New Numonics Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


FTLiENS (bleubird x Numonics) - Shark.WAV [Stream]

South Florida residents Bleubird and Numonics have joined forces to form FTLiENS. The first single off their newly-released, self-titled EP is Shark.WAV, whose corresponding visuals are directed by Digital Cypher.... Read More


Numonics - Wake Up in the Morning [Stream]

Last year, South Florida beatsmith and longtime DJBooth fave Numonics invited fans with cinematic aspirations to submit their visual interpretation of a cut off his (Instru)Mentalist LP, for a chance at winning a prize pack... Read More


Numonics x The Infinite - Show Me Dubz [Stream]

Together with fellow producer The Infinite, South Floridian beatsmith and DJBooth fave Numonics has just opened a new independent label, 95 South Hustlers, for business. To celebrate its launch, they’ve have linked up... Read More


Koncept ft. J57 - Wings [Stream]

You’re walking down the street and you spot a bag of good weed lying in the middle of the sidewalk. What do you do? If you answered without hesitation, “Pick it up, pick it up!”, then Koncept‘s latest feature... Read More


Numonics - Bury Me in the Atlantic [Album]

South Floridian producer Numonics has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest instrumental tape, Bury Me in the Atlantic. Coming on the heels of his and SIN's 7 Deadly EP, the set finds the... Read More


Numonics x bleubird - Night Moves [Stream]

Thus far in 2014, Numonics has been spending his days crafting instrumentals for his next Booth-hosted mixtape, Bury Me in the Atlantic. And in the evenings? To paraphrase Bob Seger, the reader-acclaimed beatsmith’s... Read More


Koncept x Numonics - Not for Nothing [Stream]

Oftentimes, when rappers get personal in their bars, they ease up on the verbal pyrotechnics and adopt a simpler style to make sure they’re understood. Not Koncept; new single Not for Nothing, part of the Brown Bag... Read More


Koncept x Numonics - My Peace [Stream & Download]

When you think of great hip-hop couples, who comes to mind? Beyoncé and Jay Z (duh), Alicia and Swizz, but what about Numonics and Koncept? OK, so they aren’t dating, but Numonics’s production chops and Koncept’s... Read More


SIN x Numonics - 7 Deadly EP [Album]

Emcee SIN and beatsmith Numonics have come together with The DJBooth and Last Rights to bring listeners their collaborative debut project, the 7 Deadly EP. The aptly-titled set packs seven original jams from the duo,... Read More


Planet Asia x Ras Kass - Kings [Stream]

Hockey and hip-hop aren’t topics typically mentioned in the same sentence, but Fresno vet Planet Asia and Watts native Ras Kass were just as excited as anyone to watch the Los Angeles Kings skate their way to victory in... Read More


Numonics x SIN - Eye For An Eye [Stream]

When your stage name is SIN, it’s only fitting that your material should entail candid discussions of, well, the act of sinning. And how ‘bout it, the young emcee and producer Numonics of South Florida fame are... Read More


Lyriciss - Vent [Stream & Download]

It’s been a hot minute since Lyriciss made his last appearance in The DJBooth; My Life hit our front page back in July of 2012. Nine months is time enough for an emcee on the grind to accumulate a healthy head of steam.... Read More


Numonics - My Other Love [Stream]

Back in January, in conjunction with the release of the official visuals for What the Lick Read, South Florida producer Numonics challenged current and aspiring filmmakers within his fanbase to create a cinematic... Read More


Saheed & Numonics - Not for Nothing [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee Saheed and buzzmaking producer Numonics have come together with The DJBooth and 8&9 Clothing Co. to bring listeners their new, collaborative street release, Not for Nothing. The project features 13... Read More


Numonics - What The Lick Read [Stream]

Though Numonics‘s new, Booth-hosted street album is purely instrumental, each of the 17 original beats on the project packs enough atmosphere and personality to be a riveting listen in its own right. In fact, any one of... Read More


Saheed ft. Wais P - Movement [Stream & Download]

I’m back to the DJBooth after my winter hiatus, and I couldn’t be happier than to kick off 2013 with Movement, a record emcee Saheed laces with his trademark gritty style. The Florida-residing artist sounds very... Read More


Numonics - The (Instru)Mentalist [Album]

South Floridian beatsmith Numonics, whose has produced records for Freddie Gibbs, J NICS, and Ras Kass among others, has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his debut solo album, The (Instru)mentalist. Executive... Read More


Saheed - Gaza Trip [Stream & Download]

When I learned that Saheed intended to address both the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Windy City’s violent crime epidemic on his latest single, my reaction was, “Damn.” After listening to the record and... Read More


Freeway - We Up (Re-Produced by Numonics) [Stream & Download]

At the bottom of the month, The DJBooth will be unleashing the third installment of our exclusive Re-Produced series, based around Philly rhymesayer Freeway‘s Freedom of Speech single, We Up. Today, we are proud to... Read More


Re-Produced Profile: Numonics [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

On October 31, The DJBooth will release the latest installment of Re-Produced, an exclusive EP series in which three hand-picked producers put their own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. Number three in the series... Read More


REKS ft. Sene, Koncept & Venessa Renee - La Luna [Stream]

For all of you who don’t hablo espanol, La Luna is Spanish for….the luna. My Chris Farley tribute aside, Boston’s own REKS is right back on his grind with a brand new video whose title actually translates as... Read More


REKS ft. Jon Connor & Venessa Renee - Shotgun [Stream]

When REKS calls himself Rebelutionary, he’s not messing around. As evidenced by the lead single off his next full-length, the Boston representative’s so dissatisfied with the way things are going that he’s... Read More


Co$$ - Chief [Stream & Download]

Need a little something to soundtrack your 4/20 smoking session? Co$$ and Numonics have got your covered. On Chief, the latest single off the emcee/producer duo’s forthcoming collaborative LP, Numonics’... Read More


Knowledge Medina & Numonics - All I Know [Video]

South Florida compatriots, emcee Knowledge Medina and producer Numonics, continue to deliver fearlessly honest hip-hop with the release of their brand new video, All I Know. Off Knowledge Medina and Numonics’... Read More


Knowledge Medina - Never Enough [Stream & Download]

There’s nothing like a brush with death to clue you into how small and insignificant you, and your actions, are in the grand scheme of things. Just ask Numonics, who came up with the chords to EP title track Never... Read More


J NICS - Last Time (Numonics Remix) [Stream & Download]

A standout track off J NiCS‘s 2011 Champion Rizla street album, Last Time could hardly be said to be broke, but why leave well enough alone when the alternative is a dope remix? To coincide with a new interview with... Read More


Knowledge Medina ft. Co$$ - Can You Let Me Be [Stream & Download]

Having garnered, respectively, 4.4 and 4.0-star average ratings for Dead or Alive and You Don’t Really Care, Knowledge Medina only needs one more reader-acclaimed record to achieve a hat trick in the Booth. Can he pull... Read More


Knowledge Medina - You Don’t Really Care [Stream & Download]

Shoddy romantic behavior seems like a running theme in today’s Booth lineup. Parable vs. Mac Soto‘s Soul (also featured on our homepage) found the NYC rhymesayer and Southern singer/songwriter/producer copping to... Read More


Knowledge Medina ft. Reks - Dead Or Alive [Stream & Download]

The tunes being spun at radio are a far cry from the ‘80s and ‘90s but, with the sheer number of prominent artists who continue to embody the spirit of the old-school, it’s a wonder how heads can still fall... Read More


Numonics - Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills [Album]

South Florida producer Numonics has joined forces with IM KING, RubyHornet and to bring listeners his latest mixtape, Being Cool Doesn’t Pay the Bills. Produced entirely by Numonics and blended by... Read More