New Reef the Lost Cauze Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Ren Thomas x Skrewtape - Forever ft. Reef The Lost Cauze [Stream]

On September 25, Jersey emcees Ren Thomas and Skrewtape will release their collaborative album, Don’t Be Mad. The first single to emerge off the forthcoming project is Forever, available today thanks to a DJBooth world... Read More


Bo Jankans ft. Kane Mayfield & Reef the Lost Cauze - Level Up [Stream]

I don’t have quite as much time for video games these days but, in my younger years, I spent a good portion of my spare hours with Pokemon and Final Fantasy. Apparently, so did Bo Jankans because, on his latest single... Read More


Rich Quick ft. Rakka Iriscience & Reef The Lost Cauze - Travelin’ Man (STREECE Remix) [Stream]

Since this is his DJBooth debut, you can’t blame me for not knowing much about Rich Quick. All I (and you) need to know is that Quick has a co-sign from the legendary Tim Armstrong of Rancid and The Transplants; that makes... Read More


Blak Madeen x Tragedy Khadafi ft. Reef The Lost Cauze & Blacastan - Ready For War [Stream]

After dropping some unexpected knowledge via last week’s release of Militant Minds, Boston duo Blak Madeen (Al-J and Yusuf) and emcee Tragedy Khadafi continue to deliver a stream of gritty lyricism on their latest... Read More


Alterbeats ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Freestyle - Revolution on My Brain [Stream]

Introduced to our pages via the hard-hitting TV Screen French production collective Alterbeats return wit another fresh single off their debut compilation. Boasting the same aggressive sound and politically radical themes of... Read More


Reef the Lost Cauze - The Prey (For Trayvon & My Son) [Stream & Download]

The cold-blooded murder of Trayvon Martin is horrifying to anyone with a conscience but, for obvious reasons, the case is uniquely chilling to parents of African-American boys. On new non-album cut The Prey (For Trayvon... Read More


Blacastan ft. Reef The Lost Cauze - Just Don’t Know [Stream & Download]

Previously featured as a guest on Cold Heat‘s Raising the Bar, Blacastan steps into the solo Booth spotlight with Just Don’t Know, a new single off his latest full-length. Here, Colom Beyond‘s head-noddable... Read More


Blak Madeen ft. Reef The Lost Cauze - Believe [Stream]

Life in the Boston streets ain’t easy, but Blak Madeen are keeping the faith. On Believe, the latest single/video off the Boston duo’s DJBooth-sponsored street album, Teddy Roxpin‘s string-sampled boardwork... Read More


Small Professor ft. Guilty Simpson & Reef The Lost Cauze - Spare Razor [Stream]

When putting together a gully street record, grabbing an emcee from Detroit and another from Philadelphia to flow over a simple yet effective gutter trodden beat is an unbeatable combo. Beatsmith Small Professor accomplishes... Read More


maticulous ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Soul Khan - Once Invented (Remix) [Stream & Download]

A PA beatsmith with a decidedly old-school musical sensibility, maticulous takes us “...back to where the art form was Once Invented” on his first Booth feature. A remix of a joint off his latest release, this cut... Read More


Al-J ft. Keith Murray & Reef The Lost Cauze - Cold Blooded [Stream & Download]

Ever seen a snake or a turtle lying on the pavement, soaking up heat in order to regulate its body temperature? Well, the same principle applies to gangsters—as cold-blooded individuals, they find a natural habitat in the... Read More


REKS ft. Sha Stimuli & Reef The Lost Cauze - Get Rowdy [Stream & Download]

We all need to blow off a little steam now and then… some of us just build up steam a little more than others. Just one short week after dropping the blistering Pray for You, Boston underground mainstay REKS is ready to... Read More


Reef the Lost Cauze - My Style’s Greater [Stream & Download]

The 179th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Reef the Lost Cauze, the Philly native who recently earned reader approval for single What We Rep. On his brand new, exclusive My Style’s Greater... Read More


Reef the Lost Cauze Spits “My Style’s Greater” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Reef the Lost Cauze, the Philly native who recently earned reader approval for single "What We Rep," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 179th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand... Read More


Reef the Lost Cauze ft. Big Noyd - What We Rep [Stream]

Heads who have followed the careers of Philadelphia emcee Reef The Lost Cauze or Queensbridge veteran Big Noyd hardly need to be told what the Northeastern underground mainstays stand for. Fortunately for those behind the... Read More


Lawrence Arnell ft. Reef The Lost Cauze - Nothin’ Less [Stream]

Booth newcomer Lawrence Arnell is well aware that his musical ambitions are immodest – he simply doesn’t care. As the rising star informs us in this newly-released promo single, he hopes to earn a place as... Read More