New OnCue Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


OnCue - Set It Off [Stream]

For the first time since unleashing the Angry Young Man LP back in September, OnCue is back on our front page with some brand new, previously-unreleased music. Freshly-minted promo cut Set It Off sees the Connecticut... Read More


OnCue - No Way [Stream]

Thought we’d close the book on January without treating y’all to something new from OnCue?No motherf**king Way! Today, the Connecticut-repping reader fave lights the fuse on his 2015 with a freshly-selected single... Read More


Jez Dior ft. OnCue - Parachutes [Stream]

Like many people afflicted with heavy emotional baggage, Jez Dior wears a different face when he’s by himself than he does in the company of others. As the Los Angeles native vividly puts it on his latest promo single:... Read More


OnCue - Angry Young Man [Stream]

There’s a magical attraction to artists that share their hidden scars, a voice brave enough to look into the camera with their demons break dancing in the background is a rarity in the age of foolish fronting. We think... Read More


OnCue - This Is Not a Song [Stream]

One month hardly seems like enough time to digest a project as expansive and lovingly crafted as OnCue‘s Just Blaze-Executive Produced freshman set, Angry Young Man, but maybe you’re one of those listeners who... Read More


OnCue - Way Too Far [Stream]

Update: The Adam Ross-directed visuals for OnCue’s Way Too Far single has been added. Don’t get me wrong; I am all for free music, but I also believe that if an artist inspires you, you should reward their hard work... Read More


This Week in Hype: Rethinking My Chris Brown Boycott, Angry Young OnCue & More [Feature ]

Welcome to another edition of "This Week in Hype". If you've never listened before, your life will never be the same again. And I mean that literally, because now you'll have listened to this ridiculous podcast in the... Read More


OnCue - Angry Young Man [Album]

OnCue is mad as hell, and he's not gonna take it anymore! Which is a damn good thing for hip-hop heads, because all that pent-up frustration has inspired the Connecticut rhymesayer to create new digital full-length Angry... Read More


OnCue - So Much Love [Stream]

OnCue may be an Angry Young Man, but he’s got nothing but love for his fans. So Much Love, in fact, that he’s giving it away for free on his latest single. Hip-hop veteran Just Blaze and Glasgow, Scotland’s... Read More


OnCue x Just Blaze - This View From Here [Stream]

It may be lonely at the top but, on the bright side, there’s a hell of a view. On This View From Here, the latest single off his long-awaited Angry Young Man LP, OnCue drinks in the panorama that stretches before his... Read More


OnCue - AYM Coming Soon [Stream & Download]

Though OnCue‘s next album is still languishing on the shelf hard drive, the Connecticut representative has been hustling nonstop to keep his hungry fanbase satisfied in the meantime; this month has seen him drop off... Read More


Sonny Shotz ft. OnCue - Lisa [Stream]

Next week, Boston spitter Sonny Shotz is set to liberate the follow-up to Danel Exodus, his March solo debut. (Yes, the man works fast.) Whereas the aforementioned set was gritty and jam-packed with heavy spiritual themes,... Read More


OnCue - That Feeling [Stream & Download]

If you’re looking for OnCue at 10AM, your best bet is to start at the local bars. You’ll most likely find him sipping on a Gin and Tonic, plotting his next move. Using a few of Hip-Hop’s classics (The... Read More


OnCue - Closer [Stream & Download]

After going Way Too Far last October, Connecticut’s OnCue shortens the gap on his latest promo record, Closer. (We wouldn’t doubt that part of the inspiration behind the song’s title comes from how much... Read More


OnCue - Cereal [Stream]

When OnCue was a young’n, his family’s financial circumstances meant that Cereal was often breakfast and dinner. These days, the Connecticut repper is eating prosciutto and sippin’ on Nuvo in the company of... Read More


OnCue ft. Ro Ransom - Never Do Better [Stream]

Considering his KickDrums-assisted single, Machines, was extremely well-received by our staff and readers, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that OnCue would Never Do Better. Today, however, the Booth favorite once again... Read More


The KickDrums x OnCue - Machines [Stream]

Last heard trading bars with Lone Star State buzzmaker M.i. on early-May promo single Write It Down, Brooklyn-by-way-of-Hartford rhymesayer OnCue returns to our pages with unreleased joint Machines. This record shares its... Read More


M.I ft. OnCue - Write It Down [Stream & Download]

While some emcees are only in it for themselves, M.I has a more altruistic reason for entering into the high-risk, high-reward business of hip-hop: he wants to put on for his crew and supporters. In order to do that, however,... Read More


OnCue ft. Skizzy Mars - Live Forever [Stream & Download]

Three months after enjoying Booth-acclaimed single Cereal, OnCue devotees are doubtless getting hungry for more fresh material from the Connecticut representative. Not wanting to leave his fans hanging, the emcee has... Read More


OnCue x Chris Webby - Home [Stream]

The tragic events of December 14, shook the entire nation—and much of the world—to its core, but none have felt the tragedy more deeply than those who call Connecticut Home. Two up-and-coming rhymesayers hailing from the... Read More


Captain Midnite ft. Kyle Lucas & OnCue - Ashes Rising [Stream & Download]

Said to burn itself alive every 500 to 1,000 years before beginning life anew, the phoenix represents the possibility of rebirth in the face of tragedy. In real life, however, mythical birds are hard to come by, and... Read More


OnCue - New Religion [Stream & Download]

If Kanye’s No Church in the Wild had a little brother, it’d sound a whole lot like OnCue‘s latest. Rising to be slated as one of Brooklyn’s finest, the emcee keeps it funky like the “sweat from ya upper... Read More


OnCue - Rich Kid [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Now” above to view OnCue’s Adam Ross-directed “Rich Kid” video. Some Rich Kids got gifted BMVs on their 16th birthday, but I had to work at the local sub shop for two... Read More


OnCue - Feel Tall (Soundmen Remix) [Stream & Download]

Originally featured back in June of 2011, OnCue‘s Feel Tall, was so dope it had Booth readers and staff alike forecasting big things for the B.K.-by-way-of-Connecticut emcee (and freestyle alum). Though the CJ... Read More


OnCue ft. Mike Posner - Kinda Late [Stream & Download]

We haven’t heard much from Mike Posner on the solo tip since the release of his 31 Minutes to Takeoff album (way back in the summer of ’10) but the man’s maintained a presence on our pages by way off the almighty... Read More


OnCue - Better Than Before [Stream & Download]

Imagine if every movie out at theaters was an action movie? Everywhere you turned you’d see Bruce Willis or Jason Statham plastered on the next big blockbuster. Yet while all these big-ticket movies were being watched with... Read More


OnCue - Better Than Before [Video]

Fast riser OnCue gets darkly cinematic on his latest video Better Than Before. Off his upcoming album Can’t Wait, coming out on November 16. Directed by Adam Ross. Produced by CJ Luzi. Read More


OnCue - All the Way [Stream & Download]

As Mobb Deep so astutely pointed out, “There’s no such thing as halfway crooks,” and the same holds true for aspiring rappers. If you’re truly dedicated to succeeding in an industry where the odds are so dramatically... Read More


OnCue - Don’t Fall For That [Stream & Download]

As we patiently wait for his forthcoming mixtape to drop, Oncue has kindly dropped off new single Don’t Fall For That to give us an appetizer to the full course meal.  Produced by Justin W, the song’s beat... Read More


OnCue - Feet Tall [Video]

Feel Tall was the first leak from OnCue‘s upcoming mixtape Can’t Wait, scheduled to be released in early September. The accompanying Feel Tall video is a creative look at OnCue’s playful personality and was... Read More


OnCue - Feel Tall [Stream & Download]

“Artist (fill in the blank) doesn’t sound like anyone else” has become such a common phrase that it’s ironically become cliché, but I just don’t know what else to say; OnCue is really developing his own sound. Not... Read More


OnCue x Sonny Shotz - Anything Real [Stream & Download]

Plenty of emcees lament the lack of Anything Real in the rap game, but few actually walk the walk when it comes to keeping it one-hundred at all times. A member of this rare breed, Connecticut native (and freestyle series... Read More


OnCue - It Usually Goes [Stream & Download]

Hey, do you remember that notoriously dope Leftovers mixtape we dropped last November with OnCue? Well, he’s back again with another single on par with his previous presentation. With It Usually Goes, the indie... Read More


OnCue - Leftovers [Album]

Back in September, OnCue released genre-bending mixtape Cuey Sings the Blues to great response from critics, tastemakers and fans alike. Three months later, the Connecticut native (and freestyle series alum) has hooked up... Read More


OnCue ft. Sonny Shotz & Kyle Lucas - Picky Nikki [Stream & Download]

Since OnCue‘s debut in back in June, we’ve heard the Ct. native vent about the fickleness of Friends and the merciless nature of the game, but somehow the topic of girl troubles never came up. As it turns out, the... Read More


OnCue to Serve Up “Leftovers” on Booth-Sponsored Mixtape [Video Preview] [Feature ]

Newington, Ct. -- OnCue, the Northeastern up-and-comer who dropped acclaimed mixtape Cuey Sings the Blues back in September, has joined forces with and Academy Printwear to bring fans Leftovers, a Booth-sponsored... Read More


OnCue - Story of a Lifetime [Stream & Download]

I don’t know about you guys, but I often find that a sandwich pieced together from cold Thanksgiving leftovers is just as delicious as the holiday dinner itself. The same principle doesn’t usually hold true for... Read More


OnCue - Your Own Supply [Stream & Download]

As anyone who’s seen Scarface knows, getting high On Your Own Supply can have fatal consequences – especially when “your own supply” consists of a huge pile of cocaine. While I can’t say for certain that... Read More


OnCue ft. Nickelus F & Theo Martins - Let Loose [Stream & Download]

OnCue‘s last non-freestyle feature found the Brooklyn-based up-and-comer suffering from a little stress as he struggled to figure out who his real Friends were. Well, turns out he simply needed to Let Loose and blow off... Read More


OnCue - If I Could Feel [Stream & Download]

The 189th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of OnCue, the Connecticut native who earned reader approval for mixtape cuts Friends and Crashing Down. On his brand new, exclusive If I Could Feel freestyle,... Read More


OnCue Spits “If I Could Feel” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- OnCue, the Connecticut native who earned reader approval for mixtape cuts "Friends" and "Crashing Down," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 189th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


OnCue - Friends [Stream]

Is there anything worse than watching your so-called Friends act like they don’t know you, just when you need them the most? Well, OK, it’s probably not as bad as waterboarding or Shaq-Fu, but it’s certainly... Read More


OnCue - Crashing Down [Stream]

Previously heard celebrating his childhood alongside fellow Connecticut representative Chris Webby, OnCue once again reaches to the ‘90s for inspiration on his first solo feature, mixtape leak Crashing Down. Here,... Read More


Chris Webby ft. Oncue - Go Back [Stream]

In the hip-hop world, rags-to-riches stories sell, and it’s relatively rare that a rapper will admit to a happy, comfortable childhood. Booth newcomer Chris Webby, however, is hardly your typical rapper. As the... Read More