New Petey Pablo Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Lost Ones: What Happened to Petey Pablo? [Feature ]

Petey Pablo is a perfect example of the business sentiment, “it’s never too late to start your dreams.” His rap career takeoff at 27, after five years of incarceration, backs up that statement up... Read More


Petey Pablo ft. Wizz Dumb - Get Low [Stream]

Nearly seven years after the release of breakout hit Freek-a-Leek, Petey Pablo remains very much on his grind. On his latest single, the Carolina Music Group founder requests a fine female Get Low for his viewing pleasure.... Read More


Petey Pablo ft. Sequence - Pockets on Bank [Stream]

Though Petey Pablo hasn’t been in the spotlight for a minute, the North Carolina repper must have a damn good investment strategy; on this newly-released club/street single (leaked in June but presented here in its... Read More


Petey Pablo - Go [Stream]

Where has Petey Pablo been hiding? It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard the North Carolina native. In fact, we’re heard more about the man than from him, with my favorite Petey mention coming in the form of one of... Read More


Petey Pablo - Shawty Got Her Eyes On Me [Stream]

In the heart of the 90’s, labels would throw $500k at a producer and $250k at a singer in order to provide their feature artist with the best possible musical accompaniment.  As we have documented, via interviews with... Read More


Petey Pablo - F’ed Up Ain’t It (Po Po Is Dumb) [Stream]

Following T.I.‘s indictment on federal weapons charges, artists from the North and South alike have shown their support.  Some have stated their feelings in conversation, while others have lambasted both the feds... Read More


Petey Pablo - Get Me Out Of Jail [Stream]

Petey Pablo, last scene making a cameo appearance in the movie Drum Line, is coming on strong with the new single, Get Me Out Of Jail.  The song is the first official release from his highly anticipated new album, Proper... Read More


Petey Pablo - Stick Up Man [Stream]

In a move that surprised many, Petey Pablo cosigned a label deal with the almost-defunct-currently-on-life-support Death Row Records.  Since the signing he has put out three test singles and Death Row head honcho Suge... Read More