New Rich Kidd Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


DAVINCI ft. Rich Kidd - Life’s a B*tch [Stream]

“Life’s a B*tch and then you die, that’s why we puff lye, ‘cause you never know when you gonna go…” Sorry, I can’t read that phrase without the hook from my favorite track off Illmatic... Read More


Rich Kidd ft. Gudini - Brick [Stream]

Earlier this year, Rich Kidd and Noisey took a trip to Iqalit, the capital city of Canadian territory Nunavut. The result was “an unforgettable trip that included throat-singing, fast-paced snowmobile rides and [12-hour]... Read More


Rich Kidd - The Valley [Stream]

Not featured on the solo tip since September of last year, when he earned positive reader reviews for mixtape inclusion Far From Rich, Rich Kidd returns to start his 2014 off right with new single The Valley. Dedicated to the... Read More


Naturally Born Strangers - Tie Breaker [Stream]

If you and a homie are debating whether to listen to the Natural Born Strangers’ debut feature or not, allow me to be the Tie Breaker; without a doubt, this record deserves your attention. Made up of Booth regulars Rich... Read More


Rich Kidd - Far From Rich [Stream & Download]

This may come as a shock to those of y’all who still believe in Santa Claus (Who totally exists, don’t get me wrong.), but many of those rappers with references to cash in their stage names aren’t nearly as... Read More


Rich Kidd ft. Denzil Porter & LordQuest - A Vibe Called Quest [Stream]

Though Q-Tip, Phife Dawg and Ali Shahad Muhammad are no longer as prominent in the game as they were during the early/mid-90s, new-school artists draw inspiration from the Tribe to this day. On A Vibe Called Quest, a loosie... Read More


Rich Kidd - When It Go Down [Stream]

In the spirit of the most interesting man in the world, allow me to introduce the latest feature from Rich Kidd: it doesn’t always go down, but When it Go Down, you know the T-Dot native is behind it. Although summer is... Read More


Rich Kidd ft. Deniro Farrar - It’s Real Like That [Stream]

If you ask Rich Kidd, there are three things you should never leave home without: “a Philly to smoke,” “a jimmy to poke” and “a semiautomatic under your coat.” Why? ‘Cause It’s Real Like That. That... Read More


Rich Kidd - I’d Be Lying [Stream]

As those who have tuned in for his previous features know, Rich Kidd doesn’t lack for confidence in himself and his abilities. Still, he admits on his latest effort, “I’d Be Lying if I said I didn’t doubt... Read More


Rich Kidd - Can I Get A [Bom Bom] [Stream]

Ladies and gentlemen, Can I Get A [Bom Bom]? Fresh off debuting the official visuals for previous single SYKE, T-Dot rapper/producer Rich Kidd requests a little audience participation on the latest release off his forthcoming... Read More


Maestro Fresh Wes ft. Rich Kidd - Gladiator [Stream & Download]

Like Gladiators in Ancient Rome, emcees are expected to perform, do battle and occasionally even risk life and limb for the amusement of the public. On a newly-released single off his next street release, Toronto emcee... Read More


Rich Kidd - In My Opinion [Album]

Toronto upstart Rich Kidd has delivered a 19-track free album, which showcases his work both behind-the-boards and on the microphone. Having produced records for the likes of Drake, Busta Rhymes and Fashawn, In My Opinion is... Read More


SonReal & Rich Kidd - Hometown [Stream]

SonReal and Rich Kidd‘s pursuit of success in the rap game has taken them far from their respective cities of origin (Vernon, B.C. and Mississauga, Ontario) but, wherever they may go, you can be damn sure they’re... Read More


Rich Kidd - SYKE [Stream & Download]

As anyone who’s familiar with Rich Kidd already knows, the T-Dot rapper and beatsmith doesn’t give a damn about paper, likes his women supermodel-thin and cares deeply about what the haters think… SYKE! The... Read More


The Antiheroes ft. Rich Kidd - Cloud 9 [Stream]

Having one of those so-so, Cloud 5 or 6 kind of mornings? Well, I’ve got good news: Toronto hip-hop duo The Antiheroes have stepped into the Booth with a new record that’ll bump you all the way up to Cloud 9—and... Read More


SonReal x Rich Kidd - Best Believe [Stream]

Can SonReal and Rich Kidd catch the beat? Best Believe it. On the lead single off their forthcoming collaborative set, the Vancouver rhymesayer who recently hooked up with Emilio Rojas for We Concur and his Canadian colleague... Read More


Thurz ft. Rich Kidd & Rocki Evans - Keep The Faith [Stream & Download]

It’s hard to believe that well over six months have gone by since Inglewood emcee Thurz was last featured at The DJBooth, but the site fave is back at it with his Rich Kidd and Rocki Evans-assisted new record Keep The... Read More


Crooklin ft. Rich Kidd - Daydreamers Theme [Stream & Download]

Every hip-hop success story is different, but they all begin roughly the same way: with a young man or woman vibing out to dope music, dreaming of being in their favorite rapper’s shoes. The first solo feature from... Read More


Rich Kidd - New Spot [Stream & Download]

Not featured on the solo tip since bringing us Represent back in summer 2011, Rich Kidd returns to our pages with New Spot, a freshly-leaked jam off his forthcoming collaborative set with dj NaNa. Here, Show N Prove‘s... Read More


Times Neue Roman ft. Rich Kidd - Late Night Toronto [Stream]

Newly-signed to EMI, buzzmaking duo Times Neue Roman make their grand entrance into the Booth with Toronto at Night, a moody ode to their city’s nightlife. Over crew member Alexander The‘s slow-rolling, horn-laced... Read More


Rich Kidd ft. King Reign, Shaun Boothe & Richie Sosa - Represent [Stream & Download]

If Shad‘s Flawless contribution to the project hasn’t convinced you that you need to check out Real Frequency‘s forthcoming compilation album, then try Represent on for size. Here, T-Dot’s Rich Kidd... Read More


DJ Wristpect ft. Rich Kidd, Colin Munroe, & Saukrates - So Much More [Stream]

DJ Wristpect may be a new face in the Booth but he’s already built considerable buzz north of the border, even being honored as Canadian Club DJ of the Year at ‘09’s Stylus Awards. Though Virginia’s... Read More