New Quincy Vidal Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Quincy Vidal ft. Gabriel Garzon-Montano - LDZ/Who Knows [Stream]

When indie hip-hop duo Quincy Vidal steps into the Booth with a new feature, Who Knows what’s in store? To answer my own rhetorical question, nobody except Le’Asha Julius and C.E. themselves. Odds are, though,... Read More


Quincy Vidal - Pillow [Stream]

The best part about having a significant other is that no matter where you are, you always have a go-to Pillow. OK, so maybe that’s not the best part, but it’s a perk nonetheless. Just ask hip-hop duo Quincy... Read More


Quincy Vidal - Saturday Morning [Stream]

A singly-named duo in the tradition of Christian Rich and Chester French, Quincy Vidal make their grand entrance into The DJBooth with an album standout depicting a typical Saturday Morning around their way. Still Weavens... Read More