New R.O.E. Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


R.O.E. - Beware [Stream]

R.O.E. has been absent from our pages for a hot minute—his last feature, The Sun Will Shine, came in January of 2013—but you shouldn’t take that to mean he hasn’t been on his grind. Just last month, in fact,... Read More


R.O.E. - The Sun Will Shine [Stream & Download]

R.O.E.‘s last solo feature, summer 2011 freestyle series entry History, was more appropriately titled than the artist could have known, considering the amount of time that’s passed since its release. Just when we... Read More


Ben Official ft. Mathien & R.O.E. - Direct Descendant [Stream & Download]

Many R&B greats have called the Windy City of Chicago home and on his DJBooth debut feature Nigerian-born singer Ben Official is a welcomed addition to that growing soul movement. For Direct Descendant the crooner... Read More


R.O.E. - History [Stream & Download]

The 248th entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of R.O.E., the Chitown emcee who earned reader approval for Revive and The Gloves (No Quit). On his brand new, exclusive History freestyle, the Soulville... Read More


R.O.E. Spits “History” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- R.O.E., the Chitown emcee who earned reader approval for "Revive" and "The Gloves (No Quit)," has stepped into the Booth with the 248th entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


R.O.E. - Revive [Stream & Download]

Bandied about on the regular ever since Nas released his provocatively-titled album in ‘06, the “Hip-Hop is Dead” memo now seems destined stick around as long as the music itself. And thank God for that – without... Read More


R.O.E. ft. Chris Mathien - The Gloves (No Quit) [Stream]

Succeeding in a city as packed with A-list talent as the Chi is no easy task, but up-and-coming rapper R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy) has no doubt that his tenacity will take him straight to the top – in other words, he’s... Read More