New Odd Future (OFWGKTA) Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


From Odd Future to “Otis,” Finding Beauty in the End of Rap Friendships [Feature ]

Trying to define friendship is actually trickier than one might believe. The deepest connections and experiences within a friendship often stand at the border of indescribable, as what we remember most about our closest... Read More


Fanatic or Follower: What It Means to Be a Music Fan in 2017 [Feature ]

Comfort. It's the feeling music brings when nothing else will ease the stirring soul. Music will hug when no arms are in reach, a friend who's always there when solace and serenity are needed. Life is full of... Read More


What if Jay Z Had Actually Signed Odd Future Back in 2011? [Feature ]

“I ate one roach and I made a lotta money.” It's the kind of boast you expect from a Fear Factor contestant or an eccentric Vine celebratory, not a rapper. Tyler The Creator used that line on his... Read More


How Odd Future’s Break Up is Birthing Solo Success [Feature ]

Odd Future, a large group that appeared as a weird collective of misfits that didn’t fit the conventional idea of a rap group. They were more punks who knew a thing or two about rejection. They cursed their fathers for... Read More


Odd Future is “No More,” According to Tyler, The Creator [Story Updated] [Feature ]

It was all good just a week five years ago... Last night, Tyler, The Creator took to Twitter to essentially confirm what everyone's been assuming - that Odd Future is no more. although its no more, those 7... Read More


The Dysfunctional Brotherhood of Tyler & Earl [Feature ]

When you announced your engagement, I wondered what happened to the kid that I used to watch chase girls around the monkey bars in elementary school. When you devoted your free time to The Nation of Islam, I wondered what... Read More


Odd Present: OFWGKTA is All Grown Up & Rewriting Music’s Rules [Feature ]

I turned the television to Jimmy Fallon, influenced by a Twitter timeline full of excitement for this group that was about to hit the stage. How “odd” could a group that called themselves Odd Future be?... Read More


Odd Future - The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 [Album]

You may know them as Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All a.k.a. OFWKTA a.k.a. Odd Future a.k.a. OF. Whatever they are, they confuse me. When I listen to OFWKTA I can’t tell whether I should laugh, cry, rob a bank, get into a... Read Full Review


Odd Future (OFWGKTA) - Rella [Stream]

By now, heads across the blogosphere are struggling in vain to summarize the video for Rella, the long-awaited lead single off Odd Future‘s second group mixtape. So I’m not even gonna try—though I will say that... Read More


The Internet - Fastlane [Video]

Odd Future offshoot The Internet, comprised of OFWGKTA producer Syd the Kid and Matt Martian, unleash their new video Fastlane on the world. Inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, Natural Born Killers and other rebels without a cause... Read More


Odd Future Invades D.C. (Exclusive Concert Pics) [Feature ]

(Hodgy Beats, in one of few moments he was actually performing on the stage. He spent most of the set performing while surfing the crowd.) One of my favorite photographers, introduced to me by one of my photography... Read More