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The Art of War: Examining Prodigy’s Brilliance Through “Survival of The Fittest” [Feature ]

“There’s a war goin’ out on outside no man is safe from.” Even the most casual of Mobb Deep fans would be able to tell you about their first experience hearing those opening lyrics to one of the... Read More


“Ain’t Never Seen No Parts of That Shit”: How Prodigy Taught Me the Beauty in the Grime [Feature ]

My introduction to Mobb Deep, Prodigy, and the world of gritty, grimy hip-hop came in the form of an interlude. Well, technically, it was a prelude—“The Infamous Prelude,” from the duo’s undeniably... Read More


Black Thought Knew Prodigy Would “Change The Game” After Hearing Unreleased ‘Infamous’ Songs [Feature ]

The tributes keep rolling in, deservedly, for Prodigy, the legendary Mobb Deep emcee who passed away on Tuesday (June 20), after being hospitalized for symptoms related to his lifelong battle with sickle-cell anemia. After... Read More


50 Cent: Prodigy Was Asked By NYPD to Plant a Gun In My Car [Feature ]

Following the news that veteran emcee Prodigy, following a lifelong battle with sickle-cell anemia, has passed away at the age of 42, many of his longtime friends, peers and collaborators have flooded social media with lovely... Read More


“This Might Be My Last Day”: Remembering My 2008 Interview With Prodigy [Feature ]

On Tuesday (June 20), after a lifelong battle with sickle-cell anemia, Mobb Deep emcee Prodigy, a living rap legend, passed away. He was 42. Over the course of my 15-year career in broadcast radio and then later in... Read More


Legendary Emcee Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Dead at 42 [Feature ]

Mobb Deep emcee Prodigy has passed away in Las Vegas, according to his publicist. He was 42. The cause of death has not yet been revealed, but Prodigy has openly talked about his battle with sickle cell anemia for... Read More

uncut-raw-remix-contest-0205151 x “Uncut Raw” Remix Contest [Feature ]

The DJBooth has partnered with for a truly remarkable remix contest for all up and coming producers! Choosing the Prodigy-assisted single, "Uncut Raw," taken fromm Havoc's 13 Reloaded... Read More


Havoc ft. Prodigy - Uncut Raw [Stream]

Though Havoc‘s latest project finds him stepping out from beneath the Mobb Deep umbrella, the Queensbridge veteran wasn’t about to leave his longtime partner-in-rhyme out of the guest lineup. On aptly-titled... Read More


Your Old Droog ft. Prodigy - Hoodie Weather [Stream]

Though NYC is currently experiencing one last blast of summer heat, Hoodie Weather is just around the corner. Your Old Droog, for one, can’t wait to bust out the sweats and thermals. On the latest single off his... Read More


50 Cent ft. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles P - Chase The Paper [Stream]

While you probably spent your weekend mornings nursing a hangover, 50 Cent is ignoring your girl’s call five times at a video shoot with tricked out vehicles I don’t even know the names of. In his latest video for... Read More


Vado ft. Chinx & Prodigy - Zoo Muzik [Stream]

As I am sure you’re probably aware, today is April 20; better known as “4/20.” Typical weed song releases will do, but sometimes you need to change it up to keep the smokin’ vibe going (it can’t... Read More


BAU Music Presents The Alchemist & Budgie ft. Prodigy & Roc Marciano - In Heaven’s Home [Stream]

In this digitally-focused day and age, album packaging has been pushed into the background. The Alchemist and Budgie, however, are looking to counter that trend with their forthcoming collaborative project, a boxed set which... Read More


Prodigy & The Alchemist - Murder Goes Down [Stream]

Though they work on opposite sides of the boards, Prodigy and Alchemist have both built up a reputation for killin’ it. So when the Mobb Deep rhymesayer and veteran West Coast beatsmith get together, it’s pretty... Read More


Sean C & LV ft. Prodigy, Bun B, CharlieRED & Remy Banks - Where’s Your Leader? [Stream]

With the myriad troubles facing the world today, we could use a Martin Luther King, Jr. or a Nelson Mandela to take charge and steer us toward a brighter tomorrow. On the lead single off their forthcoming full-length, veteran... Read More


Troy Ave ft. Raekwon, Noreaga & Prodigy - New York City [Stream]

With his next project, Troy Ave intends to sum up all five boroughs of hip-hop’s hometown in a single album. It’s an audacious move coming from an unsigned upstart, but before you judge the emcee for his hubris,... Read More


Durag Dynasty ft. Prodigy - Fish Meat [Stream]

Like seafood? Then the debut feature and latest single from Durag Dynasty is liable to kill your appetite for a good, long while. If you’re fond of certifiably gully West Coast hip-hop, on the other hand, your mouth... Read More


Prodigy x Alchemist - Albert Einstein [Album]

Northeastern street veteran Prodigy (a member of acclaimed crew Mobb Deep) has once again linked up with heavyweight producer The Alchemist to craft collaborative album, Albert Einstein. A follow-up to their... Read More


Prodigy ft. Domo Genesis - YNT (Young and Thuggin) [Stream]

Things with a title beginning with “Young And” seem to have a way of catching on. Take the clothing line Young and Reckless or the fan favorite soap opera The Young and The Restless; both are undoubtedly very popular... Read More


Prodigy - Dough Pildin [Stream]

If you’re anything like me, you peeped the title of Prodigy‘s latest feature, Dough Pildin, and thought, “What the f**k is a pildin?” A quick Google search reveals that it’s an obscure Welsh term meaning... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Prodigy - Confessions of a Cash Register [Stream]

Around lunchtime yesterday, Mac Miller took to Twitter and asked his followers, “you f**kers wanna hear somethin?” Thousands of retweets and favorites later, it was clear that, yes, they sure as f**k did, so he obliged... Read More


Prodigy x The Alchemist - Give Em Hell [Stream]

In musical folklore, when musicians are said to have sold their souls to the devil, it’s typically in exchange for supernaturally-enhanced talents on their instrument of choice. Never lacking in microphone skills,... Read More


Prodigy ft. Wiz Khalifa - Co-Pilot [Stream]

Even the flyest rapper is nothing without a first-class female to ride shotgun. On the latest single off his forthcoming mixtape, Prodigy invites a suitably alluring shawty to become his Co-Pilot, flowing over a synth-driven... Read More


Prodigy ft. Cory Gunz - Great Spitters [Stream & Download]

Feel like hearing two Great Spitters go in over a dope beat? If you didn’t answer that with a resounding “Yes,” then… uh… I’m not sure how you ended up at The DJBooth. Assuming you are a fan of... Read More


Gangrene (Alchemist x Oh No) ft. Prodigy - Dump Truck [Stream]

Gangrene‘s debut album, Gutter Water, may not have sounded too appetizing, but the project itself was so dope that heads everywhere were left thirsty for more. Today, The Alchemist and Oh No return with the lead single... Read More


Mobb Deep Rock the Stage at Chicago Venue the Bassment [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- In 1995, Mobb Deep (consisting of Queensbridge rappers Prodigy and Havoc) changed the rap world forever with the release of their instant classic The Infamous. Fast forward over 15 years, and on a chilly... Read More


Statik Selektah, Prodigy & J-Zone’s Official NYC Listening Party [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Last Thursday was a night of celebration as emcees, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts gathered for the official NYC listening party for not one, but three hitmakers. Post-modern haunt Stay Lounge was the perfect... Read More


Prodigy - Cold World [Stream]

With the winter fast approaching, snow and climate changes aren’t the only things that can make life difficult. Prodigy’s uniquely futuristic street banger, Cold World, finds the currently imprisoned rapper waxing poetic... Read More


Prodigy - Product of the 80s [Album]

It’s time for another thrilling edition of everyone’s favorite game, Guess the Mid-Level Rap Star! Ready? Ok, who are you? A little while back you got arrested on a weapons charge. Maybe this arrest was part of a vast... Read Full Review


Prodigy ft. Big Twins & Un Pacino - Shed Thy Blood [Stream]

“You fakin’ it/I’m livin’ it…” is Prodigy‘s message to Hollywood emcees and Rick Ross-type street dudes with no credibility. The currently-imprisoned, Queens-bred storyteller may be behind metal bars, but... Read More


Sean Kingston ft. Prodigy - That Simple [Stream]

As Sean Kingston‘s current single There’s Nothin’ (featuring Elan of The DEY and Juelz Santana) continues to get major airplay nationwide, a previously unreleased song has found itself a home on the... Read More


Prodigy - H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 [Album]

Tomorrow morning you’re going to wake up, get dressed, board a bus, and then go to sleep in prison. You’re slated to be released in three years, maybe less with good behavior, maybe more if you get in a fight or two.... Read Full Review


Keak Da Sneak ft. Prodigy & The Alchemist - That Go (Remix) [Stream]

Although Keak da Sneak represents the Bay Area and is one of the leaders of the Hyphy movement, the veteran rapper and his unique voice can easily adapt to many regional sounds.  To demonstrate, Keak remixes his earlier... Read More


Prodigy - Real Power Is People [Stream]

Prior to starting a 3 ½-year prison sentence, Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy sat down with our very own DJ Z for an exclusive pre-prison interview.  Toward the end of their conversation, Prodigy divulged what he feels is... Read More


Prodigy - Young Veterans [Stream]

Rapper Prodigy was supposed to turn himself into police this week to begin a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for gun possession.  However, due to complications from his sickle cell anemia, the Mobb Deep alum was... Read More


Prodigy - Mac 10 Handle [Stream]

Before his second solo effort is released to the suburbs, Prodigy is setting the streets on fire with his mixtape Return of the Mac. Recruiting the much sought after Alchemist for production, Prodigy paints a picture of... Read More


Prodigy - Stuck On You [Stream]

The Infamous Prodigy, half of the notorious NY duo Mobb Deep, comes with his newest single, Stuck on You, and attempts to end talk of his falling off.  Prodigy leaves the bubble gum rap at the door and goes back to his... Read More


Koch to Release New Prodigy Album, Produced by Alchemist [Feature ]

New York, NY -- KOCH Records announces the eagerly-anticipated release of Return of the Mac, a new album from Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. This release will be followed in late 2007 by H.N.I.C. 2, the follow up to Prodigy’s Gold... Read More