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Russ Questions Rappers Who Use Depression to Glorify Drug Use [Feature ]

Russ has always been vocal about drug use and its glorification on social media and, following the tragic passing of Lil Peep, he took to Twitter and put together an impassioned thread, urging artists to be more responsible... Read More


Russ Is Relevant, Just Not on Hip-Hop Twitter (The Data Proves It) [Feature ]

A weird thing happened earlier this week on Twitter: I got to watch a bunch of 20- and 30-somethings who work in media argue over whether or not Russ, a guy with two Platinum singles and a Gold album, is relevant.... Read More


Russ Blasts the Record Industry for Rewarding “Connections and Fuck Shit” Over Talent [Feature ]

Vince Staples gets all the headlines for being one of the best interviews in the game, and rightfully so, but Russ isn't far behind. The multi-Platinum selling recording artist recently sat down with Elliott Wilson and... Read More


Russ Defends “Fanning the Fuck Out” After Meeting “His Idol” J. Cole [Feature ]

Say what you want about Russ—"He's too cocky," "He's arrogant," "He tweets too much."—but nobody in hip-hop, save for maybe Mos Def or Vince Staples, is giving a better interview these days.... Read More


Report Card: Blu Returns to 2007, BadBadNotGood Unleash Free Jazz, Russ Again Tackles The Fakes [Feature ]

There is simply too much music and not enough hours. Attempting to cover every notable and great album is difficult enough, but reviewing every notable and great song is simply impossible. Instead of a futile attempt at... Read More


Russ Breaks Down His Multi-Million Dollar “Record Deal” (Partnership) With Columbia [Feature ]

Fresh off the Gold certification of his debut album, There's Really a Wolf, Atlanta hitmaker Russ stopped by Complex's daily video show Everyday Struggle on Friday, where he discussed, among other things, his comments... Read More


Russ, Anderson .Paak & the Art of Perfecting Your Craft [Feature ]

American Idol meets aspiring rappers is what BET accomplished with One Shot, its 2016 competition showcase. For the first time on television, hip-hop dream chasers were able to fight for a chance to escalate their... Read More


Russ ‘There’s Really A Wolf’ Cheat Code Album Review [Feature ]

Russ is a rare breed: he reps Atlanta, but sounds—and looks—unlike anybody else coming out of the city; he’s D.I.Y. to the fullest, handling everything from the songwriting to production to engineering; and... Read More


Russ Announces 20-Track Debut ‘There’s Really a Wolf,’ Out May 5 [Feature ]

Atlanta emcee/singer/producer/engineer Russ, a former DJBooth Top Prospect and a Rap Box series alum, has announced the release of his debut album, There's Really a Wolf, on May 5. This is 250+ songs & 11... Read More


Russ Captures Second Gold Certification in Three Months for “Losin Control” [Feature ]

In January, Russ captured the first RIAA certification of his career when his hit single "What They Want" was certified Gold. Less than three months later, the Columbia Records signee has put another on the board, earning a... Read More


Russ’ “New” Single & The Art of Working a Record [Feature ]

February 27 is the urban radio "impact date" for Russ' "new" single "Losin Control".... which was originally released on November 9, 2015. Confused? Allow me to explain further. Later this month, Russ' label,... Read More


“Stop Acting Like You’re Popping”: Russ Continues to Expose Fakes [Feature ]

Four months ago, I spoke with blossoming rap star Russ about the secret signings happening behind the scenes in the music industry. Rap artists signing record deals and withholding the news isn’t a new phenomenon, but... Read More


10 Rappers Who Are Going to Blow Up in 2017 [Feature ]

Predicting which artists are going to blow is an extremely difficult task. So many factors decide who truly breaks through to the mainstream, and with trends, styles, and even careers starting up and dying off at... Read More


Russ’ “Psycho (Pt. 2)” Has Hit Single Written All Over It [Feature ]

Russ is no stranger to DJBooth. Over the past 10 months, the recent Columbia Records signee has been featured on our pages a whopping 26 times. That number includes newly-released song "Psycho (Pt. 2)," a self-produced... Read More


Exposing The Fake: Russ Keeps It Real About Labels Signing Artists In Secret [Feature ]

There’s a door in place that separates the secrets of the music industry from public view. At times the door cracks; a secret will scurry out like a dirty rodent across a clean kitchen floor, and we all stare... Read More


Russ - Be Somebody [Stream & Download]

DIEMON triple-thread (emcee, singer and producer) Russ has released Be Somebody, yet another self-produced Editor’s Pick. This marks the sixth Booth feature for the LA transplant in just the last six weeks. Impressive. Read More


Russ - Juice & Sauce [Stream & Download]

Russ is the gift that just keeps on giving. Today, the DIEMON artist and producer released Juice & Sauce, a self-produced loosie that isn’t currently attached to a larger body of work. The record features a singing... Read More


Russ - My Window [Stream & Download]

Longtime Booth fave Russ, who has appeared on our pages more than any other artist this calendar year, visits The DJBooth for the 26th time by climbing through My Window. The excellent, self-produced record is not (yet)... Read More


Russ - Real Player Sh*t ft. Bugus [Stream & Download]

Russ is on some Real Player Sh*t in his newest freebie, the latest in a long line of loose releases from the Diemon phenom. Self-produced as usual, the effort finds frequent collaborator Bugus behind the mic as well. Want... Read More