New Outasight Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Outasight - The Wild Life [Stream]

Retro disco funk seems to be all the rage these days, a la Uptown Funk, and it sounds like Outasight might have a hit on his hands with his latest Cook Classics-produced single, The Wild Life. The record will be included in... Read More


Outasight - Invitation [Stream]

I’ll give y’all the bad news first: originally slated to drop digitally on Tuesday, October 28, Outasight‘s next studio album has been pushed all the way back to—brace yourselves—March of next year. Now... Read More


Outasight - Automatic [Stream]

Outasight‘s been making creative, genre-bending music for so long that he does it almost Automatically. Which isn’t to say it’s become routine; the NYC-repping Booth fave manages to bring something fresh and... Read More


Outasight - The Come Up [Stream]

Longtime Booth fave Outasight may no longer be with Warner Bros., but he regards that less as a setback than a momentary detour on his way to the top. On new single The Come Up (not to be confused with G-Unit‘s recent,... Read More


Outasight - Anchor Down [Stream]

Outasight has been, well, out of sight for a minute now. Not counting a couple guest appearances, his last feature was September 2013’s Tapedeck Blues. Which isn’t to say he’s been slacking off in the... Read More


P.SO The Earth Tone King ft. Outasight - Kill My High [Stream]

Less than an hour ago, we heard unsigned R&B singer Jeremy Thurber brush off a shawty trying to ruin his good time on lead EP single Buzzkill. P.SO‘s sound and style are worlds apart from Thurber’s but... Read More


Radical Something x Outasight x Kinetics - Ghost Town [Stream]

If you happen to be in New York City on Thursday evening, you should be sure to catch the show at The Gramercy Theatre, which will feature performances from Radical Something, Outasight and Kinetics (of Kinetics & One... Read More


Outasight - Tapedeck Blues [Stream]

Last month, Booth fave Outasight unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Stay Gold EP. In addition to the previously-featured Hell Yea, the project came complete with Tapedeck Blues, a wistful reflection on... Read More


Outasight - Stay Gold EP [Album]

Longtime Booth fave, Freestyle Series alum and "Tonight is the Night" author Outasight has released a new project, the Stay Gold EP. Included on the five-track set, available for free download and stream, is reader-approved... Read More


Outasight - Hell Yea [Stream]

Got room for one more on your “summer jam” playlist? If your answer to that question is a hearty “Hell Yea!”, then Outasight‘s latest effort should be right up your alley. On this newly-released EP single, the... Read More


Outasight - Change the World [Stream]

As an internationally renowned recording artist, Outasight is better-positioned to Change the World than most. But he can’t do it alone; he needs all of his fans behind him. On this freshly-released promo single,... Read More


Outasight - I’ll Drink to That [Stream]

In two weeks, when his major-label debut album is finally sitting on store shelves, you’d better believe Outasight is going to be celebrating—and if the LP’s cover art is an accurate indication of the Big Apple... Read More


Outasight - Nights Like These [Album]

NYC recording artist and longtime DJBooth favorite Outasight has released his first album as a major-label signee via Warner Bros. Nights Like These comes complete with chart-topping hits "Tonight Is the Night" and "Now or... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King ft. Outasight - Back Again [Stream]

Just ten short days after meeting his Earth Tone Queen on single Find Out, P.SO has already split with his dream woman. If you think he’s just gonna stand idly by as true love slips through hjhis fingers, however,... Read More


Outasight ft. Chiddy Bang - Shine [Stream]

Anyone who’s been a regular reader of the DJBooth knows that Outasight‘s busted his ass to get the Shine he so richly deserves. For those who haven’t followed his career over the course of four-plus years,... Read More


Outasight - Now Or Never [Stream]

UPDATE: Click “Watch Video” for the brand new visuals to Now or Never. I’d start off this feature post by pointing out that every moment of our lives, from getting married to brushing our teeth, from the... Read More


Outasight - Let’s Go [Stream]

Ready, Booth readers? Well, Let’s Go! Where to? Wherever! On Outasight‘s latest promo single, released fresh out the box for the the simple reason that he couldn’t wait to unleash it, destination is a... Read More


Outasight - Tonight is the Night [Video]

Fresh off having the song featured on the Pepsi’s Music Icons commercial, eclectic crooner Outasight follows that success with the visuals to his hit single Tonight is the Night. Enjoy, hope this made your night just a... Read More


Talib Kweli ft. Big K.R.I.T., Outasight & Mela Machinko - Beautiful [Stream]

When Booth-acclaimed artists join forces to record a dope record, that’s a Beautiful thing. And when the record in question is created to support an important cause? That’s f*cking gorgeous. A new promo single... Read More


Outasight - Tonight Is the Night [Stream]

Few artists are as attuned to the rhythms of everyday life as Outasight; whether you’re scrambling to pack as much productive activity as possible into 24 hours, or taking a moment to blow off steam, the Booth fave has... Read More


Outasight - Loosen Up [Stream & Download]

Whether it’s work, school or a relationship that’s fraying your nerves, I’m guessing that we all have some reason to Loosen Up and de-stress on this fine Friday. On his latest promo cut, Big Apple-repping... Read More


Outasight - Setting Sun [Stream & Download]

We’ve all wished, at one point or another, that there were more hours in a day. For those who, like up-and-coming musicians (or yours truly, for that matter) are personally responsible for staying on their grind, that... Read More


Outasight - Figure 8 (DiscoTech Remix) [Stream & Download]

Yesterday was the first official day of summer and this energetic Outasight remix couldn’t be more fitting. The homies Gigamesh, Danny Daze and Joe Maz (collectively known as DiscoTech) laid down a vivacious foundation... Read More


Outasight - Life Or Something Like It [Stream & Download]

“I hope you’re getting yours because I’m getting mine.” You can’t beat the sound that Outasight is putting out right now (I know I wasn’t the only one downloading his latest project Tuesday afternoon), and it just... Read More


Vonnegutt ft. Will Pugh (of Cartel) & Outasight - Find Your Love [Stream & Download]

Ah, the age old freestyle remix, when an artist essentially declares to the world “I can’t afford to buy original production and can’t come up with original ideas, so I’ll just go in over whatever’s hot right... Read More


Emilio Sparks ft. Outasight - One Step at a Time [Stream & Download]

Previously heard on “Hello” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” NYC radio personality Emilio Sparks makes his return to our pages with One Step at a Time, thenew single off his forthcoming compilation... Read More


Outasight - Figure 8 [Stream]

Like a Mobius strip, Space Invaders, or the wait for Detox (I kid - I hope), the grind of a recording artist is never finished: as soon as you reach the plateau you’ve striven towards for so long, a new peak, and a new... Read More


Black EL ft. Outasight - GO! (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Black EL and producer Durkin have teamed up with Outasight for the second of three remixed tracks from their previously-released collaborative album, Color Commentary.  Go! follows the El Prez and 6th Sense-assisted... Read More


Outasight - It’s Like That [Stream & Download]

Every so often an artist comes along that seems like they came straight from another era. Prime example, Outasight, a young emcee/singer whose updated retro soul sound (if you can call it that) has been catching ears at the... Read More


Outasight - Losing My Mind [Stream & Download]

If any of you have channel surfed through the weather channel as of late (or you’re experiencing it first hand), you know that the south just got bombarded with snow these past few days. Many of you will say, “Yo Sig,... Read More


Outasight - Never Say Never [Album]

Labels mean less now than ever before. No, I don’t mean those labels, although yes, the bloated behemoths that were once the kings of the jungle are now wandering the music industry landscape starved and close to... Read Full Review


Outasight Tells Fans “Never Say Never” on New Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Longtime Booth favorite (and exclusive freestyle series alum) Outasight has rejoined forces with Lifted Research Group to drop his latest street album, Never Say Never. The project features 14 fresh tracks... Read More


Outasight - Dear Heartache… [Stream]

Leave it to Big Apple phenom (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) Outasight to release a track called Dear Heartache… that’ll have listeners grinning and nodding along by the first chorus. The latest leak... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Outasight - Looking Back [Stream]

First impressions are important, but they can also be very deceiving – and that goes double when the individual being sized up is as versatile as Chris Faust. In stark contrast to the Brooklyn hopeful’s Booth debut,... Read More


Outasight ft. Naledge - Turn It Up [Stream]

If you enjoy the predictable, you hate Outasight. You never know what you’re going to get from the eclectic NY singer/rapper/DJBooth freestyler. One minute he’s knocking back shots on Dizzy, the next he’s recruiting... Read More


Outasight ft. Freddie Gibbs - Near the End [Stream]

Retro-folk-rock-rap pioneer Outasight and the relentlessly gangster Freddie Gibbs may at first seem like an odd pairing, but if Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant can become Champions, it shouldn’t be that surprising that the NYC... Read More


Outasight - Dizzy [Stream]

What happens when life spins you around in circles? That’s right, you get dizzy. But what happens when life spins Richard Andrew around in circles? He names himself Outasight (which even he admits was a questionable... Read More


FreeSol ft. Outasight, Kyle Lucas, & 8Ball - Before You Slip [Stream]

Judging by the rave reviews received by recent features from Miami ensemble ArtOfficial, Booth readers have been nursing a serious craving for rock-infused, live-band hip-hop. Well, Memphis’ FreeSol are here to deliver... Read More


Outasight ft. Asher Roth - Catch Me if You Can (Remix) [Stream]

Like another Booth feature today, Jared Evan’s Frozen (Remix), Outasight’s retro-influenced and possibly Leonardo DiCaprio inspired jam Catch Me If You Can first dropped way back in November, and is now getting the remix... Read More


Outasight - Stranger Than Fiction [Stream]

Life sometimes hands us circumstances that demand we sit down, take a breath, and think “what the…?” Although these situations are almost never as intense as flying from the roofs of buildings in a bat suit, or... Read More


Outasight - Catch Me If You Can [Stream]

The film that shares the same name as Outasight‘s new single Catch Me If You Can follows a man who changes his identity in order to get what he wants, and while Richard Andrew (a.k.a. Outasight) isn’t piloting... Read More


Outasight - Downtown in My Mind [Stream]

Outasight may have turned over a new leaf and sworn off stress on his last feature, Brand New Day, but big-city alienation is still his lyrical bread and butter.  On this newly-released single, the Big Apple native takes... Read More


Jet Audio ft. CurT@!n$, Mickey Factz, Outasight & Danny - Stand Alone [Stream]

Even those who Stand Alone can benefit from a few good connects—case in point: up-and-coming producer Jet Audio, whose latest leak finds him joining forces with with not one, two, or three, but four of the underground... Read More


Outasight - Brand New Day [Stream]

Stress is an insidious thing—if you’ve ever found yourself worrying about developing an ulcer from worrying too much, you know exactly what I’m talking about here—and for those not lucky enough to be born... Read More


Outasight - Destination Somewhere [Stream]

With Outasight‘s tendency to spit chilled-out rhymes over jazzy beats, not to mention his noirish, rumpled-suit aesthetic, I’d had him pegged as a fellow black coffee drinker, so it came as a little bit of a... Read More


Outasight Travels “From There to Here” on New Mick Boogie Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Outasight, the NYC emcee who brought us "Roll Wit Me" earlier this week, is back in the Booth with From There to Here, a mixtape 'prequel' to the summer '09 release of his From Here to Eternity LP. Presented... Read More


Outasight ft. 6th Sense - Rollin’ Wit Me [Stream]

If you were one of the many to assign Outasight and 6th Sense‘s Booth-exclusive Rehearsal Tape freestyle a four or five-star rating, you’ll be happy to hear that the dressiest emcee in the biz has rejoined forces... Read More


Outasight ft. 6th Sense - Rehearsal Tape [Stream & Download]

Last week, we premiered brand new freestyles from Novel (Soul Survivor) and K. Sparks (Soul Child).  Now, we’re proud to bring readers the third entry in our Freestyle Series.  Outasight’s... Read More

Outasight Records “Rehearsal Tape” for Freestyle Series [Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Outasight, the suit and tie-sporting emcee who brought us "Good Evening (Dream Big)" and "Another Late Night," has stepped into the Booth with producer/rapper 6th Sense to bring us "Rehearsal Tape," the latest... Read More

K. Sparks Drops “Soul Child” for’s Exclusive Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Queens emcee K. Sparks of Manic Mondays fame has stepped into the Booth to bring readers "Soul Child," the second entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series. "Soul Child" and all future entries in... Read More


Video: Outasight - Good Evening [Feature ]

New York, NY -- DJBooth members may remember Outasight as the suit and tie-sporting emcee who brought us "Another Late Night" and "Good Evening (Dream Big)." This Monday, the NYC native premiered an Andre HIbbert-directed... Read More


Outasight - Good Evening (Dream Big) [Stream]

If you met Outasight on the street, you’d never guess that he was a rapper. Judging from his Myspace page, the New York City artist looks like he’d fit in better at a Men’s Warehouse than at a hip hop venue. But, like... Read More


Outasight - Another Late Night [Stream]

Underground NYC rap/reggae artist Outasight is showing off his more polished side on his new album, Radio New York.  Teaming up with producer Dante Lewis (who is responsible for most of the album’s production),... Read More