New Rick Gonzalez Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Rick Gonzalez - Know My Name [Stream]

Actor-turned-emcee Rick Gonzalez, also the artist formerly known as Realm Reality, returns to the Booth for the first time this year with a freshly-minted loosie, Know My Name. With a supremely smooth beat from Jansport J and... Read More


Rick Gonzalez ft. Kool G Rap - A Prayer for Perspective [Stream]

Sometimes, the answer to all your problems is simply a fresh point of view. For example, if you’re disillusioned with the current state of hip-hop, a walk in Rick Gonzalez‘s shoes will assuage your doubts and... Read More


Rick Gonzalez ft. Rapsody - From Now On [Stream]

Fresh off earning rave reviews for last month’s Blu-assisted I Get Lifted, the TV star-turned-emcee formerly known as Realm Reality returns with another cut off his next indie full-length. The set’s second single,... Read More


Rick Gonzalez ft. Blu - I Get Lifted [Stream]

Craving something smooth and soulful to flip on next time you’re twisting one up? Look no further than I Get Lifted, the latest single from actor and emcee Rick Gonzalez (aka Realm Reality). His first feature since... Read More


Rick Gonzalez - Between the Stars [Album]

An actor known for his work in films like Coach Carter and TV series like Supernatural, Rick Gonzalez has cultivated a parallel career in rap under the moniker Realm Reality. With the release of street album Between the... Read More


Rick Gonzalez - Never Left [Stream]

Let it be known: Rick Gonzalez is carrying out an Inquisition of the whack in Hip-Hop and he will spare no clown. Where you see brutality, the Bushwick emcee and actor is simply out to get a rep on his new single, Never Left.... Read More


Lost Dialect ft. Rick Gonzalez - Dirty Roads [Stream]

It is often encouraged that you take the road less traveled. Inglewood, California trio Lost Dialect couldn’t care less if that path is also strewn with some obstacles that will get their hands dirty. For the Booth... Read More


Koncept x J57 ft. Co$$, Tenacity, Johaz, Blame One, El Prez & Realm Reality - When I Get There [Stream]

In 2013, Red Bull Records invited Brooklyn emcee Koncept to L.A. to spend a week in their world-class studio. After due consideration, he decided the opportunity would be best used to create his first joint project with... Read More


Rome Clientel ft. Realm Reality & Skyzoo - Champions [Stream & Download]

As the cliché goes, birds of a feather flock together. So it should be no surprise to see Rome Clientel flanked by two upper-echelon East Coast lyricists on his latest single, the aptly-titled Champions. DJ Concept sets a... Read More


Realm Reality ft. TriState - #GrindmodeLife$tyle [Stream]

When he’s not rocking the mic as Realm Reality, Rick Gonzales is a well-known actor in film and television. Most people—myself included—would collapse under the workload of two creative careers, but the... Read More


Realm Reality - In the Grind We Trust [Album]

Actor-turned-rhymesayer Rick "Realm Reality" Gonzalez bring listeners his latest street release, the In Grind We Trust street album. The project features 14 original jams from the underground up-and-comer, signed to... Read More


Realm Reality - Blu & Fred The Godson - I Just Want to Be There [Stream]

Sometimes, family disagreements can’t be resolved simply by talking it out. That’s when you queue up a dope beat and lay out your side of the story in rhyme. Realm Reality, the L.A.-by-way-of-B.K. emcee who... Read More


Realm Reality ft. Skyzoo - Can’t F**k With Me [Stream]

Like the Wu Tang Clan, Booth newcomer Realm Reality ain’t nothin’ to f**k wit. But you’re welcome to give it a try. Go ahead—I dare you. As evidenced by new single Can’t F**k With Me (making its... Read More