New Prote-J Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Prote - J ft. Mark Russell - Stepitup [Stream]

When one or both partners in a relationship begins to take the other for granted, a carefully-cultivated love can quickly deteriorate to the point of being irreparable. Floridian emcee/producer Prote-J is well aware that, in... Read More


Prote-J ft. D. Daniels - Runnin’ [Stream]

Last we heard from Prote-J, it was August of 2012 and the Florida emcee/producer was expressing his disillusionment with the music industry on tension-fraught mixtape cut All of the Lies. What a difference two years can make.... Read More


Prote-J ft. GhostWridah - All of the Lies [Stream & Download]

Emcee/producer Prote-J’s new single, All of the Lies, interestingly flips Kanye’s famous All of the Lights, depicting the harsh realities of the modern hip-hop industry, plagued by TMZ, Twitter, and storytellers who... Read More


Prote-J - Me.Verses.Time [Album]

Orlando, Florida (by way of Papua New Guinea) emcee/producer Prote-J has released his new DJBooth-hosted album, Me.Verses.Time, which includes previously-features selections "Sunday Night," "Young Man" and "K.I.S." Guest... Read More


Prote-J ft. Shelly Flash - K.I.S [Stream & Download]

After grappling with heartbreak on his last feature, the reader-acclaimed Young Man, Prote-J isn’t in the market for anything serious. On the latest world premiere off his forthcoming, DJBooth-hosted street release, the... Read More


Prote-J ft. Ashley Dudukovich & Demetrius Daniels - Young Man [Stream]

I think it’s safe to say that Prote-J‘s been a little stressed lately. Sunday Night, the inaugural release off his forthcoming album, found the emcee busy brooding over financial and professional worries to... Read More


Prote-J ft. Truth407 - Sunday Night [Stream]

After Friday and Saturday evenings packed with revelry, Sunday Night is a time to decompress and regain one’s bearings in anticipation of another week on the grind. At least it’s supposed to be—recently,... Read More


Prote-J - Bigger Things [Video]

To emphasize the message portrayed in his deeply personal song “Bigger Things”, Prote-J and director Zach Goodchild, have released the music video that accompanies the song, which includes personal footage taken... Read More


Prote-J - Dope Raps & Kit Kats [Album]

Florida representative Prote-J has joined forces with to bring fans his highly-anticipated sophomore street album, Dope Raps & Kit Kats. The follow-up to last year’s Good Hip Hop Meets Radio, the... Read More


Prote-J Serves up “Dope Raps & Kit Kats” on his Sophomore Mixtape [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Papua New Guinea-raised, Florida-based emcee Prote-J has stepped into the Booth with his sophomore full-length, Dope Raps & Kit Kats. Featuring 12 original records by the freestyle series alumnus, including... Read More


Prote-J - Organs Play [Stream & Download]

Those who have been walking down the road to the release of upcoming album Dope Raps & Kit Kats know that Prote-J isn’t one to bite his tongue. So it’s only appropriate that on new release Organs Play, making... Read More


Prote-J - This Life [Stream & Download]

On his last feature, Prote-J revealed the secret behind his seemingly superhuman grind: having endured crushing poverty during his early years in Papua New Guinea, he has the perspective to keep his mind on Bigger Things... Read More


Mad Child’s Booth Freestyle, “Black Belt,” Takes Top Billing on Indie Hip Hop Chart [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The first entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series to debut at the top of our Independent chart, Mad Child's "Black Belt" lands the #1 spot. Also new this week, Prote-J's... Read More


Prote-J - Bigger Things [Stream & Download]

It may not be very reassuring to hear when you’re down, but it’s true: no matter how bad things are, there’s always someone out there who has it worse. Absent since last May’s So Sick freestyle,... Read More


Prote-J - So Sick [Stream & Download]

The 171st entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Prote-J, the Florida native who earned reader approval for Foreign back in March. On his brand new, exclusive So Sick freestyle, the currently-unsigned... Read More


Prote-J Spits “So Sick” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Prote-J, the Florida native who earned reader approval for "Foreign" back in March, has stepped into the Booth with the 171st entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new, exclusive "So Sick"... Read More


Prote-J - Foreign [Stream]

They say that you need to compromise. That you can make good music, or commercially successful music, but you can’t make both. They’re wrong, and singer/rapper/songwriter/Renaissance man Prote-J is out to prove it. Making... Read More