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OverDoz. Details Creating “Last Kiss” With Pharrell (Video Interview) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube For many artists, it'd be a dream to work with Pharrell. As one of the most talented producers in the history of music, Pharrell has already accomplished so much and is still... Read More


OverDoz. - Last Kiss [Stream]

“It was all good just a week ago...” Just months ago, Sleezy, Tube, Creem and Kent of OverDoz. were riding high on 7,000 Girls, but now it seems the West Coast collective is down to the Last Kiss - or lack... Read More


OverDoz. - Fuck Yo DJ! ft. A$AP Ferg [Stream]

Overdoz. has been on a roll lately, first running through 7,000 Girls before hanging out with some Rich White Friends. Nevertheless, the always entertaining crew of Sleezy, Tube, Creem and Kent turn it up on their latest... Read More


OverDoz - Rich White Friends [Stream]

Last year at Coachella, Sleezy, Tube, Creem and Kent of West Coast crew OVERDOZ. had the opportunity to attend a party at the mansion of some Caucasian homies, where they had the opportunity to marvel at the lifestyle old... Read More


OverDoz ft. King Chip & Childish Gambino - 7,000 Girls [Stream]

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain once famously (if implausibly) claimed to have 20,000 notches on his bedpost. Sleezy, Tube, Creem and Kent of West Coast rap crew OverDoz haven’t quite reached that echelon of... Read More


OverDoz - Boom [Album]

West Coast hip-hop crew Overdoz has unleashed its latest collection of original material, the Boom mixtape. Follow-up to February 2011's Live for, Die For street album, the project packs 17 tracks' worth of fresh material... Read More


OverDoz. ft. Nipsey Hussle - These N*ggas [Stream]

Later this week, Cali crew OverDoz will be unleashing its latest street album, Boom. To build attention for what promises to be a downright explosive release (lame pun intended), the foursome’s stepped into the Booth... Read More


OverDoz ft. Problem - FSWSAD [Stream]

No, OverDoz didn’t come up with the title of their latest promo single by pounding their fists on the left side of a keyboard. “FSWSAD” is actually an acronym referencing the West Coast rap collective’s three... Read More


Flatbush Zombies x Overdoz x World’s Fair - Mood Swings [Stream]

When three crews as talented and diverse as Flatbush Zombies, Overdoz and World’s Fair come together on a single track, you can expect the result to be a little schizophrenic. Inevitable Mood Swings aside, though, this... Read More


OverDoz. ft. Juicy J - Lap Dance [Stream & Download]

When Sleezy, Tube, Creem and Kent of OverDoz. visit the local gentleman’s club, they don’t pay the strippers for a Lap Dance—they make the strippers pay them. Coming on the heels of mid-November’s Dear... Read More


OverDoz. - Dear God [Stream & Download]

Although they hail from Los Angeles, OverDoz invokes the mid-90s Chicago cruising classic Po Pimp (by Do or Die) in their latest single, Dear God. The Futuristiks’ slow, haunting melody, underscored by a rolling... Read More


OverDoz - Live for, Die for [Album]

South Central, Los Angeles crew OverDoz has hooked up with to bring fans their latest street release, the highly-anticipated Live for, Die for. The project finds emcees Sleezy and Tube, comedian Cream and... Read More


Overdoz - Dested [Stream & Download]

If you’re looking for some dest music to flip on when you’re getting Dested then you’ve come to the right place, my friend. Oh? You have no clue what “dest” means? Uh… me neither. South Central... Read More


OVERDOZ ft. Casey Veggies - Wanna Know Your Name [Stream & Download]

Although the latest single from the South Central crew who brought us December actually hit the ‘net on December 28, we in the Booth made an executive decision to hold off till the New Year, for fear that our readers... Read More


Overdoz - December [Stream & Download]

Believe it or not, being a paragon of coolness has its drawbacks… for example, not being able to bang out a DJBooth track review without five different shawtys blowing up your cellular. In fact, here’s one right... Read More


Terrace Martin ft. Wiz Khalifa & Overdoz - Roll Up [Stream]

Artists are always changing their roles. Eminem and T.I. have both ventured into producing records, while beatsmiths like Timbaland and Dr. Dre went from producing to rapping. But then you have a rare third group who seem to... Read More