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Russ’ “New” Single & The Art of Working a Record [Feature ]

February 27 is the urban radio "impact date" for Russ' "new" single "Losin Control".... which was originally released on November 9, 2015.Confused? Allow me to explain further.Later this month, Russ' label,... Read More


“Stop Acting Like You’re Popping”: Russ Continues to Expose Fakes [Feature ]

Four months ago, I spoke with blossoming rap star Russ about the secret signings happening behind the scenes in the music industry.Rap artists signing record deals and withholding the news isn’t a new phenomenon, but... Read More


10 Rappers Who Are Going to Blow Up in 2017 [Feature ]

Predicting which artists are going to blow is an extremely difficult task. So many factors decide who truly breaks through to the mainstream, and with trends, styles, and even careers starting up and dying off at... Read More


Russ’ “Psycho (Pt. 2)” Has Hit Single Written All Over It [Feature ]

Russ is no stranger to DJBooth. Over the past 10 months, the recent Columbia Records signee has been featured on our pages a whopping 26 times.That number includes newly-released song "Psycho (Pt. 2)," a self-produced... Read More


Exposing The Fake: Russ Keeps It Real About Labels Signing Artists In Secret [Feature ]

There’s a door in place that separates the secrets of the music industry from public view. At times the door cracks; a secret will scurry out like a dirty rodent across a clean kitchen floor, and we all stare... Read More


Russ - Be Somebody [Stream & Download]

DIEMON triple-thread (emcee, singer and producer) Russ has released Be Somebody, yet another self-produced Editor’s Pick. This marks the sixth Booth feature for the LA transplant in just the last six weeks. Impressive. Read More


Russ - Juice & Sauce [Stream & Download]

Russ is the gift that just keeps on giving. Today, the DIEMON artist and producer released Juice & Sauce, a self-produced loosie that isn’t currently attached to a larger body of work. The record features a singing... Read More


Russ - My Window [Stream & Download]

Longtime Booth fave Russ, who has appeared on our pages more than any other artist this calendar year, visits The DJBooth for the 26th time by climbing through My Window. The excellent, self-produced record is not (yet)... Read More


Russ - Real Player Sh*t ft. Bugus [Stream & Download]

Russ is on some Real Player Sh*t in his newest freebie, the latest in a long line of loose releases from the Diemon phenom. Self-produced as usual, the effort finds frequent collaborator Bugus behind the mic as well. Want... Read More


Russ - Too Many [Stream & Download]

“When the boss talks you should close your mouth,” though as the boss, Russ always has something to say. The Booth regular and Diemon phenom lets loose yet another self-produced loose effort, Too Many, flexing his... Read More


Russ - Lick [Stream & Download]

“We’re about to hit a Lick...” croons Russ in yet another loose release. His own downtempo production sets the stage for this slow-burner, as the Diemon artist strikes another smooth balance of rapping and... Read More


Russ - Forbes List [Stream & Download]

While Russ might not make the Dean’s List, he’s still betting he’ll make the Forbes List. While it’s been a couple of weeks since the Booth regular’s last feature, don’t worry, he’s... Read More


Russ - Dr. Seuss [Stream & Download]

Much like Rich Homie, Russ will simply not stop going in. His latest in a long line of loosies, Dr. Seuss, is a soulful ballad from the Diemon buzzmaker that asks where all the the time has gone, as he croons over the gentle... Read More


Russ - Lapped [Stream & Download]

You should know the drill by now, Russ is back with another freebie so catch up because you’re about to get Lapped. Not too much singing from the Read More


Russ - Bugatti Stranger [Stream & Download]

Russ has been dropping off quality records weekly for months now, and today the Booth mainstay returns with yet another loosie. Bugatti Stranger is another mellowed-out jam, produced by Russ himself, and this time he’s... Read More


Russ - Your Favorite Rapper [Stream & Download]

Is Russ Your Favorite Rapper? With quality releases coming every single week, he’s certainly making the case. On his latest downtempo, self-produced freebie, which he’s dubbed as one of his favorites, he details a... Read More


Russ - Brooklyn Freestyle [Stream & Download]

You should know the drill by now; another week, another dope freebie from Russ. Over the steady knock of his own production once again, the young phenom and DJBooth Top Prospect kicks some real knowledge on Brooklyn... Read More


Russ - Single Parent Anthem [Stream & Download]

Yesterday saw the release of many anthems in celebration of 4/20, and while Russ ended up releasing his own Anthem late in the day, his was in fact giving credit to all the Single Parents out there. In the Booth fave’s... Read More


Russ - If I Died ft. Bugus [Stream & Download]

“If I died would you feel like crying?” This is just one of the many questions posed by Russ in his latest loosie, following up last week’s reader-approved 99. Over the soulful sounds of “one of [his]... Read More


Russ - 99 ft. TOTEM & paulina [Stream & Download]

Ready for your weekly dose of Russ, who shows no signs of stopping until the whole world screams his name? The DJBooth Top Prospect drops off the follow-up to last week’s Brand New, 99, in which the multitalented phenom... Read More


Russ - Brand New [Stream & Download]

Based on his output recently, many Booth loyalists may have been hoping to hear some Brand New music from Russ this week. Just like that, the DJBooth Top Prospect and recent RapBox Freestyle alum follows up last week’s... Read More


Russ - Shootin Up ft. Bugus [Stream & Download]

Booth favorite Russ is back and “Shootin Up this motherf**ker” on yet another loosie, just a week after the reader approved Out of Tune. Self-produced as usual, the RapBox Freestyle alum also brings along fellow... Read More


Russ - Out Of Tune [Stream & Download]

Russ is showing no signs of slowing down. Just last week we saw him Lonely In Times Square, and on his latest release he sounds anything but Out Of Tune. The Booth-fave and recent Rapbox Freestyle participant drops off... Read More


Russ - Lonely In Times Square [Stream & Download]

These days it might be hard for Russ fans to ever feel Lonely, as the reader-approved, DJBooth Top Prospect continues to bless us with new heat every few days. After last week saw him get fresh on Willy Wonka before... Read More


Russ - DJBooth RapBox Freestyle [Stream]

It’s not easy to deliver some truly memorable flows over just a beatbox, and it’s even harder to deliver those flows when walking down a New York City street when the temperatures are Artic, but since when has... Read More


Russ - Willy Wonka ft. paulina & Jafé [Stream & Download]

Continuing his 2015 trend of dropping heat practically every week is Booth-favorite Russ. Last time around he gave us a Reminder of his lyrical ability and today he drops off some additional sweetness in the form of Willy... Read More


Russ - Reminder [Stream & Download]

Struggling to recall what Russ’s music sounds like? Then you may want to make an appointment to get your head checked, because he drops off a new record practically every other day. After you’ve spoken with a neurologist,... Read More