New Redman Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Report Card: Rapsody Is Divine, Young Thug Is Wonderfully Eccentric, Wu-Tang Back? [Feature ]

There is simply too much music and not enough hours. Attempting to cover every notable and great album is difficult enough, but reviewing every notable and great song is simply impossible. Instead of a futile attempt at... Read More


Redman on Rapping at Age 65: “I’ma Be Out There With a Walker & a Mic” [Feature ]

Hip-hop has always been a young man's game, but don't tell that 25-year rap veteran Redman. At 47 years of age, retirement from rap is the last thing on the mind of the New Jersey native, who later this... Read More


9th Wonder Reveals the Emcee at the Top of His Bucket List [Feature ]

Over the course of his 15-year career, legendary producer 9th Wonder has worked with a who's who list of talented emcees. In addition to producing two albums as a part of Little Brother, as well as records for Jay Z,... Read More


Eminem Says Redman is “One of My Favorites of All-Time” [Feature ]

It's no secret that Eminem is a huge Redman fan. On the second verse of "'Till I Collapse," track 18 off 2002's The Eminem Show, the Detroit native name dropped the veteran rapper first on his list of... Read More


Erick Sermon - Clutch ft. Method Man & Redman [Stream]

Veteran emcee and producer Erick Sermon has released Clutch, the lead single off his forthcoming album E.S.P., which is due out August 28. Fresh off their own collaboration last week, Method Man and Redman guest on the... Read More


Method Man - Straight Gutta ft. Redman, Hanz On & Streetlife [Stream]

Veteran emcee Method Man, gearing up to release his new solo album, The Meth Lab, on August 21, has delivered a new record. The second single off the forthcoming set, Straight Gutta, sounds just like it’s title... Read More


Redman - Somebody Got Robbd ft. Mr. Yellow [Stream]

Who’s in the mood for some new Redman? The veteran emcee has unleashed Somebody Got Robbd, a new street single off his upcoming album, The Preload. The raucous, Erick Sermon-produced affair is a warning to everyone who... Read More


DJ EFN - Paradise ft. Talib Kweli, Redman & Wrekonize [Stream]

Are you a sucker for intricate bars and artful throwback beats? Then you’ll be in heaven once you hit play on DJ EFN’s forthcoming studio debut. Don’t take it from me, though; simply hit play on the project’s latest... Read More


Redman - Pacific to Atlantic (Remix) [Stream]

Redman may hail from the eastern side of the map, but he’s got mad love for the entire U.S. of A., from the Pacific to the Atlantic. To demonstrate his affinity for the West, Reggie’s unleashed a brand new remix... Read More


Redman - N*gga Whut [Stream]

Later this year, East Coast veteran Redman plans to liberate his eighth full-length, Muddy Waters 2. First, though, he’s fixing to whet listeners’ appetites with a brand new pre-album mixtape. Our first taste of... Read More


Tah Mac ft. Redman - Oxygen (Remix) [Stream]

Imagine a nightclub at full capacity, with the doors sealed and all the air being slowly sucked out. Sounds fun, right? And by “fun,” I mean terrifying. But if Sean Kingston can create a club banger about a dancefloor on... Read More


Hit-Boy Presents Hits Since 87, Inc ft. Various Artists - Cypher [Stream]

Though T.U., the liquor-soaked lead single off Hit-Boy‘s forthcoming Hits Since ‘87, Inc compilation, won plaudits for its club-ready production, predictable mic work from the headliner and his collaborators led... Read More


Christian Blaizer ft. Erick Sermon, Redman, Metis & K. Koke -  All I Want [Stream]

Late last year, Blue Rain emcee (and DJBooth newcomer) Christian Blaizer passed away after losing a battle with cancer. At the time of his death, the Highgate, London native was hard at work on a debut album, which his friend... Read More


Peedi Crakk ft. Redman - This the Sh*t [Stream]

When Peedi Crakk made his last solo appearance in The DJBooth, George W. Bush was still President and Tha Carter III was blowing up our CD players. Yes, people were still using CD players. Knowing that it’s going to... Read More


Bun B ft. Royce Da 5’9? & Redman - Stop Playin’ [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking, Booth readers: “Bun B, Royce Da 5’9” and Redman on one record? Stop Playin’!” But I assure you, the UGK lifer’s latest feature is no joke. Released to celebrate his... Read More


Smokey Robotic ft. Redman - No Reality (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Released last September to rave reviews, No Reality was the capstone to a dope 2011 for Smokey Robotic. Now, the ever-innovative crew have returned to kick off 2012 with an equally fresh remix of the same, featuring an... Read More


Smokey Robotic ft. Redman - No Reality [Stream & Download]

In his famous Meditations, René Descartes pondered the possibility that the world around him could be nothing more than an illusion, created by a clever and deceitful demon. Unfortunately, dude didn’t have the... Read More


Redman - Lights, Camera, Action [Stream]

Redman has been that something that’s been missing from hip-hop lately; goofy, dope punch lines with a resonating voice and flow to accompany it. With the Funk Docta Spoc’s new album on its way, the weed-smoking,... Read More


Redman - Fly [Stream]

Speaking of delayed albums (see today’s feature from Ski Beatz). We featured Coc Back, the first record off Redman’s upcoming album, way back in October of ’09, and since then the project’s seen more changes than... Read More


Redman - Money on My Mind [Stream]

I just got done name-dropping Pink Floyd in my review of J The S’ Wish You Were Here, and now I find Redman sampling the stoner favorites’ Money in his latest single – could it be a message from the divine? Uh,... Read More


KRS One, Redman & MIMS - How to Be an MC 2010 [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking. I thought the exact same thing. Isn’t MIMS joining the legendary KRS-One and the semi-legendary Redman on a track called How to Be an MC 2010 kind of like Tony Romo joining Tom Brady and Drew... Read More


Redman - Oh My [Stream]

Every so often emcees struggle for years to prove their worth, only to find themselves in a musical dilemma: they’re too high-profile to be classified as underground, but too under-the-radar to make the full crossover to... Read More


Redman ft. Ready Roc - Coc Back [Stream]

As anyone who’s ever seen How High or his classic Cribs episode can attest, Redman is one of the grimiest and most entertaining human beings alive; so it’s not even remotely surprising that he’s also one of the grimiest... Read More


Method Man & Redman ft. Saukrates - A Yo! [Stream]

Though Method Man & Redman have stayed in the public eye by appearing together on a laundry list of other artists’ projects, it’s been just under a decade since the duo released their first, and thus far only... Read More


88-Keys ft. Redman - The Burning Bush [Stream]

Continuing our coverage on The Death of Adam, DJBooth is once again on the scene with Chief Investigator 88-Keys.  On Exhibit A, Stay Up (Viagra), we learned of the victim’s insatiable sexual appetite.  Our... Read More


Alchemist Starts a Blog; New “Cookbook EP” In Stores November 18 [Feature ]

New York, NY -- DJ/producer The Alchemist, currently on tour with Redman and Method Man, has launched a new blog documenting his experiences on the road, complete with slice-of-life video updates on the Kyte Channel viewable... Read More


Joe Budden ft. Redman - New Jersey Drive [Stream]

UPDATE: “New Jersey Drive” is no longer available to stream. It bodes well for New Jersey reppin’ MC, Joe Budden, that his partner in crime on the new cut New Jersey Drive has actually put out a studio... Read More


Redman - Red Gone Wild [Album]

Redman is the pride of Newark, and like his hometown he’s unglamorous, loud, and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. His new album Red Gone Wild is a tribute to the no-holds-barred hip-hop Reggie Noble lives for.... Read Full Review


Redman - Put It Down [Stream]

Redman is quite a versatile artist. Between getting Dirrty with Xtina, and being stabbed to death by a killer doll in the film Seed of Chucky, Red has found success in a number of mediums. But with Put it Down, the... Read More


Redman - Let’s Go [Stream]

If you remember Redman from his Dirrty collabo with Christina Aguilera, forget that ever happened.  Think back to his days with Def Squad. On Let’s Go, a new single that has a beat reminiscent of What’s Golden?... Read More