New Pugs Atomz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Pugs Atomz - Iridium Life Soundtrack [Album]

To celebrate the release of his company's summer clothing line, as well as its showing at Chicago Men's Fashion Week, Chicago-repping reader fave Pugz Atomz has come together with The DJBooth to unleash a brand new... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. Jazz Bailey - Pill for That [Stream]

Suffering from a deficiency of dope beats and insightful rhymes? As far as I know, there’s not a Pill for That, but a listen to Pugs Atomz‘s latest single should cure what ails you. Over the live boardwork of Plug... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. Awdazcate - #IridiumLife [Stream & Download]

“To be without iridium is to be without God, and to be without God is to be without life.” Follow that? Me neither. The premise of Pugs Atomz‘s latest feature, #IridiumLife, makes a lot more sense when you realize... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. Karen Be, Raashan Amad & Ariano - Small World [Stream]

It’s a Small World out there—especially when you do as much jet-setting as Pugs Atomz. On his latest single, the Windy City rhymesayer links up with a couple U.S. artists he always seems to run into while journeying... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. Sabira Jade - Temporary [Stream]

Update: “Temporary” is no longer available for stream. Early this month, Pugs Atomz lit the fuse on his next full-length with an inaugural song release called Tempo. If you’re anything like me, you did a... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. ShowYouSuck - Tempo [Stream]

Pugs Atomz’ fall-2012 promo single, Wind It Up, might have been more accurately titled Wind It Down, as it would be the Chi-town emcee’s last appearance on our pages for the better part of a year. Now that... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. ProbCause, Elee (Impolite Society) & DJ Alo - Wind It Up [Stream & Download]

During Pugs Atomz’ second trip to London, the emcee heard a beat that kept running through his head long after he’d departed—only problem was, he wasn’t able to identify the instrumental. (Guess he... Read More


Mulatto Patriot x Simeon Viltz ft. Pugs Atomz - Once Again [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Video” above to view the Once Again video. Mobile users can scroll down. Nostalgic for the late-‘80s/early-90’s heyday of Cold Chillin’, the label who brought us Marley... Read More


Pugs Atomz - She Look Good [Stream]

Fresh off bringing us the exclusive on The Fall, Windy City rhymesayer and inveterate jet-setter Pugs Atomz returns to our pages with another world premiere off his next street release. On She Look Good, the longtime Booth... Read More


Pugs Atomz - The Fall [Stream & Download]

Once upon a time, Pugs Atomz was “just another kid from the ghetto;” now he’s rap star in the making, performing in front of adoring fans at venues worldwide. On his latest mixtape single, a Booth-exclusive... Read More


Pugs Atomz - SLOWine [Stream & Download]

Wondering why we haven’t heard much new music from Pugs Atomz in the past few months? Well, a tour through Europe and Asia that left Pugs’ passport completely filled has understandably given the Chicago emcee little... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. Greg Blackman - Don’t Be Late [Stream & Download]

There’s no overstating the value of punctuality when it comes to getting ahead in life. Just ask Chi-town rhymesayer Pugs Atomz, who stresses the importance of being in the right place at the right time on Don’t... Read More


Pugs Atomz - Who R U [Stream & Download]

If UR a Booth regular, then chances R U know who Pugs Atomz is (OK, I’ll lay off the text-speak). For those who don’t, unreleased cut Who R U (making its world premiere in the Booth) could hardly be a better... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. StaHHr & Jabee - Shootem Down [Stream]

Has it really been 10 months and 15 days since Chi-town fave Pugs Atomz stepped into the Booth with a solo feature? As you may have surmised from that oddly specific figure, the answer is “Yes.” Not, that I can... Read More


Ill Legit, Pugs Atomz, N.E.P.H.E.W. & Sulaiman - Star Time [Stream & Download]

At this point, I think we’re all agreed that rumors of hip-hop’s death were greatly exaggerated. While the fact that the genre was alive and kicking all along calls into question the idea of a Rebirth (not to... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. Pslalm One, MC Adad & Señor Kaos - Now Baby [Stream]

Chi-town mainstay and freestyle series contributor Pugs Atomz is no novice in the field of love and attraction, but even the smoothest of players can, if they’re not careful, find themselves in any number of awkward... Read More


Pugs Atomz - Faded [Premiere] [Stream & Download]

Are y’all sitting down? Good, because this may come as a bit of a shock: despite what the record’s title may suggest, Faded,  the latest leak off beatsmith Jay Vega‘s forthcoming mixtape, is not about... Read More


Pugs Atomz - Kinda Like A Mixtape [Album]

Chi-town emcee and Gent$ member Pugs Atomz has linked up with,, CoalMine Music and Fat Beats to present Kinda Like a Mixtape, the official prelude to his and Grant Parks’ collaborative... Read More


Pugs Atomz - Listen to My Album [Premiere] [Stream]

Ever popped a brand new CD into the stereo for the first time, only to realize that you’d been duped into dropping 17 bucks on an LP featuring two decent cuts and a metric crapton of filler? Of course you have. Pugs... Read More


Pugs Atomz & Grant Parks - Rocket Love [Premiere] [Stream]

Now I was always told that having Rocket Love wasn’t exactly a good thing, if you catch my drift, but consummately smooth emcee and The Gent$ frontman Pugz Atomz begs to differ. Instead of speed, Pugz is referring to... Read More


Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee - Stormy [Album]

Pugs Atomz and Rashid Hadee have forged their individual paths and together look to establish a new mark of excellence on the and Presented “Stormy” LP. “Stormy” blends... Read More


Pugs Atomz - I’ll Wait for You [Stream]

A superhuman work ethic may be a prerequisite for success in the music game but, unfortunately, it isn’t the only quality needed to achieve stardom; artists hoping to someday get their ‘big break’ also need... Read More


K. Sparks (Co-Starring Pugs Atomz & Tina Quallo) - On n On [Stream]

Like moths to a flame, groupies of both genders can be counted on to congregate around any talented artist, and Booth favorite K. Sparks is no exception. On n On, the seventh and final leak off his forthcoming, Kevin... Read More


Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee - Back Again [Stream]

If you’re a fan of Windy City hip-hop, now would be a good time to throw your hands in the air. Reader-acclaimed up-and-comer Pugs Atomz is Back Again, and he’s brought another of Chi-town’s finest,... Read More


Pugs Atomz is “Back Again” on First Leak from “Stormy” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. -- Pugs Atomz, the up-and-coming emcee who recently brought us album track "Fire," has teamed up with and Fake Shore Drive to bring fans Stormy, a forthcoming mixtape project created in collaboration... Read More


Pugs Atomz - Fire [Stream]

Plenty of rappers claim to spit fire, but sadly most couldn’t produce a lyrical flame worthy of a Bic. In his latest creation Fire, Chi-city phenom Pugs Atomz delivers some legitimate heat as he puts his seamless flow and... Read More


Pugs Atomz, DJ Graffiti, 2DopeBoyz & FakeShoreDrive Drop “Road 2 The Top” [Download] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Pugs Atomz, the underground emcee who contributed "Higher" to our exclusive freestyle series in May, has teamed up with, to bring listeners the official prelude to his... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. 6th Sense - Winners [Stream]

As proven by Booth favorites Young Son and Pay$0z’ collaborations with Manic Mondays mastermind K. Sparks, is a valuable resource for artists as well as listeners.  The latest emcee to take advantage of our... Read More

Pugs Atomz Spits “Higher” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Pugs Atomz, the underground emcee introduced to readers in late April with "They Ain't," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 44th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Pugs Atomz - Higher [Stream & Download]

The 44th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Pugs Atomz, the Chi-town up-and-comer who made his Booth debut with They Ain’t in late April.  The Enohes Music/Slo Flo emcee, whose brand new... Read More


Pugs Atomz - They Ain’t [Stream]

An up-and-coming emcee who more than lives up to his troublemaking TV namesake, Pugslee Atomz has teamed up with fellow Chi-town native and veteran beatsmith Anton Genius to let all those who think they’ve got it... Read More