New Omen Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Watch Dreamville’s Omen Spit an Exclusive “Don’t Let Go Freestyle” at Audiomack Studios SXSW [Feature ]

Earlier this month, while our brand new studio was being constructed at our NY offices, we decided to take our booth on the road, renting out 512 Studios in Austin, Texas for several... Read More


Revenge of J. Cole’s Dreamers: The Blessing & Curse of Being a Dreamville Artist [Feature ]

Have you ever walked in the shadow of a giant? Kanye posed that question as the opening line on the final verse of “Big Brother,” reflecting on his early days as an artist on Roc-A-Fella signed to... Read More


Dreamville’s Omen is Finally Ready to Shine [Feature ]

Fate is a strange thing. Life's twists and turns often make us question our path, question if there's any path being laid out for us at all.  For Dreamville signee Omen, that path is finally... Read More


Omen - Elephant Eyes [Album]

Emcee and producer Omen has dropped off his long awaited debut on J. Cole's Dreamville label, entitled Elephant Eyes. Totaling 11 tracks, the album includes Booth-approved standout "Things Change." Omen handles a bulk of the... Read More


Omen - Things Change ft. J.Cole [Stream]

Dreamville emcee and producer Omen has finally released his formal debut, Elephant Eyes, an album that was more than three years in the making. The standout selection off the project is Things Change, which features none... Read More


Omen - Undercover [Stream]

J. Cole is almost always in the spotlight when he takes part in the creation of a record, but here we find him working Undercover and behind the scenes, mostly due to a supremely thorough effort from the song’s visionary,... Read More


Omen - Medusa [Stream]

Women are evil. Heed my warning, women are evil creatures that will torment you, play games on you, and cause you anxiety to the point where you’re looking like Smokey from Friday in the chicken coop after he tries angel... Read More


Omen ft. Voli & Elite - Brooklyn Lager [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Omen, it was November 2011 and the rapper/producer had joined forces with rap heavyweight J. Cole to share some parental wisdom on promo single Mama Told Me. Just over a year later, on a standout off his... Read More


Omen ft. J. Cole - Mama Told Me [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his latest mixtape, Omen returns to our pages with a standout cut off the project. Mama Told Me finds the DreamVille affiliate crafting a pensive piano instrumental to back him as he expresses his... Read More


Omen - Liberation [Stream & Download]

To quote Nelson Mandela, “As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Liberation, the inaugural leak off Omen‘s forthcoming street album, finds the DreamVille... Read More


Omen - Ride For Life [Stream & Download]

Omen may not want your Pity (as he made clear on his recent collab with J. Cole), but your respect and support? He’ll take it. On this newly-released album outtake, the Midwestern buzzmaker poses a question to all those... Read More


Omen - Outta Space [Stream & Download]

Fresh off hooking up with J. Cole on “FreEP” leak Pity, Omen is back with a moody jam that didn’t make the cut for his forthcoming street album. On Outta Space, the Midwestern buzzmaker does double-duty on... Read More


J. Cole ft. Omen & Voli - Pity [Stream]

For being in a position that countless others can merely dream of, heavyweight recording artists are surprisingly apt to feel sorry for themselves, using their position of power as a soapbox from which to vent about their... Read More


Omen - Money Now [Stream & Download]

I can always count on Chi-town artists to get back to basics with this hip hop ish. Real talk. Just for the sake of slapping the blogs with a sweatshirt and dirty sock jam, Omen hits us with Money Now, a track that has an... Read More


QuESt ft. Omen - The Sight [Stream & Download]

As Nathan S. has made abundantly clear in his “Your Favorite Rapper Is Poor” series on RefinedHype, the luxurious, high-rolling image often upheld by hip-hop artists is largely a simulacrum—an idealized copy of... Read More


Omen - Colorful Noose [Stream & Download]

As someone who can – and, to keep it one-hundred, occasionally do – show up at the office (aka, my living room) in my underwear, I find it an enjoyable change of pace to dress up in a suit and tie on special occasions.... Read More


Omen - Prayer [Stream & Download]

DreamVille emcee and rapper Omen, not to be confused with the other producer Omen, or ‘70s classic horror movie The Omen, is back on our pages after a strong debut in the form of Forever, this time offering up a little... Read More


Omen - Forever [Stream & Download]

Can a producer truly successfully step from behind the boards to in front of the mic? History is mixed. For every beatsmith to earn acclaim for their rhyme skills (Kanye) there’s another whose lyricism has been, um, let’s... Read More