New Phony Ppl Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Phony Ppl - Little Bit Of Lust [Stream]

It’s been a number of months since Phony Ppl released their Booth-acclaimed Yesterday’s Tomorrow album and made our own Lucas G. very happy, and today the soulful Brooklyn sextet returns with a Little Bit Of Lust.... Read More


Phony Ppl’s “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” Made Me Happy Again [Feature ]

I just can't seem to get out of this funk.If I'm not losing my keys, I'm forgetting my cleats for soccer.If it's not car troubles, it's seeing practically everyone I know either get engaged,... Read More


Phony Ppl - Baby, Meet My Lover [Stream]

Last week, Brooklyn sextet Phony Ppl unleashed their latest digital full-length, a project that—as the rave Booth reviews attest—is a must-listen for anyone with a penchant for funky, adventurous pop sounds. Still... Read More


Phony Ppl - Yesterday’s Tomorrow [Album]

Everyone enjoys the comforts of home, but for a recording artist or band those very same comforts can create a stale, uninspiring environment that isn't conducive to artistic growth. Phony Ppl, the funky, soulful sextet from... Read More


Phony Ppl - Why iii Love the Moon [Stream]

With their latest full-length, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, slated to hit digital store shelves on the 13th (a.k.a. today’s tomorrow), Phony Ppl are stirring up some last-minute buzz with the release of a fresh single.... Read More


Phony PPL - Take a Chance [Stream]

When an act’s been away from our pages for as long as the Phony Ppl—their first and, to date, only feature hit the Booth in 2012—there’s no telling what to expect when they return with a fresh record in tow.... Read More


Phony Ppl ft. Theophilus London - morninG after pill [Stream & Download]

I know it’s my job to describe music in words, and whatnot, but sometimes a new song comes along that just has to be heard to be understood. At the most basic level there’s nothing particularly crazy about... Read More