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10 Best 3-Song Album Sequences of 2017, Ranked [Feature ]

Crafting an album without a single skippable song is a rare, special feat. Sequencing matters. Just throwing a collection of songs together can be the careless approach that ruins an entire listening experience for... Read More


Drake Passed on the “Aston Martin Music” Beat Before Hearing Rick Ross’ Version [Feature ]

Rick Ross' "Aston Martin Music," one of three singles released from his fourth studio album, Teflon Don, is 2x Platinum-certified by the RIAA and is the second-highest charting single (No. 30) of his career... Read More


Beat Break: Rook Shares the Story Behind J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s 5 Biggest Songs [Feature ]

If J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, who borrowed their name from DC Comics, had a super power, it’d be bringing hip-hop production to the big screen. Comprised of Erik “Rook” Ortiz and Kevin “Colione”... Read More


Rick Ross Doesn’t Sign Female Rappers Because He Has a Dick (Apparently) [Feature ]

On Monday (July 24), Rick Ross stopped by The Breakfast Club for an interview to discuss his new VH1 reality show Signed and Meek Mill's new album, Wins & Losses. After listening to him explain why he has yet to sign... Read More


The Lesson All Artists Can Learn From Rick Ross’ Post-Signing Investment Strategy [Feature ]

In support of his newly-released album Rather You Than Me, Rick Ross joined VICELAND's Desus & Mero on Wednesday (April 26) for a wide-ranging interview about his Wing Stop chains (he has "about 30"), DJ... Read More


Beat Break: Cardiak Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs [Feature ]

For a producer whose music is synonymous with street rappers like Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Lloyd Banks, Cardiak's rise is a testament to the power of the internet. In 2008, the New Jersey-born producer landed... Read More


10 Best Rap Song Series, Ranked [Feature ]

Good things don't always need a sequel. Donnie Darko is best remembered as a one-and-done and not even Biggie could save The Blueprint 2. If Ashton Kutcher really could time travel, he'd be wise to hunt... Read More


Rick Ross & Gucci Mane are Bringing Their Brilliant Chemistry to the Big Screen [Feature ]

Rick Ross’ “Buy Back the Block” is one of the most entertaining music videos of the last year. In it, Ross posts up in the hood with Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, 21 Savage and his son, William Roberts... Read More


It Took 11 Years & 9 Albums, But the Real Rick Ross Finally Stood Up [Feature ]

Rick Ross has finally solved the biggest hold-up of his career and it only took him 11 years and nine projects to figure it out. Despite his remarkable ability to craft a trap banger and his impressive ear for... Read More


Rick Ross on MMG Control of Artists’ Publishing: “This Not Cash Money” [Feature ]

When Rick Ross aired out Birdman on Rather You Than Me standout "Idols Become Rivals," it was clear his words held more weight than those traditionally found on a diss track. This was rap beef with a purpose. In defending... Read More


Rick Ross ‘Rather You Than Me’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Rick Ross is a survivor of the times. When beef came his way during his sudden rise to fame, he didn’t cower but went to war against those that stood against him. When attempts on his life were made, he rose from... Read More


Rick Ross’ Birdman Diss “Idols Become Rivals” is Rap Beef With a Purpose [Feature ]

I never expected to one day be praising a man that legitimately stole another man’s identity for his realness, but here we are. In the weeks leading up to the release of Rick Ross’ ninth studio album Rather You... Read More


3 Questions Before Rick Ross Releases ‘Rather You Than Me’ [Feature ]

On Friday, March 17, Rick Ross will release Rather You Than Me, his ninth full-length album and his first since leaving Def Jam for Epic Records.  Now in his 11th year in the music business, and having created a... Read More


Meet All 15 Producers on Rick Ross’ ‘Rather You Than Me’ Album [Feature ]

Whether or not you're a fan of Rick Ross as a rapper, there's been no denying that the man has a fantastic ear for production.  Over the span of his past eight albums, Ross' production has often helped... Read More


Rick Ross Rapping Over Soul Samples: An Absurdly Detailed Investigation [Feature ]

“If Ross just rapped over soul beats, I could really fuck with him, because his raspy, textured vocals sound so good over something a little softer and more melodic; an opposites attract kind of thing. His lyrics... Read More


5 Worthy Candidates for Hip-Hop Attorney General [Feature ]

In the midst of the clusterfuck that is the Trump administration so far, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has once again come under fire for bold-faced lies misrepresentation of his communications with Russian officials... Read More


10 Hip-Hop Songs Under Two Minutes We Wish Were Longer [Feature ]

Don't you just hate it when a song you love is too short? The internet may have crippled our attention spans (thanks a lot, Vine), but a great song will always hold our ears for longer than our impatient minds... Read More


The Perfect Goodbye: The Moments Our Favorite Rap Stars Should Have Retired [Feature ]

Death changed Walter White. Breaking Bad brought to television the psyche of a man who turned his cancer diagnoses into a rebirth. The transformation happened slowly, but by the series end, he was a new man. It... Read More


Every Rick Ross “Lemon Pepper” Lyric, Ranked (An Absurdly Detailed Investigation) [Feature ]

By the end of 2015, it was reported that Rick Ross was the owner of 25 Wing Stop franchises, based mostly in the South, and when it comes to being in the public eye, Ross very rarely lets fans forget that he’s no longer... Read More


Homeless Rapper Turned MMG Signee Isa Muhammad Shines on Debut Mixtape [Feature ]

As human beings, we love to witness a good come-up story. Told and experienced in different iterations since the beginning of time, the classic tale of overcoming outrageous odds to eventually reach greatness will never... Read More


Rick Ross Announces New Album, Can He Stop His Slide? [Feature ]

Six years ago, Rick Ross declared himself the Teflon Don, but ironically that might have been the peak of his...Teflon-ability? Teflon-asicty? Teflon-ness? You get what I'm trying to say.  While the Bawse has... Read More


Rick Ross Met with Drake to Squash Meek Mill Beef, According to N.O.R.E [Feature ]

Drake vs. Meek Mill, easily last year’s biggest beef in hip-hop. It was an event, a war that has affected both sides, and now after a year of madness, there’s a chance the war is finally coming to an end. At... Read More


Rick Ross & Skrillex’ “Purple Lamborghini” is a Vintage Rozay Banger [Feature ]

There is a time for everything, and the time for Rick Ross bangers was circa 2010. "BMF," "MC Hammer," "9 Piece," in retrospect he was at the height of his aggressive-yet-lowkey-hilarious banger powers then; big beats, big... Read More


Inside the Maybach: Is MMG Still One of Hip-Hop’s Most Powerful Labels? [Feature ]

On the day of Super Bowl XLV, before Green Bay would best the Steelers in a 31 to 25 victory, Rick Ross released The Untouchable Maybach Empire Super Bowl vlog officially announcing Wale as the latest signee to his Maybach... Read More


Indictment Alleges Rick Ross Was Extorted & Threatened By Gang Members [Feature ]

Even in a genre known to blur the lines between art and reality, few are blurrier than Rick Ross. He's obviously not owed any favors from the real Noriega, he clearly does not have $99 million in his bank account.... Read More


50 Cent & Rick Ross’ Never-Ending Beef, A Complete History [Feature ]

When asked about his ongoing feud with 50 Cent in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rick Ross responds with an answer that’s eloquent, comical, and poised instead of aggressive, furious, or resentful.  A... Read More


Rick Ross Backpedals on Donald Trump Assassination Lyrics, FOH Rick Ross [Feature ]

Rick Ross did everything possible to stir up controversy and pump up sales of his Black Market album, and now that the album's initial marketing push is over, he's predictably backpedaling faster than... Read More


Rick Ross “Black Market” | 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Winter has finally arrived in Atlanta, the bi-polar weather has been fluctuating for weeks, fighting against nature, but nature's slowly accepting that it's time to break out the jackets and hoodies. It feels a... Read More


Rick Ross - Black Market [Album]

Call him Rozay, Renzel or The Boss, but regardless of the nickname you roll with MMG don and pear aficionado Rick Ross has released his eight studio album, Black Market, following up his well-received Black Dollar project... Read More


I’m Pretty Sure Rick Ross Just Threatened Drake on This “Color Money” Song [Feature ]

Moment of truth. I once rushed to judgement and wrote about a diss Big Sean had aimed at Kendrick, only later to have Big Sean and others say I was digging too deep into the lyrics in search for cheap beef. And you know what?... Read More


Rick Ross - Renzel Remixes [Album]

With his Black Market album scheduled for release next Friday, December 4, Rick Ross doesn't owe the public any new music, but that didn't stop the MMG head honcho from gifting fans a "double disc" project by the name of... Read More


Rick Ross Says He’s One of the Biggest Ghostwriters in Rap [Feature ]

TIME Magazine linked up with Rick Ross this week for a feature story packed with tidbits on the Maybach Music head honcho. If the fact TIME Magazine interviewed Rick Ross didn't make you fall out of your chair in... Read More


Rick Ross Believes “Black Market” Is His “Pinnacle Album” [Feature ]

Rick Ross making bold claims in his interviews or video blogs is nothing new. His confidence is always on Cloud Nine and he throws around the term "classic" like it's a frisbee. That’s the Rick Ross... Read More