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Sylvan LaCue’s Bless The Booth Freestyle Will Turn Heads (Video) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube Sylvan Lacue, the Miami native formerly known as QuESt, follows Koncept and J57 and Rittz as the next emcee up to Bless The Booth. Over original production from... Read More


Sylvan LaCue - Far From Familiar [Album]

Miami-based hip-hop artist and longtime Booth favorite Sylvan LaCue has released his brand new album, Far From Familiar, via his own WiseUp imprint. The project marks the beginning of a new chapter for the artist formerly... Read More


QuESt - Biscayne Blvd [Stream]

As we steadily move closer to the tail end of this miserable cold weather (at least for any Northerners), allow yourself to be transported to Biscayne Blvd, if only for a few minutes, courtesy of QuEST and director Christian... Read More


QuEST - Automatic [Stream]

Update: The Jonathan Benavente-directed visuals for QuESt’s Automatic single have been added. Last Monday, Jersey phenom QuEST lit the fuse on his next indie album with May 10, 2012, a reader-acclaimed jam that found... Read More


QuEST - Decades [Stream]

Fresh off breaking 30,000 followers on Twitter, Floridian rhymesayer QuEST celebrates the social-media milestone by unleashing new promo single Decades. On this cut, the artist takes a momentary vacation from intricate... Read More


Khary Durgans ft. QuEST & Smithsoneon - Peace N Sh*t (Remix) [Stream]

Khary Durgans isn’t just in the rap game to get famous or line his own pockets; he’s “tryin’ to save the world.” I’m not convinced that’s something one rapper can achieve on his lonesome but... Read More


QuEST - Back & More [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his Visionary Music Group debut set, and an exclusive feature with The DJBooth, it’s clear QuESt has been a busy man of late. But his packed schedule hasn’t stopped him from liberating... Read More


Inside the Verse: QuESt Breaks Down His “Automatic” Verse (Video) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBoothTV While Rick Ross' Miami has largely become what nation pictures when they think of South Florida rap, there's yet another Miami, a Miami filled with hip-hop artists devoted to lyricism and... Read More


QuESt - Searching Sylvan [Album]

If you've been a loyal reader of The DJBooth over the course of the past few years, you already know that QuESt is one of the most promising young lyricists to come out of Miami in a hot minute. If not, well, the release of... Read More


QuEST - Hunger [Stream]

After four singles—May 10, 2012, Automatic, Lost N**gas and Struggle Rapper—listeners endowed with basic pattern recognition skills have likely concluded that QuEST‘s next album is gonna be dope. Nonetheless,... Read More


QuEST ft. Mélat - Struggle Rapper [Stream]

QuEST may not be as “Lost” as the gun-toting narrator of his last single, but the Jersey representative is well-acquainted with the struggle. On the freshly-minted Struggle Rapper, he offers a glimpse of the pain and... Read More


QuEST - Lost N**gas [Stream]

When fans hit play on QuEST‘s latest single, they might be a little shocked to hear the normally down-to-earth Jersey emcee announce that he’s strapped. He anticipated this confusion, and released the song with a... Read More


QuEST - May 10th, 2012 [Stream]

Earlier this month, QuEST wrapped up his 31-city national tour with rising rap star Logic. Now that he’s back, the Miami rapper could kick back and enjoy the rest of his summer; instead, though, he’s preparing a... Read More


Mélat ft. QuESt - The Prometheus Interlude [Stream]

A Titan who stole fire from the Greek gods and gave it to the people, thereby paving the way for human civilization, Prometheus is a shining example of what one can accomplish when one follows one’s dreams in defiance... Read More


QuESt - NEATO Season [Stream]

Temperatures are starting to drop and NFL preseason football has begun, which means that it is almost fall. But wait just a minute; Miami emcee QuESt is hitting pause on autumn’s arrival, declaring that it is NEATO... Read More


QuESt - Chase to Nowhere [Stream]

No matter the nature of your hustle or your level of motivation, there are times when it feels like you’re on a Chase to Nowhere. On a freshly-released album outtake (with accompanying visuals) from his next street... Read More


QuESt - Gambler [Stream & Download]

With his next street album merely six days from release, QuESt has stepped into the Booth with the first (and only) official single off the project. On Gambler, New Zealand-based drum-n-bass/dubstep group Mt. Eden‘s... Read More


Scolla ft. QuESt & D.Julien - Even & Odds [Stream & Download]

Kicked off with the YP-assisted Can’t Go Back, Scolla‘s online “Web Tour” enters its second week with the newly-released Even & Odds. On this headphone-ready cut, Jerry Parker‘s shimmering... Read More


Hi-Rez ft. QuESt - X-Problems [Stream & Download]

As much as one’s higher cognitive processes might cry out against reliving past heartbreaks, there’s nothing easier than falling back in love—and/or bed—with an old flame. Just ask Hi-Rez, who finds himself... Read More


Ess Vee ft. QuESt - Live [Stream & Download]

Not seen in the Booth since dazzling readers with November 2011 promo single Get Right to It, Ess Vee makes his long-awaited return to our pages with Live, a newly-released joint off his latest mixtape. On Live, the Jersey... Read More


QuESt - The Blur [Stream & Download]

Miami’s hip-hop answer to DC Comics hero The Flash, QuEST has the speed and mental acuity to leave his competition in the dust. Don’t believe me? Simply take a listen to The Blur, a new album outtake which finds... Read More


QuESt ft. Mickey Factz - Something To Prove [Stream & Download]

As an up-and-coming emcee grinding to get his buzz up, QuESt may have nothing to lose, but he most definitely has Something to Prove—especially on this joint, the Miami repper’s first official single. Here, the... Read More


J NiCS ft. Co$$ & QuESt - Road To Riches (Remix) [Stream & Download]

For some, like say Diddy’s son, the Road to Riches is short and paved in gold. For the rest of us, however, the journey to full bank accounts can be filled with dead ends, traffic jams and empty gas tanks. I know J NiCS can... Read More


QuESt ft. Omen - The Sight [Stream & Download]

As Nathan S. has made abundantly clear in his “Your Favorite Rapper Is Poor” series on RefinedHype, the luxurious, high-rolling image often upheld by hip-hop artists is largely a simulacrum—an idealized copy of... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Quest - They Spun the Web [Stream & Download]

Minneapolis representative and longtime reader fave Mike Dreams, first threw his hat into the digital series ring with the Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep. Now, the freestyle alum‘s back at it with a new weekly series... Read More


QuESt - Inner Sense [Stream & Download]

What if video game characters had to navigate through the REAL world? They’d be disappointed that there were no treasure chests with extra coins or re-up packs for energy. But they would find QuEST, the Miami-emcee and... Read More


QuESt ft. Ms. Neo - Were Going Down [Stream]

As I’ve recently noted, rappers’ usage of flight/altitude-based metaphors has been at an all-time, um, high, lately. Always the nonconformist, QuESt has elected to title his new single, an ambitious meditation on... Read More


ArtOfficial ft. QuESt & Swamburger - Show Me Change [Stream]

We’ve heard Miami, Florida crew ArtOfficial flip tracks by rock and jazz icons into live-band hip-hop gold, but can they work a similar brand of magic on classic cuts from their own genre? Judging by the latest single... Read More


QuESt Spits “You’re Not Alone” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- QuESt, the Miami native who earned reader acclaim for "No One's Allowed" and "LavishLuxuriously," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 145th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


QuESt - You’re Not Alone [Stream & Download]

The 145th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of QuESt, the Miami native who earned reader acclaim for No One’s Allowed and LavishLuxuriously. On his brand new, exclusive You’re Not Alone... Read More


QuESt - Elevator Status [Stream]

Don’t let the laid-back delivery and cool demeanor fool you – QuESt’s musical hustle has earned him his share of gray hairs. Nonetheless, on new mixtape freestyle Elevator Status, the Miami native succeeds in... Read More


QuEST Gives Listeners Fix with “Broken Headphones” [Download] [Feature ]

Miami, FL -- QuESt, the up-and-coming emcee who brought us the reader-acclaimed "No One's Allowed" and Booth-exclusive cut "LavishLuxuriously," has joined forces with HipHopDX, illRoots, and 2DopeBoyz to drop his... Read More


QuESt - LavishLuxuriously [Stream]

Why does Miami up-and-comer QuESt grind day in and day out, passing up parties in favor of all-nighters in the studio?  Simple: he wants to amass the cash and renown necessary to live LavishLuxuriously.  Making its... Read More


QuEST Counts Down with “There’s Only One Month Left” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Miami, FL -- With the July 28th release of his hotly-anticipated, 2dopeboyz, illroots, and HipHopdx-presented Broken Headphones mixtape only a month away, "No One's Allowed" emcee QuEST has teamed up with DJ RTC to drop an... Read More


QuESt ft. XV - No One’s Allowed [Stream]

On July 28, dopeRoots (a partnership between top hip-hop blogs 2DopeBoyz and illRoots) will team up with HipHopDX to release the free online album Broken Headphones (likely to be available for download on the Booth).  A... Read More