New Phive Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Phive - Dream Everything Volume 1 EP [Album]

North Carolina hip-hop crew Phive has come together with The DJBooth and Boyd Allen Music Group to bring listeners its latest street release, the Dream Everything Volume 1 EP. The follow-up to May 2012's Party Phoul mixtape,... Read More


Phive ft. The Graduates - Blowing Up! [Stream]

If you think EDM is just starting to catch on, you’re only about, um, a few years behind! It is now more than safe to say that the genre is Blowing Up! I mean, all of your favorite rappers (A$AP Rocky, Kanye, etc.) have... Read More


Phive - Rave Booty [Stream]

Phive‘s last Booth feature, EP single Madiba, found frontman Afika Nxumalo paying lyrical tribute to Nelson Mandela and other political freedom fighters. The newly-released follow-up tackles a topic that’s not... Read More


Phive ft. Josh King, Brand New Life & Julian Sizemore - Madiba [Stream]

Recently, Phive vocalist Afika Nxumalo took a trip to South Africa, his father’s home country, to reconnect with his family roots. The experience left him with a deep appreciation for Nelson Mandela’s role in the... Read More


Phive ft. Will Wildfire - Without You Babe [Stream & Download]

Phive have hustled hard to get to where they are today, but they didn’t do it alone. On new promo single Without You Babe, their first feature since last April’s Nothing to Say, the North Carolina crew acknowledge... Read More


Phive ft. Beau Young Prince - The Way It Goes [Stream & Download]

What?! You still haven’t copped Phive‘s DJBooth-sponsored street album, two whole days after its release? If the shame of being behind the curve doesn’t light a fire under your posterior, perhaps new single... Read More


Phive - Party Phoul [Album]

First in Flight State crew Phive have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest album, Party Phoul. The follow-up to debut EP Freshman Gear, the project features nine original jams from emcee Joe Crush,... Read More


Phive ft. Edie Wellman - Nothing To Say [Stream & Download]

Every artist (including, cough, yours truly), occasionally finds him or herself with Nothing to Say. The mark of true talent is being able to say nothing in such a dope fashion that no one notices you’re just going on... Read More