New Sahtyre Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Sahtyre - Spliffz [Stream]

Searching for a little something to vibe out to while you burn one? Assuming you like your smokers’ anthems on the grimy side, you’ve come to the right place. On his latest single, Sahtyre waxes poetic about a few... Read More


Sahtyre - Forgive Me [Stream]

Sahtyre is another promising emcee hailing from Los Angeles, but on his latest single, Forgive Me, we hear an influence that isn’t West Coast. He has qualities that are reminiscent of Lil Wayne in his prime - it could... Read More


Sahtyre - Base [Stream]

Earlier in September, Sahtyre ended a six-month absence from the Booth by bringing us Prince Thunder, a reader-acclaimed promo cut inspired by one of The Purple One’s classic jams. Mercifully, he hasn’t made us... Read More


Sahtyre - Prince Thunder [Stream]

Six months to the day after Sahtyre served up the acclaimed Broccoli, lovers of quality hip-hop and leafy vegetables are undoubtedly starting to get peckish. Well, you can loosen your belts again, because the Los Angeles... Read More


Sahtyre - Broccoli [Stream & Download]

I don’t know about y’all, but I f*cking love Broccoli. It is, hands down, my favorite vegetable. So I was disappointed to find that the title of Sahtyre‘s latest single refers not to the delicious food, but... Read More


Sahtyre - Bad Habit [Stream & Download]

Most emcees’ bad habits are probably much like those of a normal person. Perhaps A$AP bites his nails, or maybe Andre 3000 eats too much junk food. Its fitting that DJBooth rookie Sahtyre‚Äôs habit is unlike any other... Read More