New Roy Murci Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Quis ft. Roy Murci - PTSD [Stream & Download]

If the music industry is, as many have suggested, a battlefield, then it should surprise no one to see emcees suffering from the occasional case of PTSD. Booth newcomer Quis has been feeling a little shell-shocked lately, as... Read More


Roy Murci ft. Danie Lyon - Magic Johnson [Stream & Download]

As the cliché goes, the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. Which isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with good intentions—it’s just that they alone won’t save you from the bad... Read More


Roy Murci - Walking Dead (Morning After) [Stream & Download]

As any zombie aficionado will tell you, the only way to turn into a zombie is to get bit or scratched by the infected. This rule, while a little different in AMC’s cult classic The Walking Dead, reigns true for almost all... Read More


Roy Murci - Crown Royal [Album]

DMV rhymesayer Roy Murci has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his official debut street release, the Crown Royal LP. A conceptual project inspired by the recent works of KiD CuDi, The Throne, Black Hippy and... Read More


Roy Murci - Piece of Mind [Stream]

Like many artists, Roy Murci is both blessed and cursed with a brain that just won’t turn off. For the Maryland emcee, rap isn’t just a creative outlet; it’s a safety valve for the thoughts constantly... Read More


Roy Murci ft. MarQuis Collins - n.W.o [Stream & Download]

Like many of you, wrestling shaped a good part of my childhood. I was always a huge fan of The Undertaker and The Rock, which meant I always preferred the WWFE to the WCW. Give me Stone Cold’s Stunner over Goldberg’s... Read More