New Planet VI Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


SMKA ft. Chuck Inglish & Planet Vl - All Night All Day [Stream]

Anyone who knows the name Chuck Inglish knows that the Midwest mainstay is a beast behind the boards. Sure, Chuck can cook up a dope instrumental with the best of ‘em, but he doesn’t always have to. On All Night All... Read More


Beni Haze ft. Pusha T & Planet VI - It’s On Me [Stream]

If you don’t possess a photographic memory and/or a religious devotion to The DJBooth, I’m guessing you can’t name beatsmith Beni Haze‘s first and, to date, only appearance on our pages. So I’ll... Read More


Planet VI, G-Scott & Shawn Chrystopher - Doin’ Here [Stream]

There’s no telling who will pop up on a given track off SMKA and The Flush‘s forthcoming A3C compilation; previously-released joints Turn Around, Swisha and The Sparks have featured emerging artists from... Read More


Planet VI ft. Curtis Williams - By Myself [Stream & Download]

As far as Uptown and A.I. of Planet VI are concerned, solo dolo is the only way to roll. Granted, they’re typically found together, and they’re willing to make room for the right collaborator—but other than... Read More


You Asked, They Answered: Planet VI Talks “American Nightmare”, Name Change & More [Feature ]

Last week The DJBooth told fans that Planet VI would be answering their questions, and sure enough group members Uptown and A.I. have arrived the best user-submitted questions. In this brand new exclusive interview, the duo... Read More


Planet VI - American Nightmare [Album]

The artists formerly known as Rock City have found new life as Planet VI, and to further cement their new identity group members Uptown and A.I. have released their SMKA-presented American Nightmare album. Featuring lead... Read More


Ariez Onasis ft. Wiz Khalifa & Planet VI - No Limit [Stream]

Just shy of a year after stepping into The DJBooth with his last feature, the diabolically playeriffic Victim, Ariez Onasis makes his triumphant return to our pages with the world premiere of his latest single. A combative... Read More


Planet VI Will Answer Your Questions in an Exclusive DJBooth Interview [Feature ]

Formerly known as Rock City, heavyweight producers, songwriters and producers Uptown and A.I., now collectively known as Planet VI, are preparing their new album, American Nightmare, via The DJBooth on Tuesday, August 28.... Read More


Planet VI ft. Jarren Benton - Trouble [Stream & Download]

After sufficiently frightening the population with their previous release American Nightmare, Planet VI (the duo previously known as Rock City) thought they’d lighten things up with a breezy new summer jam. I’m... Read More


Planet VI - American Nightmare [Stream & Download]

While talk of the almighty American Dream brings about hope, optimism, and other pleasant emotions the contrary does exist and according to native Virgin Islanders Planet VI (formerly Rock City) they’re just that, the... Read More


SMKA ft. Planet Vl - The Gift [Stream]

As a very wise Hallmark card once told me, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.” Painful clichés aside, SMKA know that there’s no time like right... Read More


Planet VI ft. Cassie - Sex, Drugs & RocknRoll [Stream]

Fresh off cautioning listeners against the addictive pull of Fame on the first release off their debut set, Planet VI return to deconstruct a few of pop music’s other favorite topics. On Sex, Drugs & RocknRoll, Tha... Read More


Planet VI ft. Bei Maejor - Fame [Stream]

UPDATE: “Fame” is no longer available to stream. Messengers of peace and enlightenment from the Planet VI, Don’t Talk Much and Da Spokesman take their debut single as an opportunity to warn listeners about... Read More