New Omar Aura Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Omar Aura - Automatic [Stream & Download]

For most rappers putting together a dope track takes blood, sweat and tears, but for Omar Aura, that sh*t is just Automatic. For his new street single the Fresno representer and frequent Fashawn collaborator channels his... Read More


Fashawn ft. Omar Aura - One More Try [Stream & Download]

It’s been a few months now since we first heard about Fashawn’s upcoming Champagne and Styrofoam Cups album, but you know what they say; you can’t rush perfection, or dope odes to your hometown. New release One More Try... Read More


Omar Aura ft. Grynch - You Could Do It [Stream]

It’s sad but true: most people in life will doubt you until you finally succeed—at which point they’ll tell you that they just knew you had it in you all along. On You Could Do It a freshly-leaked bonus cut... Read More


Omar Aura ft. Fashawn - 1,000 Palm Trees [Stream & Download]

Booth newcomer Omar Aura‘s home streets may come with the same crime and drama that are a fact of life in any inner-city area, but when the sun’s shining, there’s a cool breeze and the pretty girls are out... Read More