New Sam Lachow Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Sam Lachow - Cadillacs & Videos ft. Magik & Ariana DeBoo [Stream]

A few days ago, Sam Lachow kicked off a national co-headlining tour with Futuristic, so it’s only right that he delivers a dope set of Andrew Imanaka-directed visuals to mark the occasion. One of the standout tracks off... Read More


Futuristic & Sam Lachow - Watch Yo Mouth [Stream]

For anyone who might have plans to spew negative comments toward Futuristic or Sam Lachow, you might want to Watch Yo Mouth. On their latest Jakob Owens-directed visuals, the pair address their detractors at rapid-fire pace,... Read More


Shelton Harris ft. Sam Lachow - If I Fall [Stream]

In November of 2013, Shelton Harris introduced himself to The DJBooth with No Gods, a pointed rejoinder to Yeezy‘s claims to divinity on I Am a God. A year and change later, we catch up with the Seattleite as he... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Arianna DeBoo - 80 Bars Part 3 [Stream]

At the bottom of the month, Sam Lachow will be headlining the Neptune Theater in his native Seattle. (Click here to cop tickets!) In the meantime, he’s been staying in prime mic-wrecking shape by spitting over some of... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Sol & Mario Sweet - Action Figures (Remix) [Stream]

Featured, along with visuals by the artist and Griff J., back in July, Sam Lachow‘s Action Figures has received the remix treatment courtesy of the Pacific Northwestern buzzmaker and a couple talented homies. Though... Read More


Sam Lachow - Huckleberry [Album]

Originally published in the 1880s, Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn became one of the undisputed classics of American literature despite numerous attempts over the years to ban it. Sam Lachow's Huckleberry LP... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Gifted Gab & Mario Sweet - Action Figures [Stream]

Fresh off garnering positive reader reviews for Dreams of Gold, Sam Lachow returns to our pages with another fresh single off his Kickstarter-funded Huckleberry LP. Action Figures features the unsigned buzzmaker outlining his... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Raz Simone & Ariana DeBoo - Dreams of Gold [Stream]

One month after impressing DJBooth readers with the Shakespeare-inspired King Lear, Sam Lachow returns to our pages with freshly-minted follow-up Dreams of Gold. Previously given as an exclusive gift to supporters of the... Read More


Sam Lachow - King Lear [Stream]

In Shakespeare’s King Lear, the titular monarch decides to divvy up his estate among his three daughters based on their willingness to flatter him. I won’t spoil the details but, suffice it to say, sh*t ends... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Gift Uh Gab, Nacho Picasso, Jarv Dee, La, Raz Simone, & Grynch - Young Seattle Pt. 2 [Stream & Download]

Are you a fan of the underground sounds that have been emerging from Pacific Northwest of late? Then, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Sam Lachow, the Emerald City rapper/producer who made his solo debut with... Read More


Raz Simone ft. Sam Lachow - Sometimes I Don’t [Stream & Download]

On his latest single, Sometimes I Don’t, emcee Raz Simone broadcasts a few things that he does and does not do. One item that could be placed in the later category is the creation of wack songs, because so far, the Seattle... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Sky Blaow, J. Byrd & Ryan Campbell - Banana Goo Pie [Stream]

When it comes to delicious pies, I don’t mess around. I am quite partial to pumpkin, but my mother does make the best key lime pie.  I must admit, though, despite my desert expertise I have never heard of Banana Goo... Read More