New Rockwell Powers Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Rockwell Powers x DJ Phinisey - True [Stream]

Rockwell Powers and DJ Phinisey‘s BUILD LP is the gift that keeps on giving. Though the project dropped way back in October of last year fresh singles and videos keep popping up on our front page. The latest release,... Read More


Rockwell Powers x DJ Phinisey - Alive [Stream]

Rockwell Powers and DJ Phinisey‘s collaborative debut album, BUILD, was unleashed back in fall of 2013, but the Tacoma emcee and his West Coast-repping colleague aren’t quite done promoting the set. Today, the... Read More


Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey - TWO SIDES [Stream]

Update: The Yusuf Word-directed visuals for Rockwell Powers and DJ Phinisey’s Two Sides single have been added. It’s cliché, but true: there are TWO (or more) SIDES to every story. Take Rockwell Powers and DJ... Read More


Rockwell Powers x DJ Phinisey - BUILD [Album]

In anticipation of its retail release next Wednesday, October 16, Tacoma emcee Rockwell Powers and producer/vocalist DJ Phinisey are offering their BUILD LP as a free, exclusive stream in The DJBooth. The collaborators'... Read More


Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey - Radio [Stream & Download]

These days, hip-hop Radio receives a bad rap, especially from emcees and heads of the underground persuasion. You won’t catch Rockwell Powers badmouthing the airwaves, though; disenchanted as the Tacoma native may be... Read More


Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey - Gone [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Rockwell Powers and DJ Phinisey, on a reader-approved single off the latter’s self-titled LP, they were “sittin’ on Top of the World,” reveling in the success they’d achieved in the... Read More


DJ Phinisey ft. Rockwell Powers & Nu Era - Top of the World [Stream & Download]

With his latest single Top Of The World serving as his first full feature on The DJBooth, Tacoma-based producer DJ Phinisey pulls out all the stops as he both produces and sings his way through the record. Not content with... Read More


Rockwell Powers - Higher [Stream & Download]

Fresh off a short breather following the spring release of his Kids in the Back 2 mixtape, Rockwell Powers jumps back into the game with a fresh promo single. On Higher, DJ Phinisey flips a sample from Simon &... Read More


Rockwell Powers - It’s Like This [Stream & Download]

The 247th entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Rockwell Powers, the Tacoma native who earned Booth acclaim for mixtape cuts My Way and Life. On his brand new, exclusive It’s Like This freestyle, the... Read More


Rockwell Powers Spits “It’s Like This” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Rockwell Powers, the Tacoma native who earned Booth acclaim for mixtape cuts "My Way" and "Life," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 247th entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Rockwell Powers ft. Grynch & RA Scion - My Way [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his collaborative street album with producer Ill Pill, Rockwell Powers is back to tantalize yoiur eardrums with another stand out record. On My Way, a dreamy soul-sampled backdrop courtesy of Pill... Read More


Rockwell Powers & Ill Pill ft. Sol - Life [Stream & Download]

When Rockwell Powers claimed to have “Too many questions, and not enough answers” on Booth debut I Wonder, I thought that was just a clever lead-in to one record’s worth of philosophical reflections. As it turns... Read More


Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey Collide on New “Kings & Comics” EP [Download] [Feature ]

Tacoma, Wa. -- Northwestern up-and-comer Rockwell Powers is back in the Booth with Kings & Comics, his latest EP release. Produced entirely by DJ Phinisey (who sings on several tracks), the project features seven fresh tracks... Read More


Rockwell Powers ft. Tunji - I Wonder [Stream & Download]

Is there a higher power watching over us? Does life have a purpose? How can we know what’s real when our access to the world around us is mediated by our senses? And f*cking magnets… how do they work? All... Read More