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Rockie Fresh - The Night I Went To… Los Angeles EP [Album]

After dropping off his mostly slept-on The Night I Went To... project earlier this year, Chicago native and MMG-signed rapper Rockie Fresh has returned with a follow-up EP, entitled The Night I Went To... Los Angeles. The... Read More


Rockie Fresh - The Night I Went To… [Album]

The most slept-on artist on MMG (and one of the more slept-on artists in the game, period), Chicago emcee Rockie Fresh has let loose his first project in over two years with The Night I Went To... The freely-released project... Read More


Ro Spit - Ro & Rockie ft. Rockie Fresh [Stream & Download]

It’s a Midwest connection as Ro Spit and Rockie Fresh come together for the appropriately titled Ro & Rockie. The Olympicks provide the triumphant, horn-led production, as the Detroit mainstay and the MMG rhymesayer... Read More


Skizzy Mars ft. Rockie Fresh - Quality Time [Stream & Download]

After a couple months without any Booth appearances from the Manhattan buzzmaker, y’all must be itching to spend a little Quality Time with Skizzy Mars. He knew you’d feel that way, so he cooked up a little... Read More


Various - Noisey Presents The Rap Monument [Stream]

The Egyptian Pyramids… the Colossus of Rhodes… The Rap Monument. OK, Noisey‘s new promo single may not have taken quite that much toil to create, but it’s as monomanically epic in its scope as any of... Read More


Smoko Ono ft. Rockie Fresh, Saba & Jarred AG - No Look [Stream]

Three months after dazzling readers with Road Runner, Fifth Dimension recording artist and producer Smoko Ono returns with a fresh single featuring not one but three Booth-acclaimed guests. Read More


Rockie Fresh - I Need [Stream]

Maybach Music Group has been on a music release spree as of late. First Gunplay dropped a mixtape, Rick Ross dropped a slew of singles, and we even got a heat rock from the imprisoned Meek Mill. Now, you can add Rockie... Read More


Lil Dicky ft. Michael Christmas & Rockie Fresh - Would You Believe That [Stream]

Let’s play a little game of Two Truths and a Lie, Booth readers: I’m six feet tall, I have Kanye‘s number in my cell phone and Lil Dicky‘s latest single is dope as f**k. I’ll give y’all a... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Hesitate [Stream]

Debating over whether to risk three minutes of your precious time on Rockie Fresh‘s latest single? My advice is, don’t Hesitate; hit play now, and quit depriving yourself of a dope experience. Contrary to what... Read More


Audio Push ft. Rockie Fresh - No Secret [Stream & Download]

The fact that Audio Push‘s recently-launched weekly series doesn’t have a name may make it seem rather mysterious but, rest assured, it “ain’t No Secret.” So you can feel free to tell all your friends... Read More


Lorenzo Asher ft. Rockie Fresh - Love: the Pale Irony [Stream]

Fresh off Tuesday’s release of his latest digital full-length, Lorenzo Asher returns to build buzz with a standout track off the set. On Love: The Pale Irony, the Brooklyn-based, Cleveland-born spitter explores his... Read More


Minty Burns ft. Rockie Fresh - How I Feel [Stream]

Last seen searching for Higher Grounds on a February promo cut, Minty Burns continues his pursuit of greatness on mixtape single How I Feel. Wondagirl mans the boards on this hustle anthem, crafting an airy, yet driving... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Official [Stream & Download]

When an emcee says that something is “Official,” they are essentially describing a person, place or thing as real, genuine, and respected. In the case of MMG artist Rockie Fresh, who is fresh off his collaboration... Read More


Rockie Fresh x The Hood Internet - We Run It [Stream & Download]

In mid-May, Dr Pepper One of a Kind Studio Sessions brought Maybach Music rhymesayer Rockie Fresh together with Wu-Tang doyen RZA to craft Makin’ Moves. Evidently, the good doctor was feeling the result as much as our... Read More


Rick Ross ft. Wale, French Montana, Tracy T, Fat Trel, Gunplay & Rockie Fresh - Finals 2 [Stream]

Yesterday, the San Antonio Spurs braved high temperatures to defeat the Heat in game one of the NBA finals. Clearly, Miami needs a little encouragement to take back the lead—and that’s where hometown hero Rick Ross... Read More


RZA x Rockie Fresh - Makin Moves [Stream & Download]

Hip-hop? More like hip-pop, as this bubbly effort comes courtesy of The Dr Pepper One of a Kind Studio Sessions. For each one of these lovely sessions, one lucky artist is paired with the legendary RZA. Up to bat on Makin... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Rockie Fresh & Tory Lanez - Been On (Remix) [Stream]

Now that it is 2014, you have probably been inundated with lists of artists who are gonna blow up this year. Well, G-Eazy‘s Been On (Remix) features not one, not two, but three emcees who belong on each and every... Read More


Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh - Fresh Veggies [Album]

PUMA presents the aptly-titled new mixtape, Fresh Veggies, from fast risers Casey Veggies from Cali and Rockie Fresh from Chicago. Featuring ten exclusive cuts, this is some next generation hip-hop at its finest. Carried... Read More


Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh - Aladdin [Stream]

A song titled “Aladdin” had better deliver, or you’ll have some frustrated Disney diehards on your hands. (I know I had lofty expectations.) Lucky for us, this latest joint effort from Casey Veggies and... Read More


Rockie Fresh x Casey Veggies - Celebrating Life [Stream]

Why wait till New Year’s to pop that bottle of champagne? Pour yourself a glass now, and toast the fact that you’re alive and kicking. The latest single off Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies‘s forthcoming joint... Read More


R. Kelly ft. Katie Got Bandz & Rockie Fresh - My Story (Chicago Remix) [Stream]

While street single My Story received lukewarm reader reviews when it first hit our front page back in July, listeners nationwide responded to the cut enthusastically, propelling it to #1 on Billboard‘s R&B chart.... Read More


Vic Mensa ft. Rockie Fresh & Beldina - Time Is Money [Stream]

Hollywood LA, the last single off Vic Mensa‘s debut mixtape, found the Kids These Days alumnus and fellow Chi-Town buzzmaker Lili K. getting lifted on that famous Cali kush. On follow-up Time Is Money, the rhymesayer... Read More


Hit-Boy ft. Rockie Fresh - SomeWhereInAmerica (Remix) [Stream]

The sh*tty thing about being a rapper/producer is that, on occasion, you have to watch another emcee blaze one of your best instrumentals. For example, though Hit-Boy wasn’t about to pass up the chance at a production... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Wiz Khalifa - Kush Do [Stream & Download]

Anyone who thinks stoners are good-for-nothings who don’t do anything but eat old pizza while watching Simpsons reruns needs to take a look at Wiz Khalifa. The Pittsburgh native smokes like a chimney but has still been the... Read More


Rockie Fresh - God Is Great [Stream]

An oft-quoted line from from the Book of Matthew states that you can’t serve God and mammon at the same time, but Rockie Fresh sees things a little differently. In the Maybach Music Group signee’s eyes, the... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hussle - Life Long [Stream]

Of the past song releases off Rockie Fresh‘s Maybach Music debut mixtape, only one, Nobody, managed to get much positive buzz from Booth readers. Perhaps that trend will change with the newly-released Life Long, which... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Kush Do [Stream & Download]

Every high is different, but lighting up has a number of fairly consistent effects—euphoria, increased appetite, a distorted sense of time and, if you happen to be Rockie Fresh, persistent thoughts of a certain woman. On... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Rick Ross & Lunice - Panera Bread [Stream]

What do Rockie Fresh and his Maybach Music Group boss have in common with Panera Bread? If you’re as partial to terrible puns as I am, you’ll guess the answer immediately: they both make a lot of dough. On the... Read More


Winners Circle ft. Rockie Fresh - Hail to the King [Stream & Download]

Remember Winner’s Circle, the Raheem Devaughn-fronted supergroup who brought us 368 FTW Vol. 1? Well, forget about them for the next few minutes, because they’ve got nothing to do with this Winners Circle, a... Read More


Rockie Fresh x Casey Veggies - Energy [Stream & Download]

Just what is it that makes Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies so irresistible to the opposite sex? No it’s not their good looks, their talent or their fly wardrobes—though those things undoubtedly help. Above all,... Read More


The MIDI Mafia ft. Rockie Fresh - Back Down [Stream]

The MIDI Mafia are not just similar to the real mafia in name alone. Like the organized crime syndicate, the production duo is making moves, seeking to control the game and make some coin in the process.  In a new... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Electric Highway [Album]

Chicago native Rockie Fresh has released his new mixtape, Electric Highway. The project, his first since signing to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, features previously-released singles "I'm Wit It," "Nobody," "Superman OG"... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Lunice - Superman OG [Stream]

Among serious smokers, Superman OG is prized for the lazy, euphoric high it induces. If you’re fortunate enough to have any on hand, smoking it should put you in the perfect mood to enjoy Rockie Fresh‘s latest... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Nobody [Stream & Download]

While Boothgoers appreciated the deft, self-confident flows Rockie Fresh brought to I’m Wit It, the inaugural song release off his MMG debut mixtape, the record’s relatively boilerplate subject matter and sound... Read More


Rockie Fresh - I’m Wit It [Stream & Download]

To say that Rockie Fresh is about his hustle would be an understatement; not only is the Chi-town rhymesayer hard at work on a new street album in the wake of his recent signing with MMG, but he’s launched a new... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Rick Ross - You A Lie (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Rick Ross continues to sign young rappers like Will Smith signs autographs, most recently adding Chicago representer Rockie Fresh to the untouchable Maybach empire. For his first official release as a MMG artist, Fresh elects... Read More


Sir Michael Rocks ft. Rockie Fresh - Can’t Hide It [Stream]

Following Booth-approved feature Now You Do, Windy City emcee Sir Michael Rocks gives us a closer look into the Lap Of Lux with his latest single.  On Can’t Hide It The Cool Kids emcee enlists the help of fellow... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Into the Future [Stream & Download]

To all appearances, Rockie Fresh‘s career seems to be headed in the right direction. Be that as it may, he’s not taking any chances. On his latest single, released along with visuals by Nam Perez, the Windy City... Read More


ProbCause ft. Rockie Fresh & Diggs Duke - Fresh Air [Stream & Download]

I don’t know aqbout y’all, but I think it’s getting a little stuffy in here. Fortunately, ProbCause has stepped into the Booth with a breath of Fresh Air in the form of his latest mixtape single. Here, a... Read More


Win Free Tickets to Reebok’s “We R Chi Shoecase” [Booth-Exclusive Giveaway] [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. --This Sunday, February 26, Reebok will be presenting a star-studded showcase at Chi-town venue Reggie's. Hosted by Hustle SImmons, the vening will feature performances by Rockie Fresh, the LEP Bogus Boys,... Read More


The Kickdrums ft. Rockie Fresh & DZ Deathrays - Want My Blood [Stream & Download]

Last heard collaborating with Philly’s GIlbere Forte on the reader-acclaimed Hello, the buzzmaking beat duo come together with another Booth fave on the latest leak off their forthcoming mixtape. Want My Blood finds the... Read More


Action Bronson ft. Rockie Fresh & Macie Stewart - Dear Heather [Stream & Download]

Slim Shady only wishes he were as lucky as Action Bronson. Recorded during the Flushing rhymesayer’s trip to the Windy City back in November, Closed Sessions leak Dear Heather finds Bronson sharing his correspondence... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Driving 88 [Album]

Chicago emcee Rockie Fresh has come together with DatPiff, HotNewHipHop and ThisSongIsSick to release his brand new Driving 88 mixtape. The project, hosted by DJ Ill Will and inspired by a year of traveling between LA, New... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Casey Veggies - Driving 88 [Stream & Download]

You’re not going to slide a Back to the Future reference by an ‘80s baby who spent more time with Doc Brown than his own father growing up. Rockie Fresh may only be barely out of his teens, but the young man’s obviously... Read More


Kidz In The Hall ft. King Louie, Rockie Fresh, Paypa & Vic Spencer - Pour It Up (FSD Remix) [Stream & Download]

Released in October as a single off their senior set, Kidz In The Hall‘s Pour It Up has received the remix treatment courtesy of our friends at FakeShoreDrive. Over Double O‘s party-ready electronic production,... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Prom King [Stream & Download]

Quitting school may have worked out for Kanye, but for every college dropout-turned hip-hop megastar there are myriad individuals struggling simply to make ends meet. On Prom King, the latest leak off Rockie Fresh‘s... Read More


Rockie Fresh & YP - Insane [Stream & Download]

The scariest thing in the world for any artist is having to choose between what makes the album and what get’s cut. In a surprising twist for Rockie Fresh, he capitalizes off of his own excess with his latest release,... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Chamillionaire - Breakthrough [Stream & Download]

Some artists search tirelessly for a crossover hit that will draw new fans into the mix with their current followers. Rockie Fresh could have one of those hits on his hands with the Mike Daley-produced Breakthrough, featuring... Read More


Rockie Fresh - We Good [Stream & Download]

With his forthcoming mixtape re-release just around the corner, Windy City buzzmaker Rockie Fresh returns to pique listener interest with yet another fresh leak off the project. The swagger-drenched We Good finds producer The... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Sofa King Cole [Redux] [Stream & Download]

Just how f**king cold is Rockie Fresh? For an answer, we turn to So F*cking Cole [Redux], the latest single off the Windy City emcee’s forthcoming mixtape re-release. Making its world premiere as a free download in the... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Sour [Stream & Download]

Having established his love of cash on his last Booth feature, Chicago native Rockie Fresh returns to pay tribute to that other green stuff on a new unreleased joint. Here, a stark synth beat by The Gift (one-half of The... Read More


DJBooth, JKemp Ent, Happy Industries & Ism Music Present: Memorial Day Summer Kickoff [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. --, JKemp Ent, Happy Industries and Ism Music have come together to present a Memorial Day Summer Kickoff featuring some of the game's hottest underground/up-and-coming artists. Going down this... Read More


Rockie Fresh - We About It [Stream & Download]

Cash, currency, cabbage, dinero, lucre, ducats… Sorry, just browsing my thesaurus for a fresh way to describe the “it” in the title of Rockie Fresh‘s latest feature, We About It. Let’s just say the man... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Casey Veggies - Duckin ‘N Dodgin [Stream & Download]

NBA All-Star Weekend is something that everyone looks forward to, if anything just so they don’t have to watch their team play D. Rose in the regular season (Cutler, take note of a successful Chicago athlete). While the... Read More


Rockie Fresh ft. Lil B - So Gone (Based Remix) [Stream & Download]

Chicago native Rockie Fresh has released the official (untagged) remix to The Otherside standout cut, So Gone.  Along for the ride on this “Based Remix” is none other than the Based God himself, Lil B. ... Read More


Rockie Fresh - The Otherside [Album]

Chi-town buzzmaker Rockie Fresh has joined forces with DJ illWill, DJ Rockstar and 2DopeBoyz to bring fans his latest street release, The Otherside. The project features 12 fresh new cuts from the freestyle series alumnus,... Read More


Rockie Fresh - Otherside [Stream & Download]

When I first heard that DJBooth Freestyle Alum Rockie Fresh had paid tribute to Jim Morrison on his new mixtape release Otherside I was ecstatic. The Doors are tragically underappreciated by hip-hop’s finest. Unfortunately... Read More


YP ft. Rockie Fresh - What I’m On [Stream & Download]

If a dope Booth freestyle, the poignant Pray for ‘Em and cosigns from Rakewon and Q-Tip weren’t enough to convince you that YP‘s onto something, then I’m gonna have to assume that you’re on... Read More