New Proph Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Proph ft. ElEl - Bubbly [Stream]

Once upon a time, I would have told you that hip-hop and indie-folk were about as likely to mix well as oil and water. But if the last few years of music have taught me anything, it’s that no bedfellows are too strange to... Read More


Proph - Winner [Stream]

On his last feature, released back in November, Milwaukee rhymesayer Proph reflected on the superhuman powers seemingly granted by Air Jordans and other name-brand goods. Powerful as the aura of the designer logo may be,... Read More


Proph ft. Joe Cool - Jordans [Stream]

Everyone knows that a name-brand logo is just an image on a garment or a bottle, with no magical powers to make you richer, more attractive, or a better baller. But our unconscious minds know with equal certainty that... Read More


Proph - Steady Chasin’ [Stream]

Normally songs about money are made to be enjoyable while riding to or dancing in the club and come equipped with a speedy, clap heavy beat. On Steady Chasin’, Milwaukee emcee Proph flips the script. While the record is... Read More


Proph ft. Gerald Walker - Higher [Stream]

When most rappers make a song called Higher they’ve got some of that sticky green on their minds (and in their lungs), but Proph’s focused on an even worthier goal; love. Making his DJBooth debut with the world premiere... Read More