New P. SO Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros. - Go Nuts ft. Tanya Morgan & Substantial [Stream]

P.SO and 2 Hungry Bros., the emcee and producer team who are set to release their Feast of Legend EP on August 28, have released Go Nuts, a Tanya Morgan and Substantial-assisted single. This Booth-approved selection follows... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King - Headphone Diaries [Stream]

New York native P.SO the Earth Tone King is gearing up to release his new EP, Feast of Legend, due out Aug 28, via HiPNOTT Records. Today, the emcee who delivered past features Quasars and Kill My High has released the... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King ft. Sammus & Moses Rockwell - Quasars [Stream]

Last we heard from P.SO The Earth Tone King, he was distancing himself from negative influences that threatened to kill his high. Clearly, it remains alive and well, as the Brooklynite’s latest feature finds him and a... Read More


P. SO - Gateway to Greatness / Constellations [Album]

Didn't cop P. SO's debut set, The Gateway to Greatness, when it originally dropped in 2013? Not to worry; the Brooklyn-repping lyrical mastermind has unleashed Gateway to Greatness / Constellations, a reissue that pairs 13 of... Read More


P.SO The Earth Tone King ft. Outasight - Kill My High [Stream]

Less than an hour ago, we heard unsigned R&B singer Jeremy Thurber brush off a shawty trying to ruin his good time on lead EP single Buzzkill. P.SO‘s sound and style are worlds apart from Thurber’s but... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King - Lovin It [Stream]

Since letting off some steam on his last Booth appearance with Walter White, P.SO has been focusing on the positive things in his life, like rocking a stage and hearing you say, “Oooh!” The Yoshino Koishi-produced... Read More

P.SO - Walter White [Stream]

If you tuned in for the season premiere of Breaking Bad on Sunday, you already know that, when dealing with Walter White, it’s best to tread lightly. With that said, listeners who swallow their trepidation and hit play... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King ft. 8thw1 - She Don’t [Stream]

Sizing up romantic interests based on their musical taste is superficial, no doubt, but let’s be real: it’s hard to look at a guy or girl the same way after you learn that their iPod’s filled with nothing... Read More


P.SO - The Gateway to Greatness [Album]

Booth regular P.SO has released his debut studio album, Gateway to Greatness, which is available for purchase via iTunes and exclusive, free streaming in The DJBooth. The project features 14 original jams, plus one bonus... Read More


P.SO ft. Andrew Reid - Find Out [Stream & Download]

Looks like the Earthtone King may have found his queen. Fresh off the release of braggadocious lead single So Enormous, P.SO returns to our pages with Find Out, a new single which finds him lyrically serenading the woman of... Read More

P.SO the Earth Tone King ft. Denitia Odigie - Floating [Stream & Download]

Fresh off crushing his competition on LP single Poppy Seed P.SO takes a moment to kick back and let his mind wander on the follow-up. Though this record finds the Earth Tone King “Floating on a dream,” there’s... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King - Poppy Seed [Stream & Download]

Who needs heroin when you’ve got P.SO‘s dope lyricism in your hypodermic? On the latest single off his forthcoming studio album, his first feature since unreleased Outasight collab Back Again, the Earth Tone King... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King ft. Outasight - Back Again [Stream]

Just ten short days after meeting his Earth Tone Queen on single Find Out, P.SO has already split with his dream woman. If you think he’s just gonna stand idly by as true love slips through hjhis fingers, however,... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King - So Enormous [Stream & Download]

At most rap shows, fans flock to the foot of the stage to get up-close and personal with their favorite artist. When P.SO performs live, they fight for spots in the back—the Brooklyn rhymesayer’s So Enormous‘s... Read More


P.SO - Moontones (Soulmade Beats Remix) [Stream & Download]

On 2010 single Moontones, P.SO reflected on the progress he had made in his career up to that point. Two years’ worth of hustle later, the Earth Tone King has plenty more milestones to celebrate—thus, it could hardly... Read More


P.SO - Death Becomes Her [Stream & Download]

The 230th entry in and StreetAmmo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of P.SO, the Brooklyn native who brought us More Jelly in late 2010. On his brand new, exclusive Death Becomes Her freestyle, the... Read More


P.SO Spits “Death Becomes Her” for DJBooth x StreetAmmo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- P.SO, the Brooklyn native who brought us More Jelly in late 2010, has stepped into the Booth with the 230th entry in and StreetAmmo's Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


P.SO the Earth Tone King - More Jelly [Album]

P.SO the Earth Tone King has hooked up with, 8thW1 and the AOK Collective to bring fans his latest full-length, More Jelly. The follow-up to this summer’s critically-acclaimed Suicide by Jellyfish, More... Read More


P.SO - Some Fun (Redux) [Stream & Download]

The only thing you can expect from P.SO (a.k.a. the Earth Tone King) is the unexpected, but for those still trying to wrap their heads around the man’s previous offering Mind Over Matter, P.SO has made his new single, Some... Read More


P.SO & 8thW1 ft. Daniel Joseph - Vintage Clothes [Stream]

The world may be ever-changing, but fashions never truly die out; in the space of a few decades, the threads that everyone was sporting back in the day invariably become cutting-edge once again. Almost makes you afraid to... Read More

P.SO ft. Chris Faust - Mind Over Matter [Stream]

I am what I eat, and I eat what I love, so… I guess that right now I’m an auto-cannibalistic bowl of cereal with high self-esteem? Huh. The opening lines of P.SO‘s Booth debut may be difficult to wrap... Read More