New Raz Simone Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Raz Simone - Trap Spirituals EP [Album]

After going through a tear throughout the beginning of 2015, releasing three Booth-acclaimed projects (Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2, Macklemore Privilege & Chief on Keef Violence and Baby Jesus) over the course of four... Read More


Raz Simone - Plottin [Stream]

Seattle emcee Raz Simone has released visuals for Plottin, the latest single release from his forthcoming Trap Spirituals album. Incredibly, this is Simone and Black Umbrella cinematographer Jacob Hill‘s 10th... Read More


Raz Simone - Massa Sir [Stream]

Update: The Raz Simone and Jacob Hill co-directed visuals for Massa Sir have been added. Seattle emcee Raz Simone has released Massa Sir, a new promo single from his forthcoming project, Trap Spirituals, due out soon. The... Read More


Raz Simone - Why You On My Line [Stream]

No, that is not your phone vibrating. Instead, it is the beginning to yet another new record from Raz Simone. The Seattle Booth fave has been tearing through 2015 with release after release, so it should come as no surprise... Read More


Raz Simone - Baby Jesus [Album]

If it feels like Raz Simone just released a new, free project, that is because he did. Exactly one month ago, the Seattle native let go the much talked-about Macklemore Privilege & Chief on Keef Violence. Now he returns with... Read More


Raz Simone - Pulling [Stream]

Raz Simone doesn’t seem to be sacrificing a bit of quality with his rapid-fire output, and has yet another strong effort on his hands with Pulling. His latest release off of his upcoming Baby Jesus project comes with... Read More


Raz Simone - All In My Mind [Stream]

I was disappointed for a second, thinking that we might actually make it through a whole week without any new material from Raz Simone to show for it. Just like that, the Booth fave gives us a Friday afternoon treat with a... Read More


Raz Simone - That Ain’t Love ft. Pusha T & Leezy Soprano [Stream]

Another day, another record from Raz Simone! A week after dropping off the title track to his upcoming Baby Jesus project, the Booth favorite connects with King Push and fellow Washingtonian Leezy Soprano for That Ain’t... Read More


Raz Simone - Baby Jesus [Stream]

Update: The Raz Simone and Jacob Hill-directed visuals for Simone’s Baby Jesus single have been added. Dear Baby Jesus, the man will not stop! Having already dropped two projects thus far this year, and just four days... Read More


Raz Simone - Macklemore Privilege & Chief on Keef Violence [Album]

Most artists would be thrilled to release one highly-acclaimed album or project per calender year. Clearly, Raz Simone is not most artists. Just a month after the release of his free Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2 album, the... Read More


Raz Simone - Them ft. Fatal Lucciauno [Stream]

Fresh off of our 1 Listen feature article from earlier in the week, Raz Simone is taking aim at Them in his newest set of self-directed (along with Jacob Hill) visuals. Joined by frequent collaborator Fatal Lucciauno, the two... Read More


The 1 Artist You Need to Hear Right Now, Raz Simone [Feature ]

I've been a Raz Simone fan and supporter for sometime now. I am by no means, at all, even by the smallest of margins, responsible for his success, but I "found" him before he was featured on the DJBooth and... Read More


Raz Simone - Same Problems ft. Gifted Gab & Fatal Lucciauno [Stream]

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to feel a little bit sorry for Macklemore. Sure, he’s got enough cash to clean out every thrift store in the country, but no amount of wealth can protect you from being... Read More


Raz Simone ft. Tupac - Drake & Macklemore’s Platform [Stream]

Last week, Raz Simone took a break from crafting cinematic narrative jams to sound off on the state of mainstream hip-hop in the official visuals for Chief Keef & Macklemore. In the wake of that video single’s... Read More


Raz Simone - Chief Keef & Macklemore [Stream]

Those familiar with Raz Simone’s Cognitive Dissonance series know that the Seattle rhymesayer is more focused on weaving cinematic narratives than sounding off on the state of the music game, but that doesn’t mean he... Read More


Raz Simone - Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2 [Album]

Over the past few months, Raz Simone has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats with weekly song releases off his latest musical opus. Now, with the saga at its close, the Seattle rapper and producer has dropped... Read More


Raz Simone - Shoes On [Stream]

It feels like only yesterday Raz Simone kicked off the Cognitive Dissonance Part Two saga with Cheap Money but we’re already just one week from the end. Like any good penultimate episode, New Shoes ramps up the tension... Read More


Raz Simone - These Words [Stream]

If you were ever teased as a kid, you’re probably familiar with the saying, “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.” Well, to borrow the title of Raz Simone‘s last feature,... Read More


Raz Simone - Bullsh*t [Stream]

On top of releasing Cognitive Dissonance: Part One back in March, Raz Simone made his way onto our homepage a whopping 13 times this year. Clearly, the Seattle native does not have time for your Bullsh*t. This is a point he... Read More


Raz Simone - Out Here Gettin’ Money [Stream]

On Cheap Money, the “pilot” to the musical miniseries that is Cognitive Dissonance Part 2, Raz Simone told us that “Money means nothing and time means everything.” Now, on episode five, the Seattle representative... Read More


Raz Simone - Why Aren’t You Mine [Stream]

On Street Lights, the last weekly release off his second Cognitive Dissonance LP, Raz Simone departed from the gritty themes of many of his previous features to pay tribute to the girl who held him down through all his trials... Read More


Raz Simone - Street Lights [Stream]

Last week, Raz Simone announced that he would be releasing the remainder of his second Cognitive Dissonance LP as a series of weekly singles. Given the stunning 4.8-star rating you awarded Let It Go, I don’t need to... Read More


Raz Simone - Let It Go [Stream]

If Part 1 in Raz Simone‘s Cognitive Dissonance mixtape series was an epic film, the forthcoming follow-up is going to be more like a riveting TV drama, doled out in suspenseful bite-sized portions. Having hooked... Read More


Raz Simone - Cheap Money [Stream]

“Time is everything and money means nothing.” Now there’s a statement you don’t expect to hear from a rapper. On his latest single, Cheap Money, Raz Simone bucks the trend of rampant materialism, reminding us... Read More


Raz Simone - Bow Down [Stream]

Though Raz Simone is currently traveling the U.S. with Rittz and Taylor Gang‘s Tuki Carter (Click here to read our own Lucas S.‘s coverage of the tour.), the Seattle rhymesayer isn’t about to leave his fans... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Raz Simone & Ariana DeBoo - Dreams of Gold [Stream]

One month after impressing DJBooth readers with the Shakespeare-inspired King Lear, Sam Lachow returns to our pages with freshly-minted follow-up Dreams of Gold. Previously given as an exclusive gift to supporters of the... Read More


Tour Buses & Titty Signings: Life With Rittz on the OD Tour [Feature ]

Concert reviews are a lot like that epic party that you missed. It never sounds as good the day after, and really, unless you were there, you just don't have the same experience. Hearing about how Action Bronson scrapped with... Read More


Raz Simone - So Far, So Far [Stream]

Next week, Raz Simone will embark on a 52-city tour with Strange Music‘s Rittz and Taylor Gang‘s Tuki Carter, kicking off on the 18th with a show in NYC. But he’s not about to leave his fans empty-handed... Read More


Raz Simone - 8 Rangs [Stream]

Drake may wear every chain even when he’s inside the house, but he’s not wearing 8 Rangs when he sleeps, is he? Seattle native and Black Umbrella/300 emcee Raz Simone may have the OVO phenom beat in more ways than... Read More


Raz Simone - They’ll Speak [Stream]

Back in January, when Raz Simone stepped into the Booth with Don’t Shine, I noted the way in which the Seattle repper’s passion for movie scores had influenced his sound. Little did I know, just a few short weeks... Read More


Raz Simone - Cognitive Dissonance: Part One [Album]

Seattle emcee Raz Simone has come together with Black Umbrella and 300 to release a digital full-length, the Cognitive Dissonance: Part One EP. Included on the 10-track project are previously-featured, Booth-approved... Read More


Raz Simone ft. Ariana DeBoo - Still Mobbin [Stream]

Fresh off dazzling Boothgoers with video single Don’t Shine, Emerald City fast-riser Raz Simone makes his return to our pages with another fresh cut off his next street album. Here, the 300 signee forgoes the... Read More


Raz Simone - Don’t Shine [Stream]

According to Raz Simone‘s bio, he started writing poetry in his early childhood, and the inspiration to become an emcee came only later, when he tried reciting his words over movie scores. That cinematic sensibility is... Read More


Raz Simone - These Kids Throw Rocks [Stream & Download]

Raz Simone doesn’t need to spit his autobiography to demonstrate that he’s been through some heavy sh*t in his day; the man’s gruff, weathered flow speaks for itself. On newly-released EP standout These Kids... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Gift Uh Gab, Nacho Picasso, Jarv Dee, La, Raz Simone, & Grynch - Young Seattle Pt. 2 [Stream & Download]

Are you a fan of the underground sounds that have been emerging from Pacific Northwest of late? Then, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Sam Lachow, the Emerald City rapper/producer who made his solo debut with... Read More


Raz Simone - Solomon Samuel Simone EP [Album]

In anticipation of tomorrow's official release of debut EP Solomon Samuel Simone, Seattle rhymesayer Raz Simone has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners an exclusive stream of the project. Sponsored by... Read More


Raz Simone ft. Sam Lachow - Sometimes I Don’t [Stream & Download]

On his latest single, Sometimes I Don’t, emcee Raz Simone broadcasts a few things that he does and does not do. One item that could be placed in the later category is the creation of wack songs, because so far, the Seattle... Read More


Raz Simone - Cold [Stream & Download]

An up-and-coming rhymesayer hailing from Seattle, Washington, Raz Simone makes his grand entrance into The DJBooth with the lead single off his forthcoming debut studio album. Cold finds the artist coming together with... Read More


Sam Lachow & Raz ft. Magik - Good Reasons [Stream]

The stereotypical emcee loves to don a larger than life persona, equipped with models, bubbly, cars and many other lavish extravagances. Lucky for us, Sam Lachow & Raz are not your typical rappers and they don’t need... Read More


Sam Lachow & Raz - Money [Stream & Download]

With early October’s Coyotes, Sam Lachow and Raz revealed the first of Five Good Reasons that we shouldn’t be sleeping on them. Today, they present another: Money. No, they’re (unfortunately) not going to... Read More


Sam Lachow & Raz ft. Ariana DeBoo - Coyotes [Stream & Download]

Need a good reason to keep an eye on Seattle rhymesayers Sam Lachow and Raz? They’ve got five of ‘em on their debut collaborative EP. Just in case you need some motivation to check the project out, however, the... Read More