream]

No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you—if Novel‘s latest Booth feature sounds eerily familiar, that’s probably because you have heard it before. Making its online premiere in the Booth, album standout... Read More


KaliRaps ft. REKS & Novel - Exhale [Stream & Download]

Whatever the nature of your hustle, it’s important to take the occasional break from the grind and just inhale… Exhale. Well aware of the necessary of staying calm and centered while pursuing one’s dreams,... Read More


Spree Wilson ft. Novel - King Sh*t (The Answer) [Stream & Download]

Like a volcano suddenly erupting after being dormant for an extended period of time, Spree Wilson is breaking new ground. After a year in the studio, Spree is emerging with some robust new offerings that are sure to raise... Read More


Novel - Stubborn [Video]

Novel, whose Grant Me Serenity project is still very much a must listen for those who haven’t, re-emerges with new visuals for Stubborn. A story of two sides focusing on overcoming,moving on and being reborn by letting... Read More


Novel - Body Down [Video]

In the aftermath of Troy Davis’ execution singer, songwriter and musical activist Novel releases his politically and emotionally powerful new video, Body Down (Remix). Off his dangerously creative free album Grant Me... Read More


Novel ft. Joell Ortiz - Body Down pt.2 [Stream & Download]

Novel continues his quest for change as he teams up with Joell Ortiz for Body Down pt. 2. The track is a follow-up to Body Down, off of his Grant Me Serenity mixtape, and again uses the Jack Peñate track as a backdrop for... Read More


Novel ft. Stacie Orrico - Easy to Love 2.0 [Stream]

If I had to describe Novel‘s innovative yet familiar brand of soul in three words, “Easy to Love” would be just about right. The ATL Rennaissance musician’s latest effort, version 2.0 of a jam never... Read More


Joell Ortiz & Novel ft. Bun B & Tech N9ne - Night Train (Remix) [Stream]

Back in the day—the late 19th Century, that is—grueling hours forced railway engineers, conductors, brakemen and other workers to fight a constant battle against fatigue, with thousands of deaths (and tens of thousands of... Read More


Novel - Body Down [Stream & Download]

I know I’ve lied to y’all many times before, but this time I swear it’s true: Novel‘s latest mixtape leak is not what you’d expect from the title. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend flipping it... Read More


Muzi ft. Novel - Dear Heartbeat [Video]

Always eclectic ATL artist Muzi links up with Novel to provide visuals for his subtly haunting single Dear Heartbeat, inspired by English electronic trio Darkstar. Heartbeat can be found on both Novel’s Grant Me... Read More


Novel ft. Muzi - Celebrate [Stream & Download]

Novel’s never been one to shy away from revealing the details of his personal life – name another artist who puts out songs about his depression prone mother – but on the ATL to L.A. singer, producer, songrwriter... Read More


Novel Unleashes Boundary Pushing “Grant Me Serenity” Album for Free Download [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- With the December release of his long-awaited debut studio album,Caligraphy, nearly six months away, Booth favorite (and freestyle series alumnus) has decided to tide fans over with the release of a brand new... Read More


Muzi ft. Novel - Dear Heartbeat [Stream & Download]

I know, I know: y’all are sick to death of restlessly-creative, genre-defying A-Town hopefuls. Oh? You’re not tired of that? Well, damn, that’s convenient—because today, another fresh ATL singer/songwriter... Read More


Novel - Get You High [Stream & Download]

Let’s start this post with a riddle: what’s the best time to listen to new music from Novel? Trick question, there’s never a bad time to listen to new Novel. With his DJBooth-approved Vanilla Sky still large in the... Read More


Novel - Vanilla Sky (World Premiere) [Video]

Making its world premiere on DJBoothTV, Vanilla Sky is a bravely minimalistic video from singer/songwriter/producer Novel. Directed by the headliner himself and starring Sora, Vanilla Sky will stay with you long after your... Read More


Novel - Sunset Unlimited [Stream & Download]

Over the past two years we’ve heard singer/rapper/producer/int’l man of luxury Novel write songs about Hood Chicks,  consuming Caffeine and Cigarettes, riding the Night Train and just about every other topic you... Read More


Muggsy Malone ft. Novel - Live Life [Stream]

As the DMV representative and DJBooth regular Muggsy Malone says in the intro to his new song Live Life, “you only get one shot.” Too true. Maybe it’s that need for perfection that’s pushed back his The TPK Album for... Read More


Novel ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Hood Chick [Stream & Download]

I’m a Novel fan, and if you’re a DJBooth regular, you are too. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/producer has earned a name for himself in the industry, and on our pages, for consistently dropping quality music.... Read More


Novel - Think We Landed [Stream & Download]

If we lived in a sane and just world, The Audiobiography would have dropped in 2009 like it was supposed to, Novel would be a household name because of it, and I’d be a multi-millionaire. Well, maybe that last part is a... Read More


Novel ft. Tweet - Can’t Live Without You [Stream & Download]

Novel and Tweet, sittin’ in a tree… sorry, mentally regressed to the age of eight for a second there. What I meant to say was - after collaborating with Tweet on Legato Blues inclusion What If, ATL... Read More


Novel - Broken Record [Stream & Download]

As I said on his DJBooth-hosted Legato Blues Mixtape, and What If, and Red Lights, and State of Loneliness and the 418 other DJBooth approved records he’s dropped, singer/rapper/producer Novel is one of the game’s... Read More


Joell Ortiz ft. Novel - Night Train [Stream & Download]

Mellow and harmonious singing dance in the background. The band is playing together in a dimly lit hole in the wall while cigar smoke drifts to the ceiling. If I could direct Joell Ortiz’ video for Night Train, that’s... Read More


Novel - Legato Blues Summer [Album]

Just in time. As the calendar begins to turn to fall Defying the Predictable co-creator and singer/producer/rapper Novel has teamed up with to deliver his highly anticipated new mixtape, Legato Blues Summer,... Read More


Novel ft. Jazze Pha - Dear Hip Hop (Freestyle) (aka Lauryn Hill) [Stream & Download]

My mama always said a new Novel record is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Ok, so the Forrest Gump reference was a little outdated, but it’s still true. The last time we heard from... Read More


Novel Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of “We Got It Bad” Video Shoot [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- In this newly-released clip, longtime Booth favorite (and freestyle series alum) Novel gives us a behind-the-xscenes look at the official video shoot for "We Got It Bad," the latest single off debut studio... Read More


Novel ft. Joell Ortiz & Colin Munroe - Walkin on Air [Stream]

Are you currently with that special girl or guy in your life who makes you feel like you’re walking on air? If you are, be careful, because air doesn’t offer much stability and you may fall to your death if you’re... Read More


Novel ft. Tweet - What If [Stream]

You never know what to expect from consummate artist Novel, except the unexpected. The first we heard from his upcoming Legato Blues Summer Mixtape was the gospel-infused State of Loneliness, followed by the bedroom burner... Read More


Novel - Red Lights [Stream]

Sometimes, Red Lights mean “stop;” other times they mean “now recording,” or even “low battery.” But this is an R&B song, so, uh, what do you think they represent? Like TLC before him, when ATL-based... Read More


Novel ft. Ako & Amir Taron - Money, Drugs & Women [Proverbs] [Premiere] [Stream]

As anyone who’s ever watched VH1’s landmark show knows, there are three surefire ways to ensure you end up with your very own Behind the Music episode: just overindulge in money, drugs and women. Booth nation favorite... Read More


Novel - State of Loneliness [Stream]

I’m going to assume this isn’t your first time on DJBooth and skip over the Novel introductions. (If it is, welcome. You’ve got about seven million dope Novel tracks to catch up on; get busy). Instead, I’ll just cut... Read More


Novel ft. Algebra - Switch It Up [Stream]

DJBooth’s favorite singer/producer/modern day Rennaissance man Novel has been playing with one hand tied behind his back, but you wouldn’t know it to look at his résumé (Take Over, Call Me, etc. etc. etc.). So now that... Read More


Joell Ortiz ft. Novel - Call Me (Remix) [Stream]

With an impressive four-star average reader rating, the original version of Free Agent lead single Call Me most definitely falls into the “if it ain’t broke” category, but listeners shouldn’t begrudge three... Read More


Novel - Take Over [Stream]

No matter how much I try to fight it, I just can’t resist an r&b song laced with an otherworldly, mystical violin harmony that has me forgetting I’m on earth. With that said, please excuse the bias, but Novel’s... Read More


Novel - N.*.G.G.A. (Valentine Song) [Stream]

If you’re reading this on Sunday night you probably don’t have a hot date for Valentine’s Day. That’s alright, you’re better off with DJBooth anyway. We never try to change you, we’re always here for you and, best... Read More


Novel & Joell Ortiz - Ghetto (Pt. 1) [Stream]

Like money and orgasms, you can never have too many Joell Ortiz and Novel tracks, so when we got hit up with the dynamic duo’s latest leak Ghetto (Pt. 1) we didn’t hesitate to share it with the nation. While... Read More


Joell Ortiz & Novel - Like I Know [Stream]

Barack and Michelle, Jordan and Pippen, Snoop Dogg and marijuana, all duos that not only made each other better but changed their respective games. To that list we can now safely add Brooklyn heavyweight Joell Ortiz and the... Read More


Novel - Caffeine and Cigarettes [Stream]

So I’ve got some good news and bad news. First the bad: it looks like Booth favorite Novel’s upcoming Audiobiography’s not going to see the light of day after some difficulties with Capitol Records (we’ll have to... Read More


Novel & Joell Ortiz ft. Cri$tyle (aka The Ink) - Stressful [Stream]

Believe me, I want the cash, the cars and the clothes, but all the shine in the world don’t mean anything when life’s so Stressful, and I’m not the only who wants more than mere success. The Booth’s favorite... Read More


Novel Shouts-Out DJBooth in Latest Installment of “Internet Novelties” [Video] [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- In the fifth installment of his "Internet Novelties" video series, reader-acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer/emcee Novel gives a personal shout-out before stepping into the studio to lay down... Read More


Joell Ortiz ft. Novel - Call Me [Stream]

After Joell Ortiz’s team at Aftermath failed to secure a victory for his very dope debut album The Brick: Bodega Chronicles, the Brooklyn born lyrical bomber decided to strike out on his own and test the free agent waters.... Read More


Novel ft. Paranoid - Momma Said [Stream]

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled programming to bring you some breaking news: pigs are flying, temperatures in hell have reached a record low and Novel has recorded a track in which he sings the line, “B*tches... Read More


Novel ft. Chrisette Michele - Wonderful [Stream]

If there’s one thing even more transcendent and ineffable than romantic love, it’s the love of a parent towards his or her child – at least, that’s what I’ve been told; at this point, I’m in... Read More


Novel - Grand Finale [Stream]

Though Novel‘s road to musical success hasn’t been an easy or straightforward one, the many obstacles he’s faced in his life and career have only made him stronger, and his story more compelling. ... Read More Invades Novel Studio Session, Interviews Booth Favorite [Video] [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- During his late-July trip to L.A., DJ Z stopped by Paramount Recording Studios for the tail end of Booth favorite Novel's latest recording session. Following the completion of two brand new (and top... Read More


Novel - Suspended Animation [Album]

With all the flashing lights and constant TMZ surveillance it’s become hard to see what really matters. With all the numbing rap rich quick schemes and mindless swaggering it’s become hard to feel what really matters.... Read Full Review


Novel Creates “Suspended Animation” on Mixtape Release [Download] [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- Reader-acclaimed singer/songwriter/emcee producer Novel is back in the Booth with his latest street album, Suspended Animation. Including six Booth-approved features (click song titles in tracklist to listen!)... Read More


Novel - Put It On [Stream]

Industry politics may have left Novel feeling like he’s stuck in Suspended Animation, but his recent output has shown no sign of creative stagnation—if Put It On, the second leak off his forthcoming mixtape, is any... Read More


Novel ft. Ced Hughes - Suspended Animation [Stream]

At the risk of sounding really, really pretentious, I’m going to kick this one off with a reference to the most acclaimed book nobody’s read: James Joyce’s Ulysses (I made it 150 pages before my brain gave... Read More


Novel -  F*ck With My Mind [Stream]

Unfortunately for Novel‘s many fans in the Booth (myself included), the label troubles alluded to in previous features have led to a split with Capitol, and his debut album has been pushed back yet again; currently, its... Read More


Novel - Sky Might Fall (Soul Version) [Stream]

In installment number four of his “Internet Novelties” series (featured earlier this week), reader-acclaimed singer/songwriter/emcee/producer Novel shouted out the Booth and proceeded to give viewers an inside look at his... Read More