New Pitbull Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Pitbull - Fun ft. Chris Brown [Stream]

Head to Miami and have some Fun with Pitbull and Chris Brown, as the former releases the music video for the sixth single off of his hit-filled Globalization album of last year. Regardless of your thoughts on the song,... Read More


Pitbull - Baddest Girl In Town ft. Mohombi & Wisin [Stream]

Pitbull is gearing up for the release of his upcoming spanish album, Dale, later this year - also now his ninth studio album. For the latest single, Baddest Girl In Town, the Miami hitmaker serves up a characteristically... Read More


Pitbull - Globalization [Album]

Since hitting the scene in the early 2000s, Pitbull has accumulated a fanbase as fervent as it is widely-dispersed, truly earning the nickname "Mr. Worldwide." In other words, his career is a monument to Globalization.On... Read More


Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo - Time Of Our Lives [Stream]

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is a philosophy that Pitbull and Ne-Yo firmly believe in. In 2011, the pair connected for the smash hit, Give Me Everything. Now, three years later, they reunite... Read More


Pitbull - Celebrate [Stream]

Pitbull and dancing cartoon penguins: a match made in heaven. OK, now that I’ve typed that out, it sounds pretty f**king weird. Rather than thinking too hard about what’s going on in this new video, though, I... Read More


Jeremih ft. Pitbull - Don’t Tell ‘Em (Remix) [Stream]

Though he dropped by last week with a French Montana and Ty Dolla $ign-assisted rendition of the Mick Shultz/DJ Mustard-produced club smash, Jeremih isn’t done with Don’t Tell ‘Em quite yet. Today, he... Read More


Pitbull ft. John Ryan - Fireball [Stream]

Update: The David Rousseau-directed visuals for Pitbull’s Fireball single have been added.When Pitbull releases a new single, you can rest assured it’ll impact dancefloors and radio airwaves with the explosive... Read More


Five Pitbull Songs Even The Haterz Love [Feature ]

Mondays suck enough without Pitbull, so when Nathan gives me the task of finding five Pitbull songs I could love, as part of the illustrious Haterz Love saga, it makes me want to die. I don't hate Pitbull, I... Read More


DJ Felli Fel ft. Cee-Lo Green, Pitbull & Juicy J - Have Some Fun (Steve Aoki Edit) [Stream]

How do you make a record like Have Some Fun, the latest dancefloor-scorching single from DJ Felli Fel, even more fun? Simple: get club heavyweight Steve Aoki to give it the remix treatment. Pitbull and Juicy J‘s... Read More


Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte - We Are One (Ole Ola) [Stream]

On his last single, Wild Wild Love, Pitbull injected a little folk-rock into his dancefloor-ready sound. While it didn’t reach the stature of his biggest hits, the experiment was enough of a success for the hip-pop... Read More


DJ Felli Fel ft. Pitbull, Juicy J & Cee Lo - Have Some Fun [Stream]

The last time I heard DJ Felli Fel‘s name was several years ago at the beach when my iPod put on Get Buck In Here. The Los Angeles heavy hitter is back, however, to change my digital music listening habits with another... Read More


Pitbull ft. G.R.L. - Wild Wild Love [Stream]

If you have been living anywhere on this earth for the past few months, you have undoubtedly come across Pitbull‘s chart-topping hit Timber; it’s only everywhere, all the time, every single second of the day.... Read More


Katy Perry ft. Pitbull - Dark Horse (Remix) [Stream]

Between Pharrell’s hat choice debacle and the whole Best Rap Album travesty (not to mention Kendrick and Imagine Dragons’ epic performance) you might have missed a few things at the 56th annual Grammy Awards;... Read More


Pitbull ft. Ke$ha - Timber [Stream]

When Pitbull and Ke$ha come together on a track, you’d best get out of the way, ‘cause “it’s going down.” Fresh off lending his high-energy flow to Gary Caos‘s FCK earlier this month, the Latin-rap... Read More


Gary Caos ft. Pitbull & Snow Tha Product - FCK [Stream]

This evening, Gary Caos is fixing to FCK; to make the night complete, all he needs is “U.” Depending on your tolerance for punny pickup lines, this freshly-released promo cut’s hook may elicit a chuckle or an... Read More


Flo Rida ft. Pitbull - Can’t Believe It [Stream]

Unicorns, dragons, white girls with bubble butts—according to common wisdom, these creatures exist only in the realm of fantasy. Thus, you can imagine Flo Rida‘s incredulity when he spotted a member of the last-named... Read More


Pitbull ft. Danny Mercer - Outta Nowhere [Stream]

Since the start of the new year, Pitbull has been on top of the world thanks to his Platinum-selling single, Feel This Moment. Just when you thought he’d go into hibernation or take a vacation, though, the Latin-rap... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Live It Up [Stream]

Previously heard collaborating on 2011’s On the Floor and ‘12’s Dance Again, pop heavyweight Jennifer Lopez and Latin-rap hitmaker Pitbull once again combine their powers on Live It Up, the former... Read More


Jamie Drastik ft. Pitbull & Havana Brown - Chasing Shadows [Stream]

Ladies beware: pursuing a long-term relationship with Jamie Drastik is about as futile as Chasing Shadows. As the upstate New York repper admits on his latest promo cut, he’s been stung too many times to risk getting... Read More


Pitbull - Welcome to Dade County [Stream]

Earlier this month, in response to an incident in which he was allegedly ejected from a Heat/Lakers game, Lil Wayne took advantage of his gig at an All Star Weekend event to bust a few shots at the NBA and the Heat’s... Read More


Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera - Feel This Moment [Stream]

As Ferris Bueller famously put it, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you just might miss it.” On the latest video single off his seventh studio album, Pitbull follows the... Read More


Pitbull - Global Warming [Album]

Latin-rap heavyweight Pitbull has unleashed his latest collection of bangers, Global Warming, upon the listening populace. His seventh LP in total, the set comes on the heels of previously-featured hit singles "Back in Time,"... Read More


Pitbull ft. TJR - Don’t Stop the Party [Stream]

Whenever Pitbull enters a room, you can be certain that drinking, dancing and general good times are soon to follow. Thus, when he demands we keep the festivities going on new single Don’t Stop the Party, it’s a... Read More


Clinton Sparks ft. Pitbull & Disco Fries - Watch You [Stream]

After recruiting the likes of Kardinal Offishall, Pitbull, and Lil’ Jon for his 2011 single Smash The Club, singer/DJ/producer Clinton Sparks has found himself back to work once more with a familiar voice. While Sparks... Read More


Pitbull ft. Shakira - Get It Started [Stream]

Still riding high of the success of Men in Black III theme Back in Time, Pitbull returns with a video for the dancefloor-scorching lead single off his own forthcoming full-length. On Get It Started, producers DJ Buddha, Marc... Read More


Jay Sean ft. Pitbull - I’m All Yours [Stream]

Been craving a little alone time with Jay Sean? Well, you’re in luck; on the latest single off his senior set, the UK pop hitmaker announces “I’m All Yours.” Here, OFM‘s upbeat club production... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Dance Again [Stream]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Jennifer Lopez’ “Dance Again” video.Jennifer Lopez may be an international star, but her longings are simple—as she puts it on her latest promo... Read More


Pitbull - Back in Time [Stream]

On the latest promo single from Kinetics & One Love, featured this evening along with its visual accompaniment, the Northeastern duo consider traveling Back in Time to change the past, but ultimately elect to leave things... Read More


Play-N-Skillz ft. Pitbull - Richest Man [Stream]

Quick trivia question: who’s the richest man in the world? Nope, not Bill Gates. Oh, you thought it was Warren Buffet? Some Saudi prince? Mark Zuckerberg? Wrong, wrong and wrong. The man with Earth’s largest checking... Read More


Sean Paul ft. Pitbull - She Doesn’t Mind (Remix) [Stream]

Originally featured back in October of 2011, Sean Paul‘s current single has received the official remix treatment with the help of a fellow club heavyweight. On this version of She Doesn’t Mind, Latin-rap hitmaker... Read More


DJ ABSOLUT ft. Wyclef, Pitbull, Jim Jones & Bounty Killer - My Generation [Stream]

Star-studded DJ singles aren’t exactly known for their substance, but DJ ABSOLUT‘s latest promo cut is far from your average street banger. On My Generation, Fugees alumnus Wyclef Jean does double-duty on the mic... Read More


Havana Brown ft. Pitbull - We Run the Night [Stream]

While school, work and other obligations consume many of our daylight hours, evenings have traditionally been our own to spend as we please… until now! On new promo single We Run the Night (released internationally in... Read More


Timbaland ft. Pitbull & David Guetta - Pass at Me [Stream]

Released to a disappointing critical and commercial reception back in 2009, Timbaland‘s Shock Value II represented a sizable step backwards from its “near-classic” predecessor, and 2010 online series... Read More


Pitbull - Planet Pit [Album]

You might not have noticed, but Pitbull has quietly become one of the most guaranteed hitmakers in the business. Ok, so maybe “quietly” wasn’t the right word. There’s not much quiet about a man prone to yelling... Read Full Review


Pitbull ft. T-Pain, Sean Paul & Ludacris - Shake Señora (Remix) [Stream]

Perhaps inspired by Weezy‘s use of The Banana Boat Song on 6’7”, Latin-rap heavyweight takes inspiration fromthe calypso singer’s Shake Señora on his latest feature, a remixed version of a standout... Read More


DJ Noodles ft. Pitbull, Fella & Billy Blue - Everyday Allday [Stream]

DJ Noodles may have made himself scarce in the Booth since bringing us Hands High back in April 2010, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he hasn’t been getting his paper. On the contrary, he’s been... Read More


Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me [Stream]

If you’re average recording artist is an artisan, meticulously hand-crafting each record before releasing it to the public, then Pitbull is a one-man assembly line. That’s not a criticism of his work –... Read More


Pitbull ft. Chris Brown - International Love [Stream]

Though Pitbull calls himself “Mr. 305” out of loyalty to the Magic City, the moniker “Mr. Worldwide” would be equally apt—over the course of his career, the Latin-rap heavyweight’s attracted a truly global... Read More


Flo Rida & Pitbull - Turn Around pt.2 [Stream]

Previously-released as a single off Flo Rida‘s Only 1 Flo EP, Turn Around is back in the form of a new remix (or sequel, if you prefer), set for inclusion in forthcoming summer blockbuster The Hangover II. Pt. 2 of the... Read More


Shaggy ft. Pitbull - Fired Up (F The Rece$$ion!) [Stream]

Not spotted in the Booth since making his debut with February 2009’s Bad Man Don’t Cry, Shaggy hooks up with Pitbull on this newly-released single off his forthcoming full-length. On iFired Up (F The Rece$$ion!),... Read More


Kardinal Offishall ft. Pitbull, Lil’ Jon & Clinton Sparks - Smash The Club [Stream]

Those who have been closely following Kardinal Offishall’s career over the last couple years have seen the Toronto emcee’s career go through more twists and turns than Lindsay Lohan driving after a weekend bender. The... Read More


Jamie Drastik ft. Pitbull - Save Me [Stream]

Since the August ‘08 arrival of Jamie Drastik first and, to date, only Booth feature, the electro-pop style of Now or Later has only become hotter. With a trendy sound and nearly three years’ worth of artistic... Read More


DJ Felli Fel ft. Akon, Pitbull & JD - Boomerang [Stream]

DJ Felli Fel has been working on his debut project for a minute. And when I say a minute, I mean that 2007’s Get Buck in Here was one of the singles that was planned for his Go DJ! album. Though the album has officially... Read More


Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo & Nayer - Give Me Everything [Stream]

Known for pumping out hits like BP pumps oil into the Gulf (is it too late for that joke?), Pitbull has developed the perfect formula for that thing we call the “single.” Year after year, I’ve heard a Pitbull song... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - On the Floor [Stream]

Featured back in November of 2009, the lead single off Jennifer Lopez’ seventh LP was a bit of a misstep (hey, it’s tough to keep your balance while rocking Louboutins), and 2010 came and went with no album in... Read More


Pitbull ft. T-Pain - Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) [Stream]

Put down that “Big Book of Pick-Up Lines,” fellas – why overcomplicate things (and risk getting slapped) when a simple “Hey Baby” will suffice? On the latest single off his album-after-next, Planet Pit, the... Read More


Ray J ft. Pitbull - One Thing Leads to Another [Stream]

You know how it goes. You’re out in the club with Ludacris, the Patron’s flowing freely, the music’s bumping, it’s a Celebration. And then Pitbull stops by the table with an entourage of hotties and, well, One Thing... Read More


Usher ft. Pitbull - DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love [Stream]

As visitors to the DJBooth, you probably don’t need to be told that the individual spinning the tunes can make the difference between a decent night out and, well, magic. And if you won’t take it from me, take it... Read More


Naughty By Nature ft. Pitbull - Get to Know Me Better (Ecstasy Mix) [Stream]

When we think of rap group Naughty By Nature, we instantly think of the good old days when hits like OPP and Hip-Hop Hooray blasted through the airwaves. Now, fast forward more than a decade and the group sounds a little... Read More


Pitbull ft. Machel Montano - Alright [Stream]

While the lyrics on Pitbull‘s next album, Armando (dropping in May) will be totalmente en español, the Latin-rap heavyweight isn’t leaving his many non-Spanish-speaking fans behind – Planet Pit, his next next... Read More


Cypress Hill ft. Pitbull & Marc Anthony - Armada Latina [Stream]

I’m sure my colleague richard would start off this blurb by discussing prominent Latin American naval battles, but I’m not nearly so well versed historically, so I’ll just have to stick to saying that Cypress Hill’s... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Pitbull & Darkchild - America [Stream]

UPDATE: “America” is no longer available to stream.I know what you’re thinking: “A Verse Simmonds record that isn’t about beautiful women/getting it on with beautiful women? What has this world... Read More


Janet Jackson ft. Pitbull, Machel Montano & Rock City - Heart, Beat, Love [Stream]

If there was an award for the most unexpected collab ever, Janet Jackson’s (potential) new single Heart, Beat, Love would be up for a nomination. At first glance we have a random crew of musicians on Heart, Beat, Love, but... Read More


Pitbull ft. Nayer - Pearly Gates [Stream]

Are y’all going to revoke my hip-hop pass because I immediately knew that the sample from Pitbull’s new track Pearly Gates was from DJ Sammy’s 2002 hit Heaven, which is itself a cover of Bryan Adams’ 1983 track of the... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Fresh out the Oven [Stream]

In the music industry, sexy comes and sexy goes. And since the definition of sexy is constantly changing, many feel the need to bring it back, however they deem necessary. As the latest example in this time honored trend, I... Read More


Pitbull ft. Nicole Scherzinger - Hotel Room Service (Remix) [Stream]

With the tremendous success of Rebelution’s singles Krazy, I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) and Hotel Room Service (the artist’s three biggest hits to date), Pitbull has been catapulted to mainstream stardom... Read More


PItbull - Rebelution [Album]

If they kept stats for bootys popped, shows rocked and panties dropped, Pitbull would be a first ballot hall of famer. A Miami raised Cubano whose vagina obsessed anthems have been blowing up radios for more than five years... Read Full Review


Pitbull - Give Them What They Ask For [Stream]

For the past year, Pitbull has been dropping hits, hits, and more hits in preparation for the release of his senior album, Rebelution.  Though that approach has resulted in considerable Billboard success, there are some... Read More


Pitbull ft. B.o.B - Across The World [Stream]

In his most recent interview with DJ Z, Pitbull let us all in on his simple yet damned-near-foolproof strategy for success in today’s unforgiving music industry: just drop hits, hits, and more hits.  In addition to... Read More


Pitbull Shoots “Hotel Room Service” Video [Behind the Scenes Photos] [Feature ]

Miami, FL -- Latin-rap hitmaker Pitbull is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot for "Hotel Room Service," the fourth single off his forthcoming Rebelution LP. Directed by David Rosseau of,... Read More


Sean Kingston ft. Pitbull - Fire Burning (Remix) [Stream]

Spontaneous combustion must be a really painful experience. I mean, think about it: you’re just walking down the street one day, minding your business, and then before you know it you’re completely engulfed in flames. To... Read More


Omar Cruz ft. Pitbull - Where the Booty At [Stream]

Though both of Omar Cruz’ previous features (Gangsta Music, To The Top) received positive reviews from our readers, neither of them truly had that “hit single” appeal.  Fortunately, it looks like the third... Read More


Baby Bash ft. Pitbull - Outta Control [Stream]

One of the primary questions label A&Rs ask when scouting for new signees is “How well would this artist mesh with the rest of our roster?”  That concern is clearly of paramount importance to RCA Music... Read More


Hot Dollar ft. Pitbull, Yung Berg & K-Young - All Night Long [Stream]

When his debut album, My Dreams…A Day in the Life first got pushed back from its original August 14, 2007 release date, Hot Dollar brushed it off, saying that So So Def/Island Urban simply wanted him to pick up more... Read More


Pitbull Joins Forces with DJ Noodles & DJ Buddha for “Sh*ttin’ on the Industry” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- "I Know U Want Me" hitmaker Pitbull has teamed up with DJ Noodles and DJ Buddha for the follow-up to last fall's Free Agent mixtape. Featuring reader-approved single "Hotel Room Service" as well as... Read More


Hurricane Chris ft. Various Artists - She’s Fine (Remix) [Stream]

UPDATE: “She’s Fine (Remix)” is no longer available to stream.In his exclusive interview with our own DJ Z, Hurricane Chris gave his thoughts on the massive success of She’s Fine (Halle Berry), a... Read More


Pitbull - Hotel Room Service [Stream]

Though the three studio albums he released at TVT Records were chock full of club bangers, Pitbull has scored his biggest hits to date (the Lil’ Jon-assisted Krazy, which peaked at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 and I... Read More


Pitbull Selected as Billboard’s “Latin Digital Download Artist of the Year,” Album to Drop Sept. 1 [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Hip-hop artist Pitbull was honored at tonight’s Billboard Latin Music Awards with the first-ever “Latin Digital Download Artist of the Year” award. Pitbull’s explosive single “Krazy” (Mr.... Read More


Pitbull Signs with Polo Grounds/RCA Music Group, Preps “Rebelution” for Sept. 1 Release [Feature ]

New York, NY – With two singles quickly climbing the charts, Pitbull has signed with Polo Grounds Music/RCA Music Group through his Mr. 305, Inc. imprint. The relationship will not only involve recording, but also touring... Read More


“Fast & Furious” Soundtrack Set to Arrive in Stores March 31 [Feature ]

New York, NY -- In anticipation of the film's April 3rd opening, the official Fast & Furious Soundtrack will hit record stores and online retailers March 31st via Interscope/Star Trak. In addition to the previously-featured... Read More


Flo Rida ft. Dade County All-Stars - Yayo [Stream]

Flo Rida might be on top of the club-hop scene, but his background was just as rough as that of any rapper coming up from Miami-Dade County.  Fulfilling the promise of his sophomore LP’s title, Flo enlists the help... Read More