New Paul Couture Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Paul Couture - O.A.K (One of a Kind) [Stream]

In the year that’s passed since Paul Couture‘s last feature, things just haven’t been the same in the Booth. Sure, we’ve had plenty of other talented pop and R&B artists to keep us entertained in... Read More


Paul Couture ft. Shwayze - Work [Stream]

Sunday evening is both the best and worst time of the week. On the one hand The Walking Dead airs new episodes on A&E, but Sunday night also means that in T minus 12 hours and counting a long week of school or work is... Read More


Paul Couture ft. Tee Double, Chose & KJ Hines - Flu Flow [Stream & Download]

More often than not, it takes an artist a few tries to perfect their craft (unless you’re Odd Future, then apparently you can go straight to the top almost immediately). While we’re not the end-all be-all of music, dual... Read More


Paul Couture ft. NiQ - Ambulance [Premiere] [Stream]

Country-western fans drown their sorrows in whiskey and beer. Emo kids put on extra mascara and cry. For R&B singers, however, nothing seems to ease the pain of romantic disappointment like placing unnecessary calls to... Read More


Paul Couture - Buy Her Love [Stream]

Is love something that can be bought and sold?  If urban radio is any indication, the answer is “Absolutely;” then again, few popular jams stick around long enough to describe the inevitable downfall of such... Read More


Paul Couture ft. Ludacris - Self Made Millionaire [Stream]

Today we salute you, Mr. Auto-tune inventor. Your contribution to the musical community took its 15 minutes of fame and sprinted away with it. Sure, you initially had us wooed by T-Pain’s and even Weezy’s mysteriously... Read More