New Jeff Chery Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jeff Chery - Hold Me Down [Stream]

Jeff Chery is a longtime Booth favorite—his last appearance was in July, with No Pressure—and on Hold Me Down, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, he reminds listeners why. Chery’s blunted, raspy and almost pained flow... Read More


Jeff Chery - No Pressure [Stream]

UPDATE: “No Pressure” is no longer available to stream. After a highly-successful winter project in February’s Jetset Vagabond, you might think that there was a ton of pressure on Jeff Chery to deliver... Read More


Jeff Chery - Three Headed Monster [Stream]

For most emcees, holding down one city is responsibility enough. Jeff Chery, on the other hand, has taken it upon himself to rep not one, but three ‘hoods—four, if you count his birthplace. On his latest single,... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Joe Cash Mahall - Patience [Stream & Download]

Upon hearing the first few seconds of Jeff Chery’s latest single, Patience, I immediately recognized the source material. Producer DZO Beatz sampled Jerry Butler and Brenda Lee Eager’s How Long Will it Last, which was... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Huey P. Newton - The People [Stream & Download]

This morning, we heard DanO come together with late Afrobeat pioneer and political activist Fela Kuti for Sounds of the Motherland, a cut dedicated to their mutual home country of Nigeria. On The People, a new single inspired... Read More


Jeff Chery - Jetset Vagabond [Stream & Download]

You could call Jeff Chery a rapper, but it wouldn’t be entirely accurate—writing, recording and performing music are only part of his job description. Since his day-to-day hustle also includes flying all over the... Read More


Jeff Chery - Will To Fly [Stream & Download]

As an up-and-coming artist there are several traits that one should likely possess, including but certainly not limited to talent, passion and the Will To Fly. On his latest buzz record, Atlanta-based emcee Jeff Chery tackles... Read More


Jeff Chery - The Music [Stream]

With the world premiere of his new single The Music, Atlanta emcee Jeff Chery finally makes his triumphant return to The DJBooth. Although it’s been quite sometime since Chery’s last feature Shots Fired!, and talk... Read More


Jeff Chery - Shots Fired! [Stream & Download]

Recently heard trading verses with Co$$ and Young Dirty Bastard on the bruising Over & Done, Jeff Chery returns with another, equally grimy single off his forthcoming street album. On Shots Fired!, Orlando‘s... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Co$$ & Young Dirty Bastard - Over & Done [Stream & Download]

Mmmm…the children of yesterday are starting to show their teeth. DJBooth Freestyle alum Jeff Chery changes tempo and temperament with Over and Done, featuring Co$$ (aka Cashius King) and Young Dirty Bastard (yes, that... Read More


Jeff Chery - 3x (Cocaine, Caviar, Conversation) [Stream]

Don’t let the name fool you – there’s nothing sweet about Jeff Chery‘s newly premiered single 3x (Cocaine, Caviar, Conversation). The song starts off with an ominous bell toll, not unlike the opening of... Read More


Jeff Chery Shows DJBoothTV Where He “Come From” [Video]

Everyone knows landmarks like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. But in his latest visual for the track Come From, Jeff Chery takes you to the parts of New York City’s Brooklyn borough that aren’t always highlighted.... Read More


Jeff Chery Shows DJBoothTV Where He “Come From” [Feature ]

Everyone knows landmarks like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. But in his latest visual for the track Come From, Jeff Chery takes you to the parts of New York City’s Brooklyn borough that aren’t always highlighted.... Read More


Jeff Chery - Poser [Stream & Download]

In the music game, artists are often so eager to get a leg up that they don’t stop to think about precisely who they’re dealing with. Not Jeff Chery; sharper than your average emcee, the freestyle series alum and... Read More


Jeff Chery Returns to His Roots in “Nu JC” Video [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Booth favorite (and freestyle series alumnus) Jeff Chery is back with the latest video off his Booth-sponsored mixtape, The Transition. Directed by Teks of Picture This Media, the video documents J.C.'s... Read More


Jeff Chery Gets “Silly” in Latest Video [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Booth favorite and freestyle series alum Jeff Chery is back with his latest official video, "Silly." Shot by TEKS of Picture This Media and co-starring actress/model Natasha Mays, the video finds the rapper... Read More


Jeff Chery - The Transition [Album]

Brooklyn buzzmaker Jeff Chery has joined forces with, Team RSinal and Quota Ent. to bring us his new, highly-anticipated street album, The Transition. The project finds the longtime reader fave and freestyle... Read More


Jeff Chery - Someday [Stream & Download]

El Dorado, Shangri-La, Hyberborea, Atlantis… Beverly Hills? While the utopian “city of gold” that Jeff Chery describes on Someday, the third and final world premiere off his forthcoming mixtape, bears some... Read More


Jeff Chery - Come From [Stream & Download]

Those who have been following Jeff Chery‘s Booth career since way back when he called himself “Pay$0z” know that the artist’s life trajectory has led him all the way from Haiti, to Flatbrush, Brooklyn, to... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Curt@!n$ - Doubt Me [Stream & Download]

Doesn’t it seem like every rapper, even the ones with millions of adoring fans, believe the world is against them? Like Michael Jordan did throughout his entire NBA career, artists today have a tendency to make up imaginary... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Jeff Chery - I Bet He’s Nice [Stream]

There are few experiences more crushing than getting dumped, and then watching your ex walk straight into the arms of another guy (or girl). While I doubt there’s any cure for that brand of heartbreak besides a little... Read More


Jeff Chery - They Get Around [Premiere] [Stream]

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt – it’s also the force that’s allowed countless men and women to turn a blind eye to clear and present evidence of their partners’ infidelity. Though no guy ever... Read More


L Jaye ft. Jeff Chery - Yeah Yeah [Premiere] [Stream]

Have roughly a gazillion artists already written songs about the arousing effects of watching shawtys get low? Yeah. Do rising R&B star L. Jaye and frequent collaborator Jeff Chery have what it takes to craft one that... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. L Jaye - Gotta Make It [Premiere] [Stream]

The Pair, the inaugural leak off Jeff Chery‘s forthcoming collaborative mixtape with K. Sparks, found the Booth favorite and exclusive freestyle series alum kicking it old-school while spitting game to two pairs of... Read More


Jeff Chery - The Pair [Premiere] [Stream]

What’s Jeff Chery been up to since the late-March arrival over his long-awaited (but well worth the wait) Going Against the Grain mix-album? I’m glad you asked, because the answer is, like, totally cool: the... Read More


Jeff Chery - Going Against The Grain [Album]

After more than a year’s wait, is proud to present Going Against the Grain, the hotly-anticipated new street album from Haitian-born, ATL-based rapper Jeff “Pay$0z” Chery. Executive produced by the... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Ray Lavender - Cuttin [Stream]

After over a year of waiting, Jeff Chery‘s Booth-sponsored Going Against the Grain street album is so close I can almost taste it. What does it taste like? Beats me – it was just a figure of speech. If you really want... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. CA$HE & Kalaj Dame - Fearless [Premiere] [Stream]

The rap game has a tendency to chew unwary artists up and spit them out, but Jeff Chery knows for a fact that he’s made of sterner stuff than the average emcee. On Fearless, the first of two exclusive world premieres... Read More


Jeff Chery - Zone Out [Stream]

It’s been a minute since last we featured Booth favorite Jeff Chery, and even longer since any news surfaced regarding the emcee’s long-awaited, Going Against the Grain mix-album. Well, today... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Ray Lavender - Milf [Stream]

It’s official: Jeff “Pay$0z” Chery has dropped the “Pay$0z” and now goes by his plain old birth name. The reason for the switch? Beats me – perhaps he’s hoping the more mature-sounding moniker will make... Read More


Jeff “Pay$0z” Chery Releases Career Transitioning Mixtape Hosted by DJ CapCom [Download] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- Jeff "Pay$0z" Chery has joined forces with DJ CapCom and to drop a new street album showcasing the highlights of his career to date. Featuring K. Sparks collabo "No Competition" and the... Read More


K. Sparks ft Jeff Chery - Microphone Fiend [Stream]

As you may have noticed, K. Sparks hasn’t let the conclusion of Manic Mondays stop him from bringing us new music on the regular. While it’s no surprise that the Queens-based Microphone Fiend is back to kick off... Read More


Ray Lavender ft. Jeff Chery - Champion [Stream]

On Sept. 19, six-time world Champion “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather will come out of retirement for a bout against John Manuel Márquez.  It goes without saying that the legendary pugilist’s return to the ring... Read More


Jeff “Pay$0z” Chery Records “Champion” with Ray Lavender [Video] [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- In a newly-released video, Jeff "Pay$0z" Chery hooks up with Konvict Music's Ray Lavender to record "Champion," a song that was pitched to Floyd Mayweather as theme music for his Sept 19th bout against Juan... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. K Sparks - For the Taken [Stream]

Getting Jeff “Pay$0z” Chery and K. Sparks together on a record is such a surefire recipe for reader acclaim that it’s almost unfair.  Of course, we don’t care that much about being... Read More


Jeff Chery - Everywhere [Stream]

It was bound to happen eventually: Jeff “Pay$0z” Chery has picked up that infamous studio plugin to create a full-on R&B tune.  Making its world premiere here in the Booth, this track can be seen as a... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Jamil - Taken [Stream]

There’s nothing worse than spending time and energy chatting up a member of the opposite sex only to find that she (or he) has already got a steady boyfriend (or girlfriend—you get the picture).  How does one... Read More


Jeff Chery - It’s The Life [Stream]

Carving out a enduring niche as a nationally-renowned rapper takes a very particular set of traits—inborn talent, ambition, and a superhuman work ethic, along with a good deal of luck, are practically prerequisites for... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Shyrron Anthony - Magic [Stream]

With the relentless grind up-and-comers must undertake to lay the groundwork for musical success, a little burnout is virtually inevitable—even Booth favorite Pay$0z has days when he starts to think “...the Magic‘s... Read More


L Jaye ft. Jeff Chery - Recession [Stream]

“We’re going through a Recession.”  Truer words have never been sung, but can you really write a hit record about being too strapped for cash to pick up ladies at the local spot?  R&B up-and-comer L... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Jeff Chery - No Competition [Stream]

Can you really have “too much of a good thing?”  When it comes to Booth-exclusive, dream-team collabos, the answer is clearly “Hell no!”  Thus, we’re proud to present another lyrically-driven banger... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. K. Sparks - Turn My Lights On [Stream]

For a short period in my childhood, I was absolutely positive that chemistry was my life’s calling—after all, what could be more fun than taking two volatile, potentially explosive substances and dumping them in a... Read More


Jeff Chery - Difference [Stream]

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest Difference between Booth favorite Pay$0z and his peers is that where most are satisfied to develop a formula and stick to it, the Brooklyn up-and-comer seems unable to tread the same... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Ransom - Theory [Stream]

Booth favorite Pay$0z is well aware that, whether you’re looking to reign supreme in the political arena, the streets, or the music game, many of the same principles apply—thus, the emcee’s based his own... Read More


Storyboard Showcases New “Mutation” Dance Style Over Pay$0z’ “Frame It” [Video] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, NY -- Pay$0z' "Frame It" helped cement the up-and-comer's status as a Booth favorite back in mid-February, and now the record's caught the attention of Storyboard, a fellow Brooklynite whose innovative dance... Read More


Pay$0z Hooks up with illRoots to Drop “Success Is a Mile Away” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Booth favorite Pay$0z has hooked up with hip-hop blog illRoots to bring listeners his latest street release. Featuring reader-approved cut "Drivin'," the brand new Success Is a Mile Away mixtape is available... Read More


Pay$0z Live at the Fox Center’s Egyptian Ballroom [Video] [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- This past Sunday, the 15th, Booth-acclaimed emcee Pay$0z brought the house down at the Fox Center's Egyptian Ballroom. Backed by guitarist Lee Hendrickson, the NYC native opened with the yet-unreleased... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. AC - Drivin’ [Stream]

If you thought you had Pay$0z pegged, think again—though the gritty punchline-fest that was Frame It, the Weezy-sampling Go Hard, and his Booth-exclusive Industry Life freestyle all achieved nearly unanimous reader acclaim,... Read More

Pay$0z Spits “Industry Life” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Pay$0z, the up-and-coming rapper who earned reader acclaim for recent features "Frame It" and "Go Hard," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 11th entry in the Freestyle Series. The NYC... Read More


Jeff Chery - Industry Life [Stream & Download]

The 11th entry in our exclusive freestyle series comes courtesy of Pay$0z, the up-and-coming emcee who brought us Go Hard, Black Starz and the Booth-acclaimed Frame It.  The NYC native, whose brand new Industry Life is... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. Lil Wayne - Go Hard [Stream]

As continues to get respect on the information superhighway, we’ve had the opportunity to bring our loyal readers everything from weekly charts to an exclusive freestyle series to various world... Read More


Jeff Chery - Frame It [Stream]

As Weezy proved with A Milli, a grimy, lyrically-driven record that trades the traditional hook for odd vocal samples repeated ad infinitum can be an insanely catchy, chart-smashing hit.  Judging by his second Booth... Read More


Jeff Chery - Black Starz [Stream]

An emigrant to Brooklyn from his native Haiti, Pay$0z caused quite a stir in the underground when he released his first mixtape, Cheating on New York, last year.  Featuring a typical Brooklyn rhyme scheme over Dirty... Read More