New Prie Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Prie ft. Steezy Geezy - Living Life [Stream & Download]

What’s Prie been doing with himself since last February, when he earned positive Booth reviews for Flash&Flaunt? Oh, just Living Life. Which isn’t to say the Hawaiian emcee’s been slacking; on the... Read More


Prie ft. Blackbear - Flash&Flaunt [Stream]

When you’ve got something good going on, what’s the sense in being coy? You should Flash&Flaunt it, so the rest of the world can benefit from your gifts as well. Luckily for listeners in the Booth, Hawaiian... Read More


Prie - The Life & a Day of a Madd N*gga [Stream & Download]

If you’re anything like me, the title “The Life & a Day of a Madd N*gga” likely threw you for a loop. I mean, if we’re talking an entire life, where does the extra day come in—before the title character... Read More


Prie ft. Jim Hurdle & J. Erickson - The Weeknd [Stream & Download]

With his pathbreaking subject matter, distinctive vocal style and instantly-recognizable sound, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye is destined to influence recording artists for years to come, whether that debt be explicit or... Read More