New ProbCause Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


ProbCause - M.I.A. ft. Saba [Stream]

Chicago emcee ProbCause has released M.I.A., a new single from his forthcoming album, Drifters, due out this Friday, August 28. The record is produced by Drew Mantia, features a guest appearance by Top Prospect Saba and is... Read More


ProbCause & Gramatik - Back To The Future [Stream]

Chicago native ProbCause has released Back To The Future, the latest single off forthcoming album, Drifters, due out next Friday, August 28. The new school meets old school record, complete with cuts and scratches by DJ... Read More


ProbCause - I Feel U [Stream]

ProbCause might not be feeling you, but you will undoubtedly enjoy his latest single. The first release off the Chicago emcee’s upcoming Drifters EP, due out August 4, I Feel U is a carefree good time, which is... Read More


ProbCause x Manic Focus - Tilt Mode (Remix) ft. Gibbz [Stream & Download]

Back in 2013, Brooklyn’s Exmag unleashed Tilt Mode, a sultry single featuring slinky synth production and falsetto vocals by Gibbz. Now, the record has received the unofficial remix treatment courtesy of Chicago-repping... Read More


ZRO FOX (ProbCause x Zero Kizzie) ft. Sasha Go Hard - Might Not [Stream]

Today is a good day for fans of Chicago hip-hop. Why, you ask? Well, two of the city’s dopest emerging artists—namely longtime Booth fave ProbCause and Hologram Kizzie, the “First Lady of Rhymesayers”—have... Read More


Fluffy ft. ProbCause & James Franco - Best Friend [Stream]

A longtime presence in the Windy City music scene, inveterate partier and club manager Fluffy has added “recording artist” to her résumé with the release of debut single Best Friend. This left-of-center jam finds the... Read More


ProbCause ft. Donnie Trumpet & KSRA - Pale Moonlight [Stream]

Since its release to the ‘net last week, ProbCause‘s latest project has been making some serious WAVES throughout the hip-hop blogosphere. Maybe you haven’t felt the ripples of its impact just yet. In that... Read More


ProbCause - Chicago Style [Stream]

Known for its tall crust, chunky sauce and generous toppings, Chicago Style deep-dish pizza has never been my cup of tea. (I’m all about the thin, crispy Neapolitan version.) Chicago style hip-hop, on the other... Read More


ProbCause x The O’My’s - One of a Kind [Stream]

Both prominent members of the Windy City underground (and recent collaborators with SaveMoney ringleader Chance the Rapper), emcee ProbCause and funk-soul ensemble The O’Mys‘s finally join forces on new single One... Read More


ProbCause ft. Chance The Rapper - LSD [Stream]

Chicago natives have been known to refer to Lake Shore Drive, an expressway running along the edge of Lake Michigan, by the initialism LSD. As that surreal promo pic and the presence of Acid Rap auteur Chance The Rapper might... Read More


ProbCause - Black and White [Stream]

Not glimpsed on our pages since showcasing his icy flows on March’s SUBZERO, ProbCause returns to ring in the summer with Black & White, the follow-up single off his next street release. Over Wes P. and Doc The... Read More


Frank Leone ft. ProbCause - F**k That [Stream & Download]

Though he made an impressive debut with Miles Bonney, Frank Leone is still a relatively new name to DJBooth readers. Most artists in Frank’s situation (with less than a handful of features under their belt) might opt to... Read More


ProbCause ft. ShowYouSuck, Psalm One & Auggie the 9th - SUBZERO [Stream & Download]

As of my writing, Chicago is in the midst of a blizzard, that, when all is said and done, is expected to leave behind up to 10 inches of snow. Which means that, as one the city’s coldest emcees, ProbCause must feel... Read More


ProbCause ft. Action Bronson & Chance the Rapper - Three Course Meal [Stream & Download]

I hope you’re hungry, because the latest single off ProbCause‘s next street release is a full Three Course Meal. (Figuratively speaking—unfortunately, we haven’t perfected the technology to transmit... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. ProbCause, Elee (Impolite Society) & DJ Alo - Wind It Up [Stream & Download]

During Pugs Atomz’ second trip to London, the emcee heard a beat that kept running through his head long after he’d departed—only problem was, he wasn’t able to identify the instrumental. (Guess he... Read More


ProbCause - Flex [Stream]

Mama might have said knock you out, but she probably didn’t also warn you that ProbCause was coming for your jaw. For the Chicago emcee’s brand new video single, Flex, ProbCause steps inside the ring with a... Read More


ProbCause ft. Rockie Fresh & Diggs Duke - Fresh Air [Stream & Download]

I don’t know aqbout y’all, but I think it’s getting a little stuffy in here. Fortunately, ProbCause has stepped into the Booth with a breath of Fresh Air in the form of his latest mixtape single. Here, a... Read More


ProbCause - Larger Than Life [Stream & Download]

How’s ProbCause been feeling these days? Well, let’s see… remember the climax of Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, when Rick Moranis’ two-year-old son—having ballooned to a terrifying 112 feet tall—grabs... Read More


DK ft. ProbCause - Be Somebody [Stream & Download]

Nobody but you can tell you who you are, but the important thing is to Be Somebody—because, otherwise, you’re nobody. Here to express this sentiment better than I ever could is Booth newcomer DK, with the final... Read More


ProbCause Serves up “Stir Fry” for Streaming & Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Chitown buzzmaker ProbCause is offering up his latest street release, the Bonafyde Music-presented Stir Fry, for streaming and download via Featuring 11 fresh tracks from the up-and-coming... Read More


ProbCause - Stir Fry [Album]

Windy City emcee ProbCause has hooked up with to bring listeners his latest street release, the Stir Fry mixtape. Presented by Bonafyde Music, the project includes 11 tracks’ worth of original material from... Read More


Mulatto Patriot ft. ProbCause, Neak & Mike Schpitz - Live It Again [Stream & Download]

Previously heard lending his boardwork to Neak‘s Film School, producer Mulatto Patriot makes his first foray into the solo spotlight with promo single Live It Again. Here, the headliner’s breezy yet driven... Read More


ProbCause ft. JDM - On My Own [Stream & Download]

When it comes to hip hop, the Midwest has a knack for giving us eccentric, game-changing characters. First there was Kanye and his Ralph Lauren polos and now there’s Cudi and his hipster frames. Enter ProbCause. In his... Read More